Save the Dates! Your Guide to 125+ January Returns, Debuts and Finales

TV Calendar 2015 January

As you clear out your DVR backlog during this holiday break, rest assured of one thing: A fresh batch of TV goodness is coming at you soon enough.

Thus, TVLine has hand-crafted this handy calendar of return dates (Murder! Arrow! NCIS!), season premieres (Glee! Justified! Looking!) and series debuts (Agent Carter! 12 Monkeys!), peppered with a sprinkling of finales (we’re Kleenex’d and ready, Parenthood).

Here is our round-up of January dates, plus a glimpse at February. (Remember: Once, S.H.I.E.L.D., The Following, Bones and a few others aren’t on until March.) Finales are in bold. Click the thumbnail, save the dates! (Updated Dec. 29)
TV Calendar 2015 January

Preemptive P.S. My calendar-making skills have never been infallible, so if you spot something that is (theoretically) missing, drop a nice note in Comments and I will (possibly) include it in an update.

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