The Last Ship Finale Recap: Lost Ship

The Last Ship Finale Recap

TNT’s The Last Ship entered its freshman finale with the promise of saving what’s left of mankind by bringing the cure ashore. That, however, was revealed not to jibe with the interests of the people currently in power on the mainland.

‎Having inoculated its crew, the Nathan James hacks into a satellite to scout out the megalab at Fort Detrick, where they plan to mass-produce the cure — only to discover that it (and only it) has been razed. No sooner is that mystery presented, the ship makes video contact with Mrs. Granderson aka Alisha’s mother (played by Alfre Woodard), who explains that the U.S. government has crumbled. She arranges to meet Chandler and his team at a dock in Baltimore, where they are observed from afar by warlord Thorwald (Titus Welliver) and a trusty sniper. The ominous-seeming men aim to take out Granderson during her meet-up, but never get a clear shot. Instead, Thorwald tells his man to contact an inside source for the 411 on the Nathan James and Chandler’s arrival on the mainland. Meanwhile, the genial Baltimore police captain pals with Slattery aboard the Nathan James.

Arriving at Granderson’s secure, state-of-the-art facility, Rachel marvels at the resources, only to eventually realize that the “vaccines” her scientists have been formulating are purposely toxic. Simultaneously, Granderson has an odd convo with her daughter about what kind of man Captain Chandler is, and whether he “follows orders.” Hmm….

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Using Granderson’s radio room, Chandler makes contact with his father, who has sped past one of Thorwald’s barricades in the name of reaching the mysterious haven called “Olympia.” The Chandlers agree to rendezvous outside an auto repair shop, but Jed is gone by the time Tom gets there. Tom & Co. then make tracks for Olympia, an indoor arena to which the infected are flocking for “treatment.” There, Tom inoculates his father and kids, but learns that his wife Darien succumbed to the virus. He quickly realizes that the sick actually are being “put down” with the toxic cocktail, their bodies used to fuel the local power plant!

Concurrent with Tom’s discovery, back at the facility guards surround Rachel, as a wild-eyed Granderson defends her philosophy — “We can’t control who dies, but we can control who lives” and all that jazz. Meanwhile, the Baltimore cop single-handedly seizes control of the Nathan James, putting bullets in a couple of crew along the way. And as the finale closes, Chandler makes futile attempts to hail his ship from outside the horror show that is Olympia.

What did you think of the season finale? So are we to surmise that Thorwald is actually the good guy here, out to suppress Granderson’s power grab? (But how key of Season 2 players can they be if Welliver and Woodard both are headlining new series, Amazon’s Bosch and NBC’s State of Affairs? And does anyone doubt that Chandler’s wife will one day show up alive?

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  1. JBC says:

    Good finale. Think Titus Welliver character is one of the good guys after all. I don’t believe we will see the Captains wife alive, since that won’t leave room for future love interests for him.

  2. Likin It! says:

    awesome show! and finale was great! lots of surprises! too bad we have to wait until Summer 2015 for the show to return!!

  3. marti says:

    OMG I can’t wait for season 2, I was so upset left on such a cliff hanger. Love this show!!!

    • AdamJ says:

      I enjoyed this series, glad it has a season two, my only suggestion more close ups of Rhona Mitra’s chesticle area.

  4. James D says:

    good finale. all of it was predictable, but still i enjoyed it. can’t wait for next season. I hope John Pyper Ferguson returns Tex is great charater played by a great actor.

    • shaw says:

      Me too. I love Tex’s character he’s the comic relief in the show full of drama and supence. Loved the finale can’t wait til 2015.

    • Meegs says:

      I think Tex is going to play a big part in getting many of the crew/passengers of the Nathan James (on or off the ship) into a safer situation. I can definitely see him using gorilla warfare to everyone’s advantage probably in a joint effort with the captain. That is my hope anyway. i’m just sad I have to wait a year to see it. At least there’s more episodes next year. (13 instead of 10)

  5. krine says:

    I’m dropping this show. It’s pathetic that this series has now turned into a clone of Revolution.

  6. Flounder says:

    I loved the finale except for the “takeover” of the Nathan James. Was it just the one cop? Because that had to be the worst defended ship in the navy. Is he really jack Bauer in disguise ? Let’s just say that hasn’t say well. But the remainder of the show was truly enjoyable.

    • M3rc Nate says:

      I believe he mentioned that his troopers were on the ship as well? As much as i hated watching that scene, i believe it is at least accurate on the Bridge, i dont believe (and by that i mean i am quite confident) Navy personnel carry firearms on the ship (unlike say a Marine on base, who will have their pistol on their hip or walking around always carrying their rifle).

