TVLine Mixtape

TVLine Mixtape: Your Favorite Songs From Chasing Life, Suits, Gracepoint, Under the Dome and More

I’m searching for a song tonight, I’m changing all the stations… Just in time for an all new TVLine Mixtape!

What follows is a collection of tunes showcased recently on your favorite shows, complete with artist and album information in case you want to add them to your permanent collection.

Spoilers abound, and we chose songs we liked – but we always want to hear your thoughts and suggestions.

So peruse our playlist, then hit the comments with your favorite TV jams. And remember: You can always submit questions or suggestions about TV music on Twitter @NiveaSerrao.

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SERIES AND EPISODE | Chasing Life, “Unplanned Parenthood”
TITLE | “Sounds Like Somewhere”
ARTIST | Lily & Madeleine
ALBUM | Lily & Madeleine (2013)
WHY IT ROCKED | As Lily & Madeleine softly sing in the background, April and Dominic spend their last night before his four-month European road trip taking in a Boston sunrise, reluctant to say goodbye. Elsewhere, Brenna comes to terms with her feelings for a certain blonde, showing up on Greer’s doorstep and falling straight into her… lips.

SERIES AND EPISODE | Suits, “Litt the Hell Up” Mixtape_Suits_DW
TITLE | “Crazy”
ARTIST |Daniel Andrade
ALBUM | Single (2014)
WHY IT ROCKED | The slow, soulful strains of this Gnarls Barkley cover not only highlights the sexual tension between Rachel and Logan in the past, but the lyrics also question her decision to visit him in the present — so when the not-so-single Rachel does turn up at Logan’s apartment, we’re left to wonder, “Does that make her craaazy?”

SERIES AND EPISODE | Gracepoint trailer Gracepoint Season 1 Preview
TITLE | “Mad World”
ARTIST | Susan Boyle
ALBUM | Someone to Watch Over Me (2011)
WHY IT ROCKED | All around the detectives are familiar faces… any of whom could be Danny’s killer — and Susan Boyle’s stripped down cover the of the Tears for Fears classic perfectly conveys this, while also capturing the despair the young boy’s friends and family must feel after his loss.

Switched at Birth, “It Isn’t What You Think”Mixtape_SAB_DW
TITLE | “I Am an Animal”
ARTIST |Campfire
ALBUM | Single available on iTunes (2014)
WHY IT ROCKED | Since losing Angelo, Daphne’s been a bowl of stewing rage. But while we’ve heard her hurl barbed comments and angry remarks at her mother, she hasn’t had a chance to physically let it all out… That is, until she and Nacho work out their feelings by vandalising the construction site for Regina’s East Riverside project.

SERIES AND EPISODE | Under the Dome, “Reconciliation”
TITLE | “Act Right”Mixtape_UnderTheDome_DW
ARTIST |Wynona Carr
ALBUM | Jump Jack Jump! (1955)
WHY IT ROCKED | Carr could not have said it better: It’s been soooo long since Barbie has held Julia in his hands “real tight.” (Seriously it’s been weeks.) But as this couple takes their cue from this song and locks lips, Norrie heeds its words — or rather, lyrics — and tells Joe that even though he loves her, he didn’t “treat her right” when he kissed Melanie.

SERIES AND EPISODE | The Fosters, “The Longest Day” Mixtape_TheFosters_DW
TITLE | “Burning Gold”
ARTIST | Christina Perry
ALBUM | Head or Heart (2014)
WHY IT ROCKED | Tia is right when she says that the only thing holding back Mariana’s dancing us herself. The more “Miss Thing” frets about getting kicked off the dance team, the more she looks for back-up plans, rather than simply putting in the practice. Finally, Mariana faces her own insecurities, mustering up the courage to ask Tia to help her work on her dance moves and in the process, making a new friend.

SERIES AND EPISODE | Finding Carter, “The Heat” Mixtape_FindingCarter_DW
TITLE | “What You Do to My Soul”
ARTIST | Air Traffic Controllers
WHY IT ROCKED | In a rare moment of (verbal) ceasefire, Elizabeth and Carter find common ground as they indulged in a paintball fight, finally connecting as mother and daughter. And while their shared camaraderie does not last long, we at least know (much like Elizabeth) that they’re both capable of putting their differences aside. But until then, we’re just going to keep listening to this upbeat tune.

So You Think You Can Dance Season 11 Top 14SERIES AND EPISODE | So You Think You Can Dance, “Top 14 Perform”
TITLE | “Like Real People Do”
ARTIST | Hozier
ALBUM | Other Voices: Series 12 (Live), (2014)
WHY IT ROCKED | Did the song make the performance or did the performance make the song? Either way, the track’s lush vocals and gentle rhythm seep their way into this Travis Wall-choreographed routine, adding an extra layer of grace to Jessica and Casey’s leaps and extensions and granting the pair effortless chemistry — especially during that kiss!

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