Community Season 6: Dan Harmon Teases More Paintball, Orgy Episode and... the Return of Donald Glover?

Dan Harmon has a wish list for Community Season 6, and it pretty much begins and ends with the word “Troy.”

“The first thing I want to do is get Donald Glover back,” he told Michael Ausiello Friday at TVLine’s Comic-Con video suite, “and I will do anything to make that happen.”

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Beyond that, the “proud, grateful and confused” executive producer hopes that the show’s unexpected sixth season “harkens back as much as possible to a Season 1 feel.”

Press PLAY above for more on Harmon’s efforts to lure Glover back to Greendale, the latest on Community: The Movie, the orgy-themed episode that has to be heard to be believed and breaking news about… another paintball installment!


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  1. M3rc Nate says:

    Love this interview. Very excited, good on Sony and other big companies for saving and keeping around shows like Chuck and Community and others i dont remember right now, they dont have to, they could just cut them after season 1/2 average-to-below average ratings, but they are critical and cult fan darlings and they know the backlash of cancelling those type of shows right away i believe.

    I look forward to a season 1-2 feel show, i was one of the people that actually liked a bunch of stuff the replacement showrunner(s) and writers created, specifically exploring Jeff’s father story line and how he had Britta with him and him and Britta were real close (maybe even together?)…but overall im excited!

    • alistaircrane says:

      Sorry but Jeff belongs with Annie.

      • Angela says:

        Can we not with the shipper debate, please? Everyone can support whatever pairings they want and leave it at that.

        • Angela says:

          *and I should add, or no pairings at all if that’s how they prefer to do things, too.

          • Kristina says:

            I’m a Jeff and Annie fan, but I think I’d be fine with no pairings at all, the show is much bigger than all that!

          • Angela says:

            @Kristina: Oh, yeah, I like the pairing, too :). I’m one who enjoys entertaining various pairings on this show, actually. Just that I’d hate to see one of THOSE kinds of arguments break out here, the kind that seem to populate so many other show comment sections. I’ve no problem whatsoever with people supporting Jeff/Annie, go for it, it’s an intriguing one! Just hope that people can respect that others may disagree, is all-like you said, there’s so much more to the show than that.

          • The Titanic says:

            Sorry but count me in the “if nothing happens between Jeff and Annie this season I riot” camp. The shippers whose pairings officially hooked up should be quiet, at least they got something more than what JA s been given all these years. Those that cry about the show not being about romance or saying “let them all be friends” should realize that the show has had multiple onscreen couplings except for the one the majority of fans truly want to see. Time to make that happen and stop stalling, they got no more excuses.

          • Angela says:

            @The Titanic: Well, for me, I’m looking at it from my typical perspective when it comes to shipping on my favorite TV shows-I certainly do it, I’ve got non-canon pairings I love, too. But my personal attitude always winds up being, “If they get together on the show, great! If they don’t, oh, well. I can go read/write fanfic if I’m really in the mood for a story about them.” I really do not get people who get all upset and angry, and in some cases, quit a show, simply because a couple they were rooting for didn’t get together.
            For most shows, romance is, and can be, part of the story (and I would have to disagree with the comment made elsewhere in this thread about romance=soap opera on a TV show. No. Not true. Done right, it doesn’t have to be that way. If anything, the rabid responses from the fandom one way or another is what causes the crazy soap opera setting to become reality, I’d say). For anyone to say that romance should never, ever be part of a show strikes me very odd-issues of love and sex and crushes and such are part of life, why wouldn’t/shouldn’t that be reflected on TV shows? Yet it’s not the entirety of the show. It’s just not.
            As for the “others got what they wanted” thing-er, to my recollection, there was only ONE proper relationship within the group, and that was Troy and Britta-and a lot of people wound up pretty unsatisfied with how that one played out. Jeff and Britta slept together, but it wasn’t sold as anything resembling an actual relationship, more a “friends with benefits” sort of deal, which they eventually stopped. There might’ve been occasional flirtations within the group, too, but again, no actual legit relationships being made. And any other committed relationships that I can recall happened outside the group-Shirley and her on again/off again husband, Annie and Vaughn, Britta and Vaughn, Jeff and Slater, Abed’s had a couple girls he’s had a bit of a thing with. So I’m not exactly sure where you’re getting this idea that everyone else has gotten what they wanted, presuming you’re referring to in-group relationships, ’cause, for the most part, no, they actually haven’t. Not in terms of the sort of proper romantic relationship people want Jeff and Annie to have, anyway.
            Besides, the more shippers push, the more the anti-shippers will push back. There’s a growing group out there who wants to avoid this at all costs, and eventually, they may well get their way if shippers don’t relax and chill out a little.
            (Apologies to all for the tl;dr length of this-congrats if you actually DO read this, LOL.)

