Why'd SNL Snub Sherlock? Was Once a Bit Sketchy? Did White Collar Call for a Pretty Cameo? And More TV Qs

SNL Martin Freeman

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Once Upon a Time, Hart of Dixie, NCIS and White Collar!

1 | Should we read anything into the fact that Saturday Night Live host Martin Freeman omitted Sherlock from his list of credits during the monologue? Which of Taran Killam’s impressions was more impressive: Alan Rickman or Gollum? And has the show offered up a less funny sketch this season than the inscrutable “Pine River Lodge Tree Lighting” (with Freeman and Kenan Thompson as jazz performers under siege)?

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2 | Did something about Once Upon a Time‘s cliffside Maleficent/Cruella/Ursula scene remind you of a 20Qs-OnceSNLlate-episode Saturday Night Live sketch? And did you go “Huh?” when Regina told Robin Hood that there’s a diner not far beyond the town line? (Doesn’t quite jibe with the pastoral vista we saw Emma /Henry drive through at the close of Season 3A, right?)

3 | Did you feel a little cheated that Amal Alamuddin — Barbara Walters’ Most Fascinating Person of the Year — wasn’t available for an on-camera interview?

4 | Were you secretly thrilled when The Comeback‘s Valerie (finally) stopped being polite and unleashed some rage against Shayna and Ron — even though half of her complaints exposed her ever-present cluelessness? And when Jane held up Val’s scribbled message to Mark, was it more poignant and heartbreaking than you’d ever expected?

5 | On a scale of 1 to 10, how certain were you that Getting On‘s Dr. James was going to dive straight off the roof during the climax of the Season 2 finale?

Jane the Virgin6 | As great as Jane the Virgin‘s scene transition was between Xo putting on her heels and Nadine walking up to Michael, why is Detective Hansan wearing crazy heels? Who does she think she is, Kate Beckett?

7 | Did Hart of Dixie‘s Wade show off more restraint than you ever thought possible, when Zoe tried to seduce him?

8 | Which NCIS: Los Angeles moment warmed your heart most: 1) Joelle wanting to “meet” Callen, 2) Nell taking Eric home to meet her family, 3) Sam seeing his (recently promoted) son, or 4) The Kiss?

9 | Innovative as it may have been to let the Scorpion team communicate with the endangered boy via tablet, in what world would there have been a strong wi-fi signal in a cave on a beach?The Voice - Season 7

10 | Craig Wayne Boyd’s win on The Voice Season 7: The result of vote-splitting among Team Adam’s trio of finalists, or a reminder that, in the end, it always pays to be on Team Blake? Also, has anyone downloaded any of the finalists’ singles, or heard them on your local radio station?

11 | Peyton List on The Flash is lovely and all, but… where’s Luke Mitchell??

12 | Would the end of NCIS’ Christmas episode have been 25 percent more powerful had promos not shown a certain character in a dark suit, his voice cracking with emotion?

13 | Person of Interest’s Samaritan can keep all of the New York City buses and subways running on time? And we’re on Team Machine why? Also, for how long are we to believe Shaw was shackled to the subway bench? Did she get supervised potty breaks?

14 | How pissed must Tab have been that American Horror Story: Freak Show had Elsa purchase Ma Petite with Dr. Pepper?

15 | Didn’t Survivor finalist Missy go a tad overboard when she compared the jury’s looming decision to that “at a murder trial”? And are we sure Reed wasn’t rehearsing for some theatrical production when he gave his “Evil Stepmother” monologue?

16 | Are the “Bombshell” tickets on sale yet?! And what’s the most you’d pay — in cash, trade, or non-vital organs — to get your hands on one?

whitecollar_nealsara30017 | Now that White Collar has wrapped up, is there anyone (e.g. Alex or Sara) that you’re especially upset didn’t make a surprise return? Or would that have been unnecessary?

18 | Can we send McQuaid’s Covert Affairs quote — “You can do this job and die. And not do this job and die” — to every TV character ever? (Cough, Oliver Queen, cough.) And if you never again have to see a man killed by (involuntarily!) smothering a grenade, will it still be too soon?

19 | Do we think the “Brain Attic” website plot thread from Elementary‘s winter finale will carry into 2015 — and perhaps take Sherlock down a darker path — or was it just a one-off? And is Joan capable of a “normal” romantic relationship, or could Sherlock be right that such a thing may not fit with her true nature?

20 | Did Mom impress you this week with its well promoted yet nonetheless surprising revelation of domestic abuse?

21 | Were there even 100 people in the audience for the People Magazine Awards? And how far into the verrrrry boring telecast did you make before tuning out? (We lasted 33 minutes.)

22 | Have the omnipresent iPhone commercials revealed a scenario where there’s such a thing as too much Fallon-and-Timberlake?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!