Sharknado 3's Target Confirmed: Is Your City Safe? (Is Harry Potter?!)

Sharknado 3 Setting

Sharknado 3 next summer will touch down on not just one city but several, as the shlockfest’s second sequel takes on “the Feast Coast,” it was announced on Monday.

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Specifically, the shark-infested twisters will swirl “from Washington, D.C. to Orlando, Fla” — more than likely jeopardizing the White House (cast your hammy, C-list POTUS now!) and probably terrorizing some copyright infringement-dodging Walt Disney World facsimile. (Wally World? Wonderworld?)

Or, will Daniel Radcliffe’s “dream” to appear in a Sharknado movie be realized if the toothy twisters actually target The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at — corporate synergy alert! — Universal Studios, Orlando?

Just as pressing a question: If it took, what, a road flare taped to a freon tank to neutralize Sharknado 2, what could possibly tame an entire string of sharknadoes crawling a coastline?! We’re gonna need a gross of M-80s and some chewing gum, my inner MacGyver tells me.

Sharknado 2: The Second One this past July sucked 3.9 million total viewers into its vortex — making it Syfy’s most watched original movie ever — with 1.6 mil landing in the 18-49 demo, up 180 percent versus the original telepic.

Meanwhile, so much for Tara Reid’s wish to next hit a world-famous party beach. For work, at least: