Video: How I Met Your Mother Stars Praise Series Finale, Express 'Relief' — Plus: Who Learned the Ending Last?

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How I Met Your Mother‘s series finale may have been extremely divisive among viewers, but the cast of the CBS comedy has nothing but kind words about the ending and the “narrative geniuses” who were at the show’s helm.

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Co-creators Craig Thomas and Carter Bays are brilliant at “withholding information until it’s time for that information to come forward, at which point it changes everything,” star Josh Radnor says in TVLine’s exclusive video from Tuesday’s Season 9 and Complete Series DVD release.

Meanwhile, Cobie Smulders shares her gratitude that some important answers weren’t held back: “I’m really excited that we got to flash forward and see where these people ended up.”

Speaking of the show’s closing moments, the DVD extra also reveals that Jason Segel and Alyson Hannigan were last to find out about the tearjerker finish. “[Craig] gave us the five-minute version, by the end of which his lip was quivering and he was getting ready to cry,” Segel recalls. “We felt the same. It was just such a relief to find out there was a plan.”

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