          • The Titanic says:

            @Angela, I didn’t make it through all of your post but I think I got the gist of it . Not trying to be mean but in this type of forum you got to keep responses short and to the point. Anyway, I wasn’t asking specifically asking for a dating relationship to occur. Jeff and Annie have been in a weird relationship limbo for five years while others have dated, split up or gotten back together. Something definitive needs to happen that’s not ambiguous, in an alternate timeline, or done offscreen. Some kind of closure or moving on, whether it means a relationship or not, is all most JA fans want.

          • Ben says:

            Clearly no one here remember the chemistry that Jeff and Abed showed in “Communication Studies”

        • dman6015 says:

          Perhaps if everyone stop calling relationships *shippers* it might be possible. Jeff and Annie forever!

      • hello says:

        No,Annie and Britta belongs together

      • Alison says:

        Yes! I hope those two get together.

    • dude says:

      I think the finale made it pretty obvious that Jeff and Britta are over.

    • M3rc Nate says:

      Lol funny how you all took that to mean i was a Jeff – Britta shipper. I cant say i am and i cant say im not. I like Jeff and Britta together cause that was the origins of the show, he wanted to be with her, and in the pilot the idea of Jeff + Annie was gross cause she was like 18-19 years old and hes 35. Now i agree Jeff + Annie has more heart, and is healthier in terms of a functioning healthy relationship/friendship…but i still cant 100% get over the age difference.

      What i said specifically though was in that season i liked how Jeff and Britta werent their horribly dysfunctional couple selves, she actually helped him reconnect with his family and it was more of a healthy relationship. Obviously thats been deleted from canon so oh well.

      • kidris90 says:

        It’s a 17 year age difference Hardly a big deal. Bogart was 30 years older than Hepburn in Sabrina. Carrell was 23 years older than Knightley in Seeking a friend for the end of the world. In terms of real life, Johnny Depp is 24 years older than his fiancé. Bogart in real life was 25 years older than Bacall. Bradley Cooper is 18 years older than Suki Waterhouse,

        • DCarlen says:

          Um, that’s a HUGE deal. Jeff, Dan Harmon, and even Annie have stated that it’s a problem. And it shouldn’t surprise you that they aren’t going for the shallow actor/actress coupling you see in Hollywood.

  2. Angela says:

    YES to Troy coming back. If they can make that happen at all, that will be wonderful.
    I love all the seasons of this show, but indeed, season 1 came out of the gate pretty strong, so I’m totally fine with harkening back to that. And it’d be fun to see some paintball again, too. All these plans for the new season have me even more excited for it!

  3. Joey Padron says:

    Great and funny interview with Dan. Hope Donald can come back for a couple episodes.

  4. Kristina says:

    The show really doesn’t work as well without Troy. I’m glad to have it coming back in any form, but I really hope Donald Glover is back for at least some episodes!

    • Patrick says:

      It really, really didn’t work without him. It was better than a lot of the other shows on TV, but that isn’t saying much. Without Glover, it is really missing something. I think his absence is why Harmon wasn’t as eager to do this show anymore. He still didn’t seem that stoked in this interview. I imagine that his lukewarm enthusiasm has a lot to do with him being under contract, his share from syndication sales, and a very real desire to avoid the perception of him biting the hand that feeds him. Again. Twice is a career killer unless you are throwing off hits. And Harmon ain’t (But Rick and Morty rocks).

      Harmon knows that if he can’t get back Glover, this upcoming season won’t be great.

  5. jim says:

    Would LOVE to see the Community gang face-off with The Big Bang Theory gang in paintball. Remember, the Big Bang Theory guys got their asses whooped by a Bar Mitzvah team!!

  6. Azerty says:

    Ok maybe I am going to ask the impossible but is there any chance for Pierce to come back somehow? Storywise I guess they still can pretend he faked his death and I don’t know, the show going to Yahoo, people moving on, maybe the problems between Chavy Chase and Dan Harmon could be stay in the past? During season 1 and 3 Pierce brought a lot of fun to the show…

    • dsm says:

      God I hope not! Pierce was awful!

      • Azerty says:

        Well imo the episodes focused on him were awful I admit that but when he was in the background delivering awkward lines from time to time i think it was funny.

    • Angela says:

      I’d be fine with Pierce coming back somehow. Putting aside all the drama with Chevy Chase, and the way his character turned out as the seasons progressed, I think early on he provided a very good foil for the group. He was honest in ways they were sometimes hesitant to be, he was supposed to be a warning of sorts for Jeff, a “don’t turn into me” tale, and yet, he also had some nice and heartwarming moments with the group sometimes, too.
      Like you said, the death issue is something they’d need to work around and/or explain away, but if they could figure it out, yeah, I’ve no problem with him at least making an appearance.

  7. Andre Bennett says:

    I stopped watching community after troy(Donald Glover) left it wasn’t the same so I’ll watch again if you unite Troy and abed.