Justified Final-Season First Look: Raylan Rallies Anxious Ava to Betray Boyd — Plus: [Spoiler] Returns!

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Will “the bullet find” Timothy Olyphant’s Raylan as FX’s Justified draws to a close? Or might Ava (played by Joelle Carter) be the one to wind up on the business end of a gun, her ex-fiance’s finger on the trigger?

Those questions and others are raised by a new promo (above) for the beloved drama’s sixth and final season, premiering in January. You’ll witness Ava’s anxiety over the “danger” of snitching on Boyd (Walton Goggins), strong-armed as she has been by lawman Givens. You’ll see Boyd tender a provocative proposition to his off-and-on — when he isn’t ominously eyeballing her in her sleep.

Oh, and you’ll find out which scalawag is out of the clink and hoping to jump back in the mix, as these final episodes unfurl.

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