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You're the Worst Finale Post Mortem: EP Talks Gretchen's Major Move, Downplays Lindsay's Big D

You're The Worst Season Finale

Thursday’s season finale of You’re the Worst found one couple taking a major step forward, while another — albeit hilariously so — went down in flames.

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So what’s to become of Jimmy, Gretchen, Lindsay, etc., should FX’s “romantic” comedy be given a much-deserved second season? Creator Stephen Falk was more than happy to give TVLine the dirty deets:

TVLINE | I’m obviously glad Jimmy and Gretchen are moving in together, but I’m more amused with how she burned her apartment down.
I try to always make sure that if we bring something up, it gets used. For instance, in Episode 4 we found out Gretchen has a vibrator attached to Christmas lights because she doesn’t have an extension chord. That could have just been a one-off joke, but a lot of the fun of the show is giving everything a double use. Also, the shop cat wasn’t just forgotten; we returned him to his home in the finale.

TVLINE | The looks we saw on their faces at the very end make me think Jimmy and Gretchen are having second thoughts. Accurate?
Well, it is terrifying, but it’s also an homage to the end of The Graduate. They’d just had this big moment where he stole her away from her wedding and they’re sitting on the back of the bus — and it wasn’t actually them acting, they just thought the take was over, and they looked away. Anytime we do anything, take any big step, there is a deep well of panic below that, even if we’re sure we want to do it. It’s f—ing scary. And particularly these people, they’re not going to settle in in Season 2 easily. I wanted to show that.

TVLINE | I also morbidly loved watching Lindsay’s world crumble around her, as well as Paul’s guilt over an emotional affair — especially when Lindsay was literally banging the mailman eight hours earlier.
[Laughs] Poor Lindsay. We had a funny idea, early in the season, for Jimmy and Gretchen to emerge as the sanest, most normal-seeming couple. Meanwhile, they’ve sort of destroyed everyone else’s relationship around them. It wasn’t intentional, but when you get too close to Jimmy and Gretchen, there can be a big fall-out. It tickles me to destroy people’s lives on screen, and it’s also a nice turn to realize that Paul’s not just the poor, cuckolded husband. To see him get a bit of balls in Episode 10 — even though it’s so silly the way he announces it as a “conscious uncoupling” — is very satisfying.

You're The Worst Season Finale

TVLINE | Considering they’re consciously uncoupling, and Lindsay’s unemployed, might she also have to move in with Jimmy?
That’s certainly a possibility, but the fact that Paul says he wants a divorce doesn’t necessarily mean that there will be one. I could completely change my mind, but right now I think there’s more between Paul and Lindsay to discover and have fun with as they try to figure out what comes next. … And he did mention the girl he’s having the emotional affair with, Amy from the chat room, so perhaps we’ll meet her.

TVLINE | Have you heard anything about a second season?
No, and that’s sort of the million-dollar question. We’re hopeful, and I think FX knows what they want to do. They play things very close to the vest. I didn’t know they were going to pick up the show until weeks and weeks after everyone told me it was good. They have strategic ways and timeframes to announce things. [Just being done with Season 1] is a little melancholy, because we all love the show so much. We’re a weird, insanely happy family, and while I’m tired and need a break, I’m excited about the prospect of getting another season. It’s been such a blast.

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