MTV's Happyland: Is New Comedy Worth the Price of Admission?

Happyland Series Premiere

MTV’s Happyland spins a tale as old as time: Boy meets girl, girl falls for boy, girl discovers she and boy have the same father.

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That’s my one-sentence plot summary of the new comedy, which premiered Tuesday, though it’s a little more complicated than that. The show centers around Vanessa Hudgens Lucy Velez, a 17-year-old living at a Disneyland-style theme park with her mom Gloria, who’s been playing Happyland’s “Princess Adrianna” for the better part of two decades.

Towards the beginning of Gloria’s royal run, she became romantically entangled with James Chandler, the grandson of Happyland’s founder, resulting in the birth of Lucy. Now it seems history is repeating itself, as Lucy is falling head-over-heels for James’ stoner son Ian. But wait… doesn’t that make Lucy and Ian half-siblings? Yes, yes it does. (Too bad they didn’t know that before engaging in a family-unfriendly lip lock!)

Of course, Lucy and Ian aren’t the only characters up to their birth certificates in drama.

Tuesday’s premiere also introduced us to Harper and Will, the happiest couple in Happyland — or so they’d like us to believe. In truth, Will’s got his eye on longtime pal Lucy, while Harper’s favorite pastime is throwing herself at anything with a pulse. (Twenty bucks says she and Ian hook up before the end of the season, if not Episode 2.)

And then there’s Theodore, the “responsible” Chandler sibling and Happyland’s new creative director. We didn’t see much of Theodore in this first half-hour, though Ryan Rottman assures TVLine that his character is in integral part of the Happyland story, referring to Theodore as “the chess master.”

So… Will you be making a return trip to Happyland, or was one ride enough for you? Grade the premiere below, then drop a comment with your full review.