Witches of East End Recap: Only the Good Die Young

Witches Of East End Recap

“I left you a present in the garden.” Never have eight simple, seemingly lovely words proven so utterly heartbreaking. (Also, what’s the return policy on that gift? Asking for a friend.)

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Sunday’s Witches of East End brought Joanna’s worst — not to mention recurring — nightmare to life, as both Ingrid and Freya were found hanging in the garden in the episode’s final moments, a parting gift from Tarkoff, who appeared to have (finally!) met his own death at Frederick’s hands.

Even after experiencing her daughters’ deaths many (many, many) times before, Joanna’s reaction to Ingrid and Freya’s sudden demise was nothing short of gut-wrenching. And even though it’s safe to assume the girls will find their way back to the land of the living, it’s also safe to assume there’ll be hell to pay. Possibly literally.

Strange as it may sound, Ingrid and Freya’s deaths weren’t the only curveballs thrown in this week’s episode, which totally could have doubled as the season finale, given how insane it was. Here’s a rundown of four other game changers presented Sunday night:

witches-of-east-end-209-1* Courtesy of a spell intended to track down Tarkoff, Freya discovered that the King’s spirit has been inside Frederick all along. (It’s kind of like how the Wizard of Oz told the Tin Man he’d always had a heart… only 1,000 times more hellish.)

* Tommy was determined to be the perfect vessel for the King’s spirit to return in; he knows about the Beauchamps’ secret and is unafraid of death. (Bonus twist: Before presumably killing Tarkoff, Frederick also vowed to kill Tommy — then himself!)

* Following the death of Eva’s grandmother daughter, the immortality spell cast on her wore off, and she also died. (Don’t worry, though, Bianca Lawson remains eternally youthful in real life.)

* Dash finally came clean to Killian about trying to murk him the night of his “wedding” to Freya, and in the aftermath of their fight — which was arguably my favorite slow-motion battle since The Matrix — Dash’s little voodoo doll was released from its jar. (Apparently, neither secrets nor corpses stay hidden for long in East End.)

So… what’s next for the remaining Beauchamp ladies? In a promo for next Sunday’s episode, Wendy offers to give up her last life in order to resurrect the girls, but methinks Joanna isn’t going to let that happen. We’ve got a gallery of first-look photos from next week’s Witches below, but for now, drop a comment with your reaction to tonight’s mind-blowing ending.

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