Pretty Little Liars Christmas Episode Sneak Peek: Meet Alison's New Army

Alison may have been a naughty girl this year, but it looks like she’s still getting her Christmas wish: a new crew of two-faced liars to call her very own.

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ABC Family on Sunday aired a new clip from Pretty Little Liars‘ upcoming Christmas episode (Dec. 9, 8/7c) in which Ali’s old friends come face to face with her new flunkies for the first time — and, naturally, the whole thing goes down at an elaborate Christmas party.

Also to be expected, “A” is lurking in the crowd, disguised in a not-so-conspicuous fluffy white coat. (Red coats are so Season 4.)

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TVLine recently spoke with Janel Parrish — aka the late, great Mona Vanderwaal — who dropped a big ol’ spoiler about her appearance in the holiday special.

“She’s going to be the Ghost of Christmas Past, Present and Future,” Parrish revealed. “She gets to mess with Alison — and in a fabulous costume, I might add.”

Hit PLAY on the video above, then drop a comments with your thoughts below: What do you think will go down in Rosewood this Christmas?