Gotham Recap: Purrfect Strangers

Gotham Season 2 Series Regular

This week on Fox’s Gotham, Detective Jim Gordon allied with Harvey Dent to bait the Waynes’ killer, while Bruce’s new housemate turned out to be the cat’s meow.

First off, bravo to the introduction of Harvey Dent (played by Masters of Sex and Heroes alum Nicholas D’Agosto). At the very least, the ADA’s (mostly) upbeat composure increased the show’s smiley quotient by one hundred-fold, amid all these gloomy Guses (to the point that you almost wondered if he walked onto the right set). It’s also nice seeing Gordon have a non-begrudging ally in his fight against crime and corruption — but lore being what it is (and as fleetingly hinted during Harvey’s face-off with LoveCraft), he best enjoy it while he can.

The Case of the Week was above average, if only because Leslie Odom Jr. (Person of Interest) tends to make everything just a bit better. That it all looped back to the Fish vs. Falcone war was a bit of a buzzkill, but again — above average, especially as Hargrove craftily took measures to tip the cops off to the Russians’ location. The story’s more compelling purpose is in how it paved the way for the mayor to declare Arkham Asylum the official holding facility for the criminally insane, which should turn out really, really, really well — maybe even one day inspire one of those videogames Edward is so fond of.

Penguin catching on to the Liza scam came about a bit too easily/quickly, though it did offer up the amusing visual of Oswald having to quickly scamper up the stairwell by her door, “flipper” foot and all. If I am Liza, though, now working both sides of the fence, I wouldn’t buy any green bananas.

But the story that trulygotham-fall-finale brought joy to me as a viewer this week — just as it ultimately did for Alfred — involved the young’uns, as Selina Kyle was given safe harbor at Wayne Manor, while Gordon and Dent set their trap. Of course, much of the enjoyment of seeing these two interact comes from it being viewed through the lens of their destinies, separately and together, yet that still makes so many “little” moments “bigger.” Such as when they both note how quietly the other moves (stealth will prove vital in a decade or so!), or when Selina stresses to Bruce the need to be ruthless, and not just a good boxer or swimmer, when battling true terror out on the streets. And yes, there were even hints of their flirtatious destiny, as Selina repeatedly taunted Master Bruce with the prize of experiencing his first kiss, from her.

The episode’s only “Huh?” moment — and not to gang up on Barbara again — came at episode’s end, when Jim left a “Please come home” voice message for his AWOL fiancee, while she cuddled in bed with her ex, MCU detective Montoya.

What did you think of “Harvey Dent”… and Harvey Dent?