The Fosters Finale: Sherri Saum Teases Major Twist in Callie's Adoption

It looks like Lena Adams Foster will be out of the woods and back at the breakfast table in Monday’s summer finale of The Fosters (ABC Family, 9/8c).

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TVLine spoke with Sherri Saum — who plays one half of the titular couple — about her character’s return to the workplace, meeting the twins’ birth mother and Callie’s adoption.

TVLINE | After everything that happened with the promotion, how does Lena feel about returning to work?
She got passed over for the principal job, but she knows the school is where she belongs. She’s an educator, she loves the kids, and as frustrating as bureaucratic politics can be, she wants to be there.

TVLINE | What’s her dynamic with the new principal like?
Lena and the new principal have similar values, which is pretty exciting for her. But there’s also some friction that could throw a wrench into things between them. They’re in agreement on most issues, but something’s not quite kosher between them.

TVLINE | Stef’s come around to letting Jesus and Mariana meet Ana. Is Lena on the same page?
It’s a tough one because they all have resentment towards Ana, obviously, but Lena has a little extra because Ana had these beautiful children and she just threw it all away. Of course Lena is now [also] suffering the loss of Frankie and can’t imagine how someone could have a child and just leave them to fend for themselves. But she’s trying to do the right thing for her family and what they need.

TVLINE | Lena’s going to be meeting Connor’s dad this episode. I can’t imagine that’s going to go well.
That’s a very prickly meeting. Lena knows how he feels about Jude and she thinks that he is prejudiced and abusive in his treatment of Connor and his outlook on sexuality. She thinks it’s poisonous [but] she has to balance that with her job as a professional in the school, and it’s going to be a very sticky situation. TheFosters_Finale1_DW

TVLINE | It looks like Callie might be turning to Robert for some help this episode. Are Stef and Lena okay with that?
We left that up to her — as we do with many of the decisions that kids have to make. We want to respect her relationship, for whatever it is, with Robert and let her make those decisions. We feel secure in that Callie loves us and is a part of our family, and she’s not going anywhere. So we’re not going to impose any doubts that we might have on her. We just know that we want her to have access to all areas of her life.

TVLINE | Are we going to get an update on how Callie’s adoption is going?
At the end of the episode we have a new wrench in the plans for her adoption. It’s just one thing after another with that poor girl!

What are your hopes for The Fosters‘ summer finale? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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  1. Ian says:

    Me thinks the new principal Monte is going to have a romantic interest in Lena, which is going to make their working together pretty awkward.

    And the loss of the baby is the saddest thing to happen on this show so far. I was devastated for Lena and Stef, and I cried when Lena’s mother came to help her that episode.

  2. Bwhit says:

    At the rate they are going Callie will be 18 by the time this is sorted out and it won’t matter. I think Robert is going to ask for custody of Callie and that will set up the next season of her living away from the Fosters.

    • johnhelvete says:

      At 18 Callie could be legally adopted by Stef and Lena, and it would be her decision as an adult. It would still make sense for Callie to do it even if she has to wait until she is 18 with Jude already having been adopted by the Fosters.

      • Kate says:

        Except that Callie is in love with Stef and Lena’s other son. I doubt she’ll ever be adopted. She’s already a member of the family in every way that counts but I don’t think they’ll ever make B&C brother and sister. Stef and Lena were kind of ridiculous to think that would ever work out well.

        • Mike R. says:

          Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh. No no no no, Brandon and Callie already have a brother and sister dynamic, her and Brandon had a fling, but hopefully the show would never categorize that is being in love with Brandon. It is an uncomfortable relationship, and I truly hope that Brallie ends for good. If they ever get together again, I will not be able to watch until it ends again.

          • Laura says:

            It’s fine if you don’t like them but if you’re characterizing Brandon and Callie as a fling, you obviously didn’t watch any of the first season. She told him she loved him- that was huge for a girl who had never trusted anyone. The sole reason they broke up was because she wanted to secure her place in the family not because they were a passing fling that ran its course.

            And they may call each other siblings- but it doesn’t feel genuine at all. It feels like they are trying to talk themselves into it. What did feel real were the longing looks exchanged during Outlaws and the fact that Brandon was the only one who could get through to her about opening up about her rape “I know what it feels like to love you…”.

            If you’re going to stop watching just because of one popular couple when there are plenty of other stories and characters, you mustn’t be much of a fan of the show anyway.

          • Sharon says:

            It’s a bit rude to tell people they are not fans of the show or insinuate others did not take notice like yourself because they don’t like the Brandon and Callie romance. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and a lot of people I know who watch the show are in the 25 – 40 age bracket and like to watch for the dynamics of the family, the amazing Lesbian SL where we are so under represented. Callie and Brandon aren’t the core of the show – Stef and Lena are and there are many who find the Brallie SL, twisted and ridiculous.

