NCIS: New Orleans Sneak Peek: Pride's Daughter Produces Top-Secret Intel

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Tonight on NCIS: New Orleans (CBS, 9/8c), as the team investigates the death of a Navy SEAL found murdered in a sorority house, Scott Bakula’s Special Agent Pride gets a visit from his daughter, Laurel — who comes bearing some “intel” of her own.

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As seen in the above clip, in the course of discussing over gumbo some college-related issues (really, how does a piano even fit in a dorm room?), Laurel (played by The Conjuring‘s Shanley Caswell) lets slip that she knows a “secret” something about her dad’s personal life.

Is Pride shocked by this reveal? (Even more so than by the idea that his gumbo contains cumin?) Press play for a sneak peek of TV’s most watched new drama, which with Live+7 DVR playback edged out ABC’s How to Get Away With Murder.