      • Katherine215 says:

        That makes sense, but I was a little annoyed no one did anything when Quincy attacked the cop. The guy was outnumbered and Quincy was enough of a distraction that someone (or a group of someones) should have been able to disarm him, or at least try. They all just stood there staring at him.

        • M3rc Nate says:

          I agree. I also feel that while being escorted out by the troopers to the flight deck, the Navy seamen would be smart enough to know what they are dealing with is on the World wide scale (meaning they have the last ship, they have the cure, etc) so they would accept the risk of death and bum-rush the few troopers that are escorting them (with pistols) to get control of the Ship back, to be able to shoot those incoming boats/helo’s.

          • Jessica says:

            Exactly, that was too hard to swallow. It discredited the whole show imo. What a bunch of incompetent people on the ship that would let it get taken in a case like that. Didn’t they know what the stakes were??

    • cj says:

      Well we didn’t actually see the takeover, so who knows what trips the XO has up his sleeve.

  7. Pat says:

    This is the only series I followed this year. My husband even watched it. It was well written. It was suspenseful. The actors were good at their job, and portrayed honorable, patriotic, intelligent men and women. They did not put the USA down. They did not put any ethnic, social , sexual, or skin color minority down. They were a team, working to save people from a hideous death. They kept their clothes on. If they had passionate sex, it was there for everyone to see, over and over and over. They had a job to do. Things kept getting in their way. They solved them as they could and moved along, keeping the main goal in mind, which was to get the cure and end the death. I really enjoyed it. I loved having real people with real problems, who managed to keep their honor and their sanity. I pray our military has people just like them on duty tonight.

    • Pat says:

      Sorry. there was no open sex over and over and over. (my poor editing). I am trying to say that the “The Last Ship” was a darn good show. And I think his wife is dead. He has to be attracted to the Doctor. The chemistry between those two is really there…I think.

    • Johanne says:

      Great comments.

  8. JMT says:

    Really cops take over the ship get real, they can take on Russian naval ship but not a few cops. The writers must be taking lessons from Taxi Brooklyn what a bad finale, I liked this show until this ending. Come on, was there no sentry on the ship? No general quarters sounded, people its just a alarm button. This was very unrealistic to what real naval personal would do. You lost me as a viewer.

    • M3rc Nate says:

      Cop(s) had guns, Navy seamen onboard dont, pretty simple. If there was something unrealistic its that they didnt disarm him when he came on board. Navy personnel do NOT carry firearms on board especially on the bridge. As for a sentry, i am not aware of if Navy Ships like a destroyer would have a patrolling sentry.

      • AW says:

        I think the point is that when you’re coming off a season where the crew fought off terrorists at Gitmo, a jungle warlord, and literally the entire Russian navy….to get outwitted by a fat cop is kind of a head scratcher. So many things were unrealistic about that scene that it boggles the mind. There’s no way fellow American or not that the cop would have been able to walk around the ship unescorted. And why didn’t one of the bridge officers standing behind the cop just hit him in the head from behind? These are highly trained military people…not 4th graders.

    • AW says:

      Horrible! How in a show about society breaking down because of a viral plague did we forget that society has broken down because of a viral plague?? That’s the bigger problem with this finale. All season long we’ve been told that almost everyone at home is sick or dead but for the finale there conveniently seemed to be enough people for a cartoonishly evil working order. It was a gigantic leap in tone that didn’t work.

  9. Tran says:

    Looking forward to Season Two.

  10. joe says:

    I guess the virus spares hair dressers the speacialize in black women and chinese launderers and dry cleaners and the people that make gillette razors

  11. M3rc Nate says:

    It was pretty good. What i am curious about is next season, what forces them back on the ship and away from home and where do they go from there (they already have the cure). I mean this is the last SHIP…did this show just turn into a show that basically takes place on American soil? I mean even if they have to bail from Baltimore and get back on the ship…wouldnt they just try a different state in America? What would drive them from land back onto the ship?

  12. KCC says:

    Tex will save the day in season 2 by rescuing the doctor and helping Captain get his ship back

  13. KCC says:

    Does Mrs. Granderson remind you of Amanda Waller?

  14. Johanne says:

    I still liked it a lot.

  15. Bear75 says:

    This is just one of those shows… At times the dialogue is so terrible I hide behind a cushion and cringe. Plus, the Michael Bay style patriotic rousing music moments that make you stand up holding your heart with one hand and saluting with the other while singing the national anthem. Still, I just can’t seem to stop watching?! Go figure. I will be very surprised though, if it gets a second season.

