Marry Me Cast Talks NBC Comedy's 'Crazy' Ensemble Dynamic

Marry Me on NBC

If you’re hoping to see some of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities on NBC’s fall comedy Marry Me (premiering Oct. 14), stars Casey Wilson and Ken Marino have some bad news.

“I’m going to say a couple of names,” Marino says, tongue planted firmly in cheek.“George Clooney… Meryl Streep…” — He points to Wilson when she suggests Kim Kardashian — “…will not be on the show.”

Still, despite a lack of Academy Award winners (and one polarizing reality TV star), Marry Me still packs quite the comedic punch. Starring Happy Endings’ Wilson and Childrens Hospital’s Marino as odd couple Annie and Jake, the series opener finds our protagonists going through more than one botched engagement before Jake can finally put a ring on it.

While the premiere focuses mostly on Annie and Jake — and the ways in which they may or may not be good for each other — the series is really an ensemble comedy, something its stars emphasized when TVLine caught up with the cast on set.

“At the core of the show, it’s largely about our relationship, but as it pertains to our friendships and our families,” Wilson says. “Everyone’s in every episode and a huge part of every episode.”

Rounding out that ensemble are John Gemberling (Broad City) as the couple’s romantically challenged friend Gil, Sarah Wright Olsen (Parks and Recreation) as Annie’s slightly more grounded BFF Dennah — “She has her own level of crazy,” Olsen notes — and Tymberlee Hill (Drunk History) as no-nonsense lesbian Kay.

Marry Me on NBCAlthough Jake and Annie’s wedding could happen by the end of the first season, Marino makes it clear that not every episode will revolve around a certain aspect of planning the big day.

“It’s not a show about, ‘Are they meant to be together? Are they not meant to be together?’” Marino says. “It’s more about them entering this new chapter of their lives and how they handle that.”

To that end, the series utilizes flashbacks to offer a glimpse of Annie and Jake’s pasts, one of which will feature Annie’s upbringing with her gay dads (played by Saturday Night Live’s Tim Meadows and Scandal’s Dan Bucatinsky).

“We see a clip of me when I was little, because [my dads] built a stage for me in the backyard and had me performing. Which my actual dad did,” Wilson laughs.

Any other similarities between Wilson, Marino and their characters? Marino is quicker to think of a difference between him and Jake.

“Jake likes to wear corduroys. Ken likes to wear jeans. That’s a big difference,” Marino says.

“That’s been really hard for you,” Wilson says. “For you and for Jake.”

“Absolutely,” Marino shoots back. “It’s a huge acting challenge.”

Will you tune in to Marry Me when it debuts? Watch an exclusive behind-the-scenes video below, then hit the comments with your early thoughts on the series!

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