Once Upon a Time Photos Include a Most Magical Mommy & Me Class

The world’s best group playdate takes place this Sunday on ABC’s Once Upon a Time, attended as it is by Snow White, Cinderella (returning guest star Jessy Schram) and Sleeping Beauty (Sarah Bolger), each with their bambinos in tow.

UPDATE: TVLine commenter Jordan gets 175 TVLine Power User Points (zero cash value) for spotting the munchkin dressed as Mickey Mouse.

Also amid the fresh batch of pics shared below: a bit more angst for poor Regina and Robin Hood, and a peek at Snow Queen’s flashback origin story.

In the episode “The Snow Queen,” Emma interrogates Ingrid at the sheriff’s station, only to be subject to the sorceress’ mind games; Regina and Robin’s relationship grows increasingly complex as they struggle to find a way to save Marian’s life; and Emma is reminded of what she missed out on by not being a family with Snow and Charming, when she sees how involved Mary Margaret is in baby Neal’s life.

Also, ABC revealed a bit of guest casting for the episode — namely that Brighton Sharbino (The Walking Dead, NCIS‘ Young Abby) will be playing Young Ingrid, while Sally Pressman (Army Wives) is playing the adult third sister, Helga.

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