            I’ve watched from the start twice over, and I can’t stand the Brallie SL, they are connected, their is a bond for sure I don’t dispute that but what Callie may want and need are two different things and she is 16 years of age, I’m sorry but giving up the chance of a family of something she hasn’t had for so long, something she desperately needs for a Teenage Romance – that notion is ridiculous. She’s 16! To you it might not have been a fling and to you maybe at 16 you’re fully capable of understanding love and thinking you will be with that person forever she is still a child she needs a family not some messed up teenaged boy with an attitude. Don’t judge other’s opinions just because they don’t like a certain parinig

          • JJSUPER says:

            I honestly think that Brandon and Callie are never going to be together in the end… They might be together for a little while bit in the end Callie wants a family no matter if she is a apart of that family .. She needs stability and the fosters can give her that no matter what . Brandon and Callie have a vrother amd sister relationship already and they would just hurt themselves in the end bcuz it would be very confusing if they dated then callie decided to continue having a relationship with stef and Lena as her moms then what? The whole getting over you thing happens again..

          • Laura says:

            Sharon, I wasn’t insinuating the OP wasn’t a fan of the show presently. He obviously is as he’s taken the time to comment here. It’s just that if you stop watching over one storyline, I’m not sure what that says about how much you really are a fan of the rest of the show. I can’t stand Jesus, I wish he would get no air time but I’m not about to stop watching over it because I love Jude, Mariana, Mike, the Moms and Brallie. That’s my only point.

            Also since your patronizing tone and comments that I’m rude (when my only point was to engage in some debate) and don’t understand that teenage love isn’t forever clearly indicates that you think I’m some idiot 15 year old Brallie fan girl, I just want to say I’m a 28 year old Ivy League educated professional. I fully understand high school love doesn’t generally last. However, I also understand that this is serialized television, not a depiction of real life, on a network that caters largely to young girls. Brandon and Callie are an attractive couple with a ton of chemistry (in my opinion) and they are the reason I enjoy the show. Quite frankly, I’m tired of this notion that anyone who enjoys them is an idiot tween missing the greater theme of the underrepresented lesbian family. To some of this is just a cute ABC family summer soap with some pretty teenagers and that doesn’t make us lesser viewers.

          • Sharon says:

            And nor does it make us lesser viewers for those who do not like the drama of what a lot of us do perceive as a silly teen love story, I adore the Fosters and I adore Callie, I feel terrible for her, I admit I’m not a fan of Brandon at all, I think he’s spoiled and selfish and in the beginning I liked the Brallie SL but over time it’s become monotone and cliche and so predictable and I truly believe Callie needs a family not a summer romance which is what this would be. To some of us the representation of a Bi Racial Lesbian Couple who adopt and Foster children is what the show is about – It’s something so rarely seen on TV or in this world and instead of worrying about a stupid romance I’d prefer to focus on the more dynamic parts of the show but to each their own. I don’t begrudge anyone liking Brallie, I think it’s great they have people who support them. They are a big part of what draw’s people in I understand that, I don’t like the attitude that because people don’t support them they aren’t fans or those who say they won’t watch anymore aren’t true fans.

            My show is Grey’s Anatomy, Calzona or more specifically Arizona are my OTP and favorite character and I’ve watched Grey’s since Season 1 Ten times over, own all the DVD’s but if Arizona was to up and leave the show or Calzona was to be marginalized anymore than they were I would stop watching and I pretty much LOVE all the other characters, people have different opinions – if people want to stop watching the Fosters because they deem it not good enough or too frustrating that’s their choice no less of a fan is anyone because of it

  3. Aleana says:

    Okay I’m getting annoyed love this show but seriously Callie needs a break I want her adopted already this like hundred times something happen to derail Callie adoption I don’t want Brandon and Callie together she belong with this family so let her be adopt already

    • Columbus says:

      Completely agree.

    • Tiffany says:

      100% agree with you

    • Ellen says:

      Gotta disagree. My favorite part of the series is Brandon and Callie. I don’t see why on a show that’s essentially a soap they’d kill the main young love story and tie up Callie’s placement. Where’s the drama in that? If B&C end up siblings, I’ll check in from time to time as I love the actors but I’m probably done as a regular viewer.

    • Mike R. says:

      Yes please, brother and sister Callie and Brandon is so much better. I will be heartbroken if Callie doesn’t eventually become Stef and Lena’s daughter because there relationship is why I watch. I don’t watch for the romances I watch for the family dynamics.

  4. Danielle says:

    It was obvious from ep 1 or 2 that Callie was never going to be formally adopted. They’ve been pushing Brandon and Callie as the main couple all along and this entire season has shown that they’ll never really be brother and sister. Robert Quinn allows things to be left more open- she’s part of the Foster family but not legally his sister. Looking forward to a Brandon/Callie moment tonight as they’re my favorite part of the series.

