Jane the Virgin Boss on Petra's Reveal, Jane's Romantic Endgame and Pregnancy 'Complications'

Jane the Virgin Season 1 Spoilers

Sonograms, secret backstories and Solano suspicions.

Tonight’s Jane the Virgin fall finale (The CW, 9/8c) is brimming with so many juicy reveals and plot twists that the titular heroine getting accidentally artificially inseminated may look tame by comparison.

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For starters, the hour will answer some burning questions about Petra and her mother, in addition to unraveling a major clue in the Sin Rostro case, executive producer Jennie Urman reveals below.

Then there’s the romantic side of things as Jane and Rafael start to realize they don’t have it all figured out.

Read on as Urman previews the episode’s “huge” cliffhanger and Jane’s future baby “complications.”

TVLINE | Rafael said he was going to fight for Jane. Does that mean they’re back to covertly dating?
She’s going to be a little bit more cautious. At the end of [Episode] 6 when they had their big kiss, [she] was sort of caught up in the moment… You get some movement in their relationship in the next episode. Theirs is a relationship that’s all backwards. In the next episode, she goes to a sonogram and basic questions come up like, “You’re Catholic, right?” All these things that you would know about someone before you have a baby with them, usually. And those are the things that are going to start to complicate Jane and Rafael’s relationship – the fact that they’re having a baby, but they hardly know each other. And they have this intense romantic connection, but there’s a lot more to life than just romance. What their relationship looks like in the real world is something that they’re going to continually struggle to define.

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Jane the Virgin Season 1 SpoilersTVLINE | Are there any complications that might put a question mark on whether she’s even going to have a baby this season?
There will be complications with the pregnancy that you might go through, but she is having a baby in [Episode] 22.

TVLINE | The narrator mentioned that Michael’s reaction was quite different when he found out Jane was a virgin. First of all, are we going to see Michael’s reaction in a flashback? And does that mean sex is, once again, going to become an issue for Rafael and Jane?
I believe [Rafael] that he’s over it, not that it doesn’t come up again and not that that doesn’t get stressed. I go back and forth on whether you’re going to see that moment with Jane and Michael. I’m not sure yet. I haven’t written it yet, though you do see other moments in their relationship…as a way to help the audience remember their rooting interest in that couple, too.

No choice is the 100 percent right choice, and I want to make sure that we explore the relationships with both these people. Jane had her whole life planned out and then she got accidentally inseminated. This girl who’s carefully planned her whole life suddenly finds her life’s become something that she just did not in any way plan for, and that’s a real shock to the system. She never had a rebellious stage. She’s a good girl. And suddenly this happened, and it’s like, “Well, why am I following all of these rules for myself? Life just happens. Maybe I have to be a little bit looser in my grasp of what my life is going to look like.” And this relationship with Rafael is a lot like that to me. It’s a little bit of, “What happens if I don’t weigh the yeses and nos so carefully? What happens if I just follow my heart?” When you follow your heart, it can be great, and it can also be devastating, and we’re going to explore both sides of that.

TVLINE | Right now, she’s very much with Rafael. Could this turn into more of a love triangle again where Michael and Jane have a chance of getting back together?
We will definitely get there. There’s a lot to it. I don’t want Jane to be someone – and I don’t think she is – who’s really flip-floppy. And if she’s giving it a try with Rafael, she is giving it a try with Rafael. She’s also somebody who would never want to know how deeply she hurt Michael. So she’s not going to want to do anything to make him think that maybe something will happen. That said, you can’t control what other people think and Michael does think maybe that will happen. As we explore their relationship, I’m going to be reminding you about what was great about Jane and Michael’s relationship, in little ways like the narrator said, “Michael didn’t respond like that,” and then in bigger ways, so that, hopefully, the people that are rooting for Michael also have a real reason to root for Michael. The love triangle will continue. I hope it will.

Jane the Virgin Season 1 SpoilersTVLINE | Do you know who she ends up with in the end or are you just as torn as the viewers?
Yes, I do. But I am incredibly conflicted. Once I find myself really rooting for one, I try to make it a challenge for myself and to the writers to come up with reasons why we would suddenly also see the benefit of the other one. And that’s why in Episode 4, we put that really, I thought, emotional scene of Jane and Michael with their backs to each other in a wedding dress shop… It was important for me to have the audience understand in the episode right before they break up, what they have. And that’s why Episode 5 had a lot of sweet moments between Jane and Michael.

TVLINE | Currently, Michael’s very focused on his investigation. Is he going to have any scenes with Jane or Rafael coming up? Even though they’re all under the same hotel roof, they’ve managed to avoid bumping into each other too much.
I know. Yes, in the next episode, there’s definitely conflict between Michael and Jane and Rafael, and it continues, I would say, really pretty strongly throughout the next group of episodes. Michael is intensely focused on the case, but some of his suspicions start to lead toward Rafael and the Solanos. Even though he’s discussing the case, the underpinning of that is, “Jane, what are you doing with this guy? This is not the person for you. This is not the family for you. This is not you. What happened to us?” Then he gets quite focused on figuring out who it is, and part of that is for his own career and part of that is because then he can show Jane who he believes these people are.

TVLINE | Rafael, meanwhile, has resigned himself to working for Petra and Lachlan. I can’t imagine that that’s going to go too well.
It’s not going to go too well. [Laughs] There’s three people now at the hotel, Petra, Lachlan and Rafael, and none of them trust each other, for good reasons. To me, that creates an interesting dynamic. And Petra’s going to have a real arc from Episode 9, really, up until [Episode] 13 when something happens to change her circumstances. So you’re going to see Petra both on top and on the bottom and all the places in between because she’s a character I’ve unexpectedly found a lot of — I knew how great Yael [Grobglas] was dramatically, I didn’t know how great she was comedically. I’m having a lot of fun playing with Petra, with the accidental hostage in the room with her crazy mother, trying to figure out how her life got to this place.

jane the Virgin Season 1 SpoilersTVLINE | Are we going to get some insight into Petra’s backstory and what the deal is with her mother?
Yes, it will all be revealed in Episode 9. The next episode, you will find out who Milos is. You will find out what happened to her mother’s face. You will find out what she’s hiding, all of that. We really try to have secrets and mysteries pay off and then new ones come up, new problems come after that. When you flip one card over, another card is still face down. That’s what we’re trying to do storytelling-wise, so you’ll find out in [Episode] 9 who Natalia is, and you’ll find out in [Episode] 12 who Sin Rostro is. It’s coming up soon, and that’s not going to resolve the problems. It’s just going to create more problems, but hopefully that will keep people invested.

TVLINE | What note does the fall finale leave off on? Is there a big cliffhanger?
Yeah, there’s a huge cliffhanger at the end that plays on both our telenovela fabric, our more soapy fabric, but also hits on an emotional level for Jane, which is where we want to keep the show rooted and grounded, in Jane and her family. So we have a really big event that happens at the end of [Episode] 9. You’ll want to come back to see what happens. And also, there’s a huge discovery made in terms of the Sin Rostro investigation.

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