    • W.J. says:

      The renewal was announced last week. I’m looking forward to it!

      • Bear75 says:

        Really? Wow. I do hope they get some better writers and develop some of the characters more – especially Adam Baldwin, he’s a bit of a parody cross between Jayne and Casey at the mo. I like Tex though, he’s made the series watchable for me :) x

  16. Ron Johnson says:

    Too bad it wasn’t the series finale ! How many times are they going to trot this out. everyone forget they tried this stinker two seasons ago. The one with Andre Brauer ?
    Whats next, the alien version?

    • AW says:

      I thought the Andre Brauer one was actually pretty good. It reminded me of Jericho a little bit. The Last Ship doesn’t know what it wants to be be. It’s like a Hunt for Red October/Walking Dead/US Navy propaganda vomit soup

      • Thomas Veil says:

        That sounds like a pretty good combo to me…better than just one thing going on where boredom sets in. Why does any show have to be stuck in one genre? I can nitpik any show out there if I wanted but I just like to sit back and enjoy.

  17. W.J. says:

    I love this show, plot holes and all.
    I hate cliffhangers.
    That is all.

  18. itsbighead says:

    Honestly i think its absolutely great that it ended this way considering the fact that they didnt know whether or not it was going to get renewed when they were filming it last year

    Im excited to see the fact that the writes are going to reboot everything and its not longer going to be the ship going to places each week

    Altthough the only problem i had this season was that the writes resolved the storylines way too quickly and it started to feel like a one dimensional procedural that people would typically see on CBS

  19. itsbighead says:

    I hope the writers make some sort of reference to Directive 51 which signed by George W Bush

  20. Justin says:

    It was a great show until the finale. The shear fact that a navel ship can be hijacked by one guy with a pistol. Even after he was bull rushed nobody jumped on the guy. After all they been thru no one fought. It was sad. I really talked highly of this show to people. No more I’m done with it! Make next season if you want I’m not buying it.

    • samantha says:

      there were other troopers on the ship as well.

      • brenna says:

        That’s true about the troopers throughout the ship. I’m sure in the Season 2 premier, the crew, along with Tex and the Captain, will get the ship back pronto. The writers just left a number of cliffhangers, and everyone spread out. I loved the finale and can’t wait for Season 2.

  21. Thomas Veil says:

    I don’t know what some of you are smoking but it was a very good season final. I think some just lke to hate because I really haven’t Heard a good reason to stop watching yet. The writers have done a good job of mixing things up…it’s just pure entertainment don’t over think it.

  22. louiegrandie says:

    That was the stupidest episode. Killing off all the ugly dumb people so you only have a world of beautiful smart people? Really? And just who is going to do all the work in the future. Who is going to do the manual labor, the farm work, the back breaking work, who is going to collect the garbage, delivery the mail? And how did this one lady pull it all off?

    • samantha says:

      thought that the Nazis had a similar plan– get rid of all people that were defective to ensure the rise of the Aryan race.

  23. ANW says:

    “It’s a cook book!”

  24. brenna says:

    I have really loved this show and look forward to Season 2. Really enjoyed all the characters. And I’m glad they have extended Season 2 to 13 episodes. Wish we didn’t have to wait so long! Since they didn’t show Darien’s death scene, it’s possible she could still be alive, but the father seemed sure that she died and he was with her. Even though it’s sad, there is more room for story growth and character growth moving forward. Really like both Chandler and Tex. I like their friendship as well. The scene with Tex talking to the dog made me laugh! Very good finale!

  25. moe7 says:

    Love the premise of the show, but 10 episodes not to resume until next June!? It ain’t Downton Abbey. Why not 10 eps in January and then 10 in June. Not gonna hang around in anticipation. TNT may wish to rethink the scheduling. A set of eps every six months gives the cast and crew 7 months to do whatever.

  26. cj says:

    Who would have thought something with the name Michael Bay associated would be so awesome! My guess is he has little to do with it and I hope it stays that way.

  27. LaBete says:

    I thought the finale was good. I was pleasantly surprised by the twist that Alfre Woodard was actually the baddie and Titus Welliver the good guy when I thought they were doing the usual character short-hand via hiring previously type-cast actors who usually play “good” or “bad.” I really hope the wife is dead so we can all board the Rachel/Tom Ship next season! I wouldn’t put it past meanie Granderson to trot out the wife as a hostage to get Tom to “follow orders,” as she put it.

