Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Once, Glee, Grey's, Vampire Diaries, HTGAWM, Jane, Parks, Cougar Town and More

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Question: Any Grey’s Anatomy spoilers? —Sonja
Ausiello: Shonda Rhimes & Co. are launching a major trans storyline in 2015 focusing on a character named Travis, an attractive, good-humored thirtysomething man who will make the “believable transition” to a woman over time. Rumor has it the newbie will form a strong bond with a Grey Sloan staffer whose identity will remain unknown for now mostly because I’m not sure who it is. That’s right, there’s something I don’t know — what’s it to you?! Also the plot is in the nascent stages and, therefore, subject to change, so don’t quote me on any of this. Eh, screw it. Quote me.

Question: Damon found Bonnie’s bear, anything else you can tease that’s ahead for “Bamon” fans on The Vampire Diaries?- Renee
Ausiello: Let’s just say you’re not crazy for seeing a strong connection between Bonnie and Damon, Renee. Despite Elena expressing a “glimmer” of hope for a romantic reunion, Damon is still focused on the mission at hand: Bring back Bonnie. And Ian Somerhalder, for one, wouldn’t be surprised if things turn spicy once the Bennett witch returns. “There’s an extraordinarily thin line between love and hate,” Somerhalder notes. “Due to the fact that these two hated each other, and had so many connections … it only seemed appropriate that they would be given a chance, due to the dynamics of their relationship.”

Question: Do you have anything on my favorite Vampire Diaries character, Tyler? —Jeanette
What a coincidence, Jeanette, Tyler is one of Andy Swift’s favorite TVD characters, too! (Definitely in the Top 20, at least.) Anyway, Michael Trevino says Liv’s current dilemma will take up most of Tyler’s time. “He’s there for Liv and wants to protect her and make sure she’s not getting into trouble,” Trevino says. “She’s being so tough and a little bitchy at times towards him. He’s not used to that, so I like that Tyler’s having to deal with that this season. But we will see their relationship become stronger. He’s really smitten with that girl.”

PilotQuestion: Do you have any new scoop on Arrow? Or Flash? Or both? —Siva
Ausiello: I’ll take what’s behind Door No. 3! Here are five  random/juicy tidbits on The CW’s super-powered pair:
Arrow: More S.T.A.R. Labs inventions are coming.
The Flash: Barry will come clean to Iris about something in the very near future.
Arrow: There will be a wedding this season.
The Flash: Grant Gustin will break out into song in an upcoming episode (my guess: it’ll be this one).
Arrow: Episodes 10-12 will play like a trilogy.

Question: I am currently baking cookies and one of them will have your name on it if you can give me some Originals scoop — preferably something related to Josh and/or Aiden, because those two are adorable. Oh, and just FYI the cookies are gingersnaps. —Katie
Ausiello: I won’t lie to you, Katie, I’ve got some good news and some bad news: Executive producer Julie Plec says she does have big plans for Jaiden in 2015. The bad news? Those plans might involve one (or both) of them on Death’s door. She explains, “I get into fights with the writers because I’ll be pitching a story and I’ll say, ‘And this is where Josh dies,’ and they’ll be like, ‘No!’ And then I’ll say, ‘Well, this is probably the moment where Aiden should die,’ and everyone goes, ‘No!’ It’s juggling the beauty of this budding romance against the story of a vampire and a werewolf finding love with each other. I love that storyline so much, [but] one day, I might have to kill one of them. That’s just the way we roll.” Now gimme my cooooooookies!

Question: Any new intel on NCIS? —Marsha
Ausiello: As you might imagine, finally meeting Gibbs’ second ex-wife (played by Jeri Ryan) will be quite a thing, for those on both ends of the television tubes. “The fans are in store for some goodies,” Emily Wickersham, who plays Bishop, told Matt Mitovich. “We just finished shooting that episode, and it’s a big deal for the team. And it’ll be the same for the fans, a huge deal. It’ll be an exciting one, for sure.” (Titled “Check,” the episode is tentatively scheduled to air Jan. 6.)

Ask AusielloQuestion: “Klaine” scoop, please! They’re my favorite Glee couple and I miss them. —Roxy
Ausiello: This may or may not support the theory that Kurt and Blaine will be joining confirmed plunge-takers Brittany and Santana down the aisle in Season 6, but the show is finally introducing Blaine’s MIA mom in Episode 8. Little is known about the matriarch, save for the fact that she makes her living shilling Mary Kat cosmetics and her name is — LOL — Pam Anderson. Casting is underway, which makes me think the real Pam Anderson wasn’t available?

Question: Any scoop on the upcoming final season of Parks and Recreation? —Hannah
Ausiello: When we pick up with Ron in 2017, “his stubbornness” has landed him in a bit of a pickle, reveals Nick Offerman, adding, “He finds himself embroiled in a white slavery ring in a very funny way. It has a wonderfully sweet resolution.” BONUS SPOILER: We’ll meet Ben and Leslie’s nanny in Season 7. Who’s playing her? Hints Amy Poehler: “It rhymes with Bennifer Topez.” Hmmm… I’m coming up empty.

