2014 in Review, Part 2: Best and Worst Couples, CGI and Scenery-Chewing — Plus Death Scenes, Crushes & More!

Best Worst 2014 TV

Ahhh, 2014 — the year we got Flash-ed (in a good way), gave our hearts to Hannibal (only to have ’em turned into tartare) and thanked our lucky stars we didn’t have romantic partners like those on Nashville or Masters of Sex.

We’re continuing our trip down memory lane with a look at the best and worst relationships, death scenes and CGI moments that TV had to offer in the last 12 months — as well as revisiting the year’s most horrifying sequences, crazies sex scenes, biggest tearjerkers and more.

Click through this gallery for our picks in dozens more categories — and do check out Part 1 (including Best and Worst Comedy and Drama), if you happened to miss that celebration. As always, hit the comments and tell us what you think we nailed perfectly and which selections had you crying “no me gusta!”