    • I agree I think they have made it clear that they are never going have Callie adopted formally that’s why they invoiced this whole other stable family for her. I’m not saying Brallie lovers or haters are right or wrong for their feelings but I’ve seen enough of the abcfamily ten soap shows that I’d put money on the fact that she will never be adopted because they want to leave that relationship open for Brallie or they wouldn’t have pushed them so hard and had Jude be adopted but Callie not and to find her dad is a wealthy stable family man. Sorry guys but it’s never gonna happen :-( she could still enter the family thru in laws plus Jude will always be her brother so in turn they will be family in a way

  5. TL says:


  6. shaniv4 says:

    Wowza, a lot happening, can’t wait! Sorry it’s the end of the summer season but all good must come to an end I suppose. With Johanna Johnson writing this episode and Norman Buckley directing and can only imagine the shananicans that’s going to happen.
    I’d like to see more of the Lena storyline grow in the next season and how she deals with all the stuff that happened to her in S2A. Love the cast of TheFosters 💕awesome depiction of reality and love and family. ✌️

  7. Stinestar says:

    The Fosters is such a GREAT show…Great cast….Great writers!!!!

  8. Sharon says:

    Ugh Brandon and Callie – No no no! I know it’s a show and there has to be drama and the Brallie Drama is enticing and keeps us all on our toes but it’s kind of yuck to be honest with the family dynamics going on. I want Callie to be Stef/Lena’s daughter. I watch for Stef and Lena and the family dynamics. I don’t know any other show that has a Bi Racial Lesbian Couple that adopts and fosters children, it’s amazing TBH! To have such great representation, Makes my heart warm but Callie needs a family – Lets face it her and Brandon are not going to get married and live happily ever after, she needs a family more than a boyfriend and Stef and Lena love her like a daughter, She needs a place, someone to call my parents, a home and an anchor so cut this crap with Brallie, makes me sick to my stomach and give the girl a family already!!!

  9. cyclone says:

    This show needs to stop the forbidden love crap between Brandon and Callie. If they don’t make it happen, it doesn’t happen simple as that. I think majority of fans don’t want to see them together. Callie has a good thing going with Wyatt.

    • Danielle says:

      Right a majority of fans dislike them. That’s why the ratings dropped immediately after their breakup in Padre and have yet to rebound to those levels. That’s why the highest rated 2 eps are the two eps following their first kiss. The numbers don’t lie.

      As far as Wyatt, this whole season has shown he is not what she needs/doesn’t understand her. He had to go behind her back to get B involved before she would tell him about the rape; he left her alone at carnival to go fight with Liam when that was the last thing she wanted. They work well as friends but the only reason she’s dating him is because she thinks B is not an option. Plus why is Wyatt even in CA when his family moved to IN? It seems like he exists for no reason other than Callie and that’s the last thing a girl with a ton of issues of her own to sort through should take on.

  10. I hope that Callie would get adopted by the Foster Adams family… it’s what I would want for myself. Being that I myself was adopted when I was 17 it’s never to late to get the family you have been waiting for.

    • What about her dad that didn’t know she existed and is getting to know her is that not a family? The while reason they did that is so she could have a family but still leave the Brandon door open everyone seems to think the only family she can have is fosters not true plus she will always be part of fosters even if she’s not adopted

  11. JJSUPER says:

    Man oh man…. It seems like yesterday we were just talking about the summer premier!! I really think that Robert is going to try to adopt Callie!! I can’t wait for Lena to meet Conners dad…. That will be hilarious!!!!! LOL can’t wait!!!! I have two hours to go!!!

    • He doesn’t need to apt her she’s already his he had to sign away his rights for fosters to adopt her so he’d just keep her but I agree they aren’t going to let her and Brandon become siblings that the whole purpose for Robert and his fam

  12. Sydney says:

    Team Brallie!

  13. Renee Ernst says:

    Brandon and Callie need to be together; it is so obvious these two are in love and have been suffering in silence making poor choices and bad decisions. They are actually one of the main reasons I watch the show. They are not brother and sister and I have never felt that connection with them. The characters have awkwardly tried to search for that relationship this season to no avail.

    I believe Callie needs to give her real Father the chance that he deserves, to love and take care of her. The Fosters do not need to adopt her and should support her Father in her decision.

    The Fosters can still see her as Brandon’s girlfriend and that would be the best for everyone. Brandon was never happier than when he was with Callie and Visa Versa. Tearing them apart was a horrible decision.

  14. SHGILFO says:

    I love the way the show ended. I would love to see Callie go live with her father because he obviously loves her and wants a relationship with her. Also Callie and Brandon have a special relationship that I would love to see developed with both of them being responsible, sensible young adults. They can be an example to some of these wild teenagers out here. Team Brallie!!

  15. Zayzay says:

    I think that Stef and Lena should definitely adopt Callie. Basically, for Robert Quinn to except the adoption again. I hope that Jesus should definitely get back together with Emma because they are litteraly perfect and beautiful together! Hayley is not good with him, neither as Lexi. ( if they are going to get back together). Brandon and Callie shouldn’t be together. Brandon is better with lue instead. That is because, the foster family should be happy as a family which means, there shouldn’t be any drama between Brandon and Callie. Also, Lena should be the actual principal. She would make a great principal but if not, then her and principal monte should get along and work with each other nicely. What I really think is that, Callie would legally get adopted by Stef and Lena, Callie to get a new boyfriend, Brandon will travel on tour, Mariana would get more volunteers for her dance team, Jesus will get back together with Emma, Conor will be allowed to be near Jude, Lena will make the actual principal and finally they will all be a happy family! :)