Question: Do you know if the rumors are true that Rossif Sutherland will appear in Haven as a character called The Sandman? —Lilslim
Ausiello: I can confirm that the actor (AKA Nostradamus on Reign) will join the Syfy drama in a recurring role, kicking off in 2015. Not sure about the Sandman part, but it’s a holiday week and I’ve got stuff to do so, sure, he’s playing The Sandman.

Question: On Once Upon a Time, will we find out why Will Scarlett/the Knave left Wonderland? —JJ
Ausiello: “Yes, we should be learning more about his post-Wonderland life as the season progresses,” Once cocreator Adam Horowitz answers. “We will also be exploring more of his past with Robin Hood.”

Ask AusielloQuestion: Anything on Jane the Virgin? —Christopher
Ausiello: Remember how Jane was suing Rafael’s sister? That hasn’t been tossed aside just because she’s now maybe-dating the hotel owner. “That’s going to be coming up,” leading lady Gina Rodriguez assures us, adding that Jane’s not in it for the money. “It actually has to do with something greater, and it’s a social issue…. So it’s going to be a really cool take on immigration.” Meanwhile, the actress notes that her alter ego still doesn’t know that her new beau could lose his business because of the suit. “Jane sees how beautiful Rafael’s heart is when she finds out he put that on the line,” Rodriguez previews. “He never told her. And it has to do with a few other characters, and things that have happened in their lives reflect the reason why Rafael keeps it from me. It’s so interconnected.”

Question: Do you have any Scandal or How to Get Away With Murder scoop for us? Thanks! —Colleen
Ausiello: Eenie, meenie, miney… Murder! OK, so you know how Annalise un-pink-slipped Bonnie in the immediate aftermath of Sam’s death/disappearance (and all its related shenanigans)? That left us wondering if Viola Davis’ enigmatic defense attorney told the whole truth and nothing but the truth to Liza Weil’s mousy right-hand woman. Showrunner Peter Nowalk kept it pretty vague when we pressed him for an answer, but he did let slip that that particular question won’t linger for too long. “You’ll know pretty early on what Bonnie knows and what she doesn’t know,” he teased of the show’s final half-dozen Season 1 episodes. Um, how many shopping days ’til the Jan. 29 return of #TGIT? 

Question: Hey, Michael, got any scoop on MTV’s Faking It? Thanks a lot! —Beth
Ausiello: Hey, Beth, sure do! EP Carter Covington tells us he’s looking forward to exploring “our characters’ families” in the next 10 episodes. “I’m curious about Shane’s mom and dad,” says the showrunner, “and I’m curious what Amy’s dad’s story is. We’re going to start expanding the world in these 10.”

Question: Michael, if I promise to send you one of my many Smurf figurines, will you give me some post-hiatus Sleepy Hollow scoop? Pretty please!? —Alyssa
Ausiello: Are we talking silver CB operator- or purple baseball catcher-level Smurfs here, Alyssa? Please note: Your answer will directly affect the level of scoop. Actually, nevermind. Anything for a fellow Smurf enthusiast — unless we’re locked in a heated eBay war, in which case, you’re going down.  Anyway, the Fox series is casting Calvin, a Navy SEAL-turned-photojournalist who’ll be another possible love interest for Abbie. (Hawley haters, commence celebration.) Calvin’s a hometown boy who believes he has a moral obligation to report the truth, no matter what. BONUS SCOOP: The show also will soon bring on founding father Thomas Jefferson, who is described as charismatic and intelligent.

Chasing LifeQuestion: On Chasing Life, how long will Leo be around? —Nancy
Ausiello: At least through the Dec. 9 Christmas special, during which you’ll witness a big bonding moment between him and fellow cancer patient April. (It’s one of the hour’s most touching scenes.) We also find out what’s on his bucket list.

Question: Please tell us there’s hope for Brandon and Callie on The Fosters. Season 2A was tough on their fans. —Lauren
Ausiello: The holiday episode, airing Dec.8, will actually pick up right at their finale kiss and then immediately flash back to reveal “what happened in the time between Season 1 and Season 2, and what happened for them to get where they are,” Maia Mitchell previews. “Obviously, Callie and Brandon just kissed at this crazy rich-people party, so they have to figure out how to make amends and go forward from that.”

Question: What’s the skinny on Cougar Town? —Rion
Ausiello: Busy Philipps’ Laurie will give birth early into Season 6, and — much as the pregnancy itself did — art will imitate life. “I have this reaction — on the show and in real life — where if I hold a newborn child, I start to cry and I can’t stop,” Philipps tells us. “[I felt like] it actually happened [again].”

That’s a wrap! Happy Thanksgiving! (Give the turkeys a break this year and just binge on the sides, whydontyou?) Please send questions, comments, and anonymous tips to askausiello@tvline.com. (Additional reporting by Andy Swift, Vlada Gelman, Kim Roots, Rebecca Iannucci and Michael Slezak)