  28. Steve Lewis says:

    The Baltimore cop hasn’t seized control of the ship yet. Every ship has a security team and back up. The XO may have signaled the SAT and BAF to take out the hostage taker while he mustered everybody on deck. Then the crew can use the CIWS to shoot down anything airborne while the SAT and BAF can take care of any aircraft that were to land. The “fix” is probably in aboard ship. However, fuel is an issue and they would need a tanker to deliver fuel. A ship like that uses up a lot of jet fuel. A tanker placed on a barge brought over from an airport would work. I think that the captain was too quick to meet up with “non-federal” authorities especially when the non-federal authorities are talking about warlords that were former “non-federal authorities.” That crew is awfully trusting of people stateside. Under the situation that the states are in, this captain will have to start acting like Rick Grimes from the Walking Dead.

  29. Steve Lewis says:

    Of course the flawed reasoning of the top civilian leader in Baltimore about the bubonic plague killing off the intelligentsia, delaying the end of the so-called Dark Ages was so preposterous that she had to have propagandized some of the people surrounding her and terrorized anyone who opposed her. That’s not how the bubonic plague worked in Europe so the story told was totally Orwellian. The so-called warlord former cop wanted the Navy ship to take out Granderson because she was killing off people while saving elites. Nobody should make that call because saving all healthy people you possibly can save while helping those who contracted the so-called red flu would be the optimal course of action. Granderson is a 21st century Margaret Sanger, the proponent of eugenics in the early 20th century.

  30. ospreycbk says:

    Like this show, with the exception of the Nathan James being seized by a very very small group of people in the finale all of the other scenarios are plausible/possible. That being said I think they need to wrap it up in season 2, these networks have a tendency to kill a good program by letting it drag on too long.

  31. mike says:

    I think that summer of 2015 is way too long to wait for season 2. TNT is a un-merciful to loyal fans. I think I won’t care anymore by then. How about January guys?

  32. Ray says:

    The ship takeover was poor writing and horrible ending to a show that me and my wife watched all season. I was not rewarded for my time investment in this show for such unbelievable hijacking of a Navy ship with a single handgun. That’s a huge leap of faith for me to believe. Maybe by next summer I would have forgotten about my disappointment.

  33. Mrty says:

    Soylent Green is people – – – er, the power source is corpses

    • Captain Boil says:

      I was looking around for Edward G Robinson or Heston! Soylent Green!
      Great show, loved everything about it. Didn’t have to think much. It was solid, enjoyable, mindless entertainment. However, to have to wait an entire Ice Age for the next season…goodbye. I was actually a fan of Downton Abbey. Same baloney. Too much time between seasons. That is a slap in the face of viewers. I didn’t see anymore of Downton because I had forgotten about it by then. So once again…goodbye. No need for it. Absolutely unacceptable. I can’t and won’t wait for the new season. I will have fossilized by then.

  34. I really like this show . It has all the qualities that viewers( in general) will return to watch each week.. I am missing it already. I worry that it will not return. In the past there have been some very good shows, that were very well received and they were canceled and did not return. How well a show was liked does not seem to be a priority as to wether it returns or not. But for what it’s worth, this viewer likes it and will watch it every week ,if it returns.

  35. Piledriver says:

    I wasn’t aware that this was the finale when I tuned in, but I thought it was a solid by-the-numbers episode as it first teased the radical assassination of (presumably the last bastion of US government order) Granderson, leading to the inevitable reveal of her role as a tyrant. Also, the nod to Soylent Green (that particular overhead shot) was a moment of instant communication to any fan of the genre. So I was very pleased with the episode all around.

    Hopefully the same production team will be aboard as the series goes forward, since the execution, more than the concept, is what made The Last Ship a winner.

  36. FJR says:

    The show was very good and entertaining throughout the season. The ending though was a blatant ripoff of the 1970s movie “Soylent Green”.

  37. joanne says:

    It was late for me and it was a work night so recorded it awesome please have a 2nd series.

  38. Wian says:

    Are there a season 2. It is a AWESOME movie don’t stop now pleas carry on with to show

    • Desert Storm says:

      I’m in South Africa and it’s a great movie I downloaded al the episodes of season one. I can’t wait for season 2. Are season 2 launched in 2015

  39. Brad says:

    We need Season 2!!!!! freaken epic series.

  40. Moses Kiama says:

    Nice series.

  41. Dana says:

    The only thing that bugs me is the whole “they are burning the bodies to power the city” thing. I know, I guess I’m just over thinking it but burning bodies takes way more energy than they would produce. And not for nothing, given the nature of the virus, burning them would just be the smart thing to do anyways.

  42. Linda says:

    That was a great finale although I cannot understand how one man took over the ship without anyone of the sailors shooting him in the head they’ve been thru worse. Looking forward to season 2.