Selfie Finale Recap: Hair and Now

“Clear waves, full spiral, can’t lose.”

Eliza Dooley’s hair game may be on point, but as we rediscovered at the top of Tuesday’s Selfie series finale, she’s still striking out in the self-confidence department.

Naturally, Henry was quick to swoop in and suggest that Eliza find a role model to set her on the right path. After turning down Joan — whose best life advice was, “You can never have too much bath tissue” — and getting a hard “pass!” from Charmonique, Eliza shifted her focus to an unlikely third option: Corynn McWaters, the mean girl who made Eliza’s tween years a living hell.

But when it was revealed that Corynn, now a best-selling author, had adopted Eliza’s own tragic backstory as her own to sell more books, Eliza realized that her true role model… is herself. More specifically, it’s her 12-year-old “butt” self, who would be pretty happy with Eliza’s present-day success and happiness (not to mention her relationship with Freddy, because come. on.)

Meanwhile, Henry confronted his own sketchy past — he used to lie about being good at skateboarding — with a trip to the local skate park, which ended… well, like this:

Selfie Series Finale

Fortunately, his epic wipeout wasn’t totally in vain; Henry’s brush with death led him to adapt a new “no fear” motto, which he promised to invoke upon his next encounter with a naked Eliza. “Next time, I’ll be ready.”

Unfortunately, there won’t be a next time, as this was Selfie‘s final (half) hour. And while the series didn’t get the kind of closure fans might have wanted, you can’t say it didn’t end on a hopeful note.

OK, time to weigh in on Selfie‘s big finale: Are you cool with the way things ended? Did the closing montage — along with Henry calling Eliza “cool” — send you into an emotional tizzy? Watch the episode below, grade it and drop a comment with your full review.

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