Pretty Little Liars Recap: Crouching Attacker, Hidden Stalker

That must have been some nap.

In this week’s Pretty Little Liars, A is awake and off with a bang (literally). And if blowing up Toby’s house isn’t enough (RIP Chez Cavanaugh), he/she/they felt it necessary to film Alison’s mother’s burial and offer her and the girls front seats to the horror.

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Unbelievably, that’s not all A accomplished this week. Read on to see what everyone’s favorite black-hoodie-leather-gloved fiend got up to.

THE ANTI A-TEAM The Liars reconvene to discuss the possibility of Shana not being A (“Either Shana can cause explosions from the grave, or A is back.”), but no one wants to accept that — least of all Alison. But texts don’t lie, and for all criminal intents and purposes, it looks like that might be the case. Scared for her life, Ali decides to ignore her friends’ wishes and leave town and head for Princeton, where Noel will be waiting to pick her up. Hanna eventually agrees to help her, going as far as loaning her a wad of cash and the clothes off her closet rack. (Perhaps too eagerly.) Alison returns home to say goodbye to her dad, but finds it dark and empty (because let’s face it none of their parents are ever home), so she turns on a lamp. Later, as she’s leaving, she notices that it’s been switched off… and that’s A’s cue to knock her down and begin strangling her with her yellow scarf. (A warning against pointless accessories if I ever saw one.) Luckily, Emily arrives just in time to fight off the attacker. Shaken by the attack, and touched by Emily’s concern, Alison asks if she can stay in Emily’s room, to which Emily agrees, tucking her in for the night.

RESEARCHING FOR ANSWERS | Ezra is hot… on the trail of a connection between Mrs. D and Bethany, with Aria doing her best to help him out. Though when he attempts to get back together with her, she tells him their little relapse was a mistake (even though their love is a drug she just can’t quit). But before Ezra can convince her otherwise, a knock on the door reveals Lieutenant Tanner, who is bringing her interrogation A game (pun intended). Later, Ezra and Aria open the folder she found outside his apartment, they find one of Bethany’s drawing’s inside, the subject of which appears to be Mrs. D. A quick check of Ezra’s security cameras reveals that the mystery messenger was Eddie Lamb, a nurse currently working at Radley, whom Spencer had questioned earlier to no avail. This inspires Aria to go undercover as a volunteer at the sanitarium.

FAMILY MATTERS | Spencer tries to get her parents to reconcile, but their little coffee date doesn’t go according to plan: Her father agrees to move out. Spencer begs her mom to give dad another chance, but her mother says she already has. (Side note: For a guy who’s house just burned down, Toby is getting A LOT done.)

CALEB MAYBE | Speaking of too many chances, Travis breaks up with Hanna after he sees Caleb in town and deduces that her ex might be the reason she’s been blowing him off. He’s not completely wrong. Instead of meeting Travis for a date, Hanna goes over to Caleb’s, where they share a drink. (And everything feels right in the universe.)

Now it’s your turn. What will Aria uncover at Radley? Where have all the parents gone? Why is Spencer dressing like a barista-in-training? Drop your theories in the comments section below.

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  1. mike says:

    The Bethany and Radley with the drawing is starting to feel like Ali might have a twin.

  2. Dani says:

    Hopefully Travis will be gone for good. That relationship felt so random. I rather had Hanna in a secret affair with that hot cop from last season instead with that high school boy.
    I hoped that Hanna would call out Emily for her hypocriticy when it comes to Alison. Can’t really stand Emily these days. Using your ex to protect your current fling or whatever isn’t the nicest thing to do either.
    Ezra is still a creep who has cameras infront of his apartment. Aria’s face screamed “freak”, but that’s what she seems to like so all should be alright in this weird Ezria fandom. I liked Spencer trying to tell Aria what he did to her even though she isn’t listening at all.
    After five seasons, Emily’s parents, who are off-screen most of the time, are the only parents of the girls that are still together. Kinda sad even though the “family vibe” of the Hastings was always odd to say the least.
    Nice “return” of the black widow.
    Overall, it was a good episode again. I really looking forward to what happens next after season five started on a slow build-up.

    • Liz says:

      If I lived in Rosewood I’d have a camera on my front door too. That’s actually not a very uncommon thing.

  3. KM says:

    Hanna is just so not into Travis…

  4. cici says:

    Hanna just annoyed me this entire episode. The way she treated Travis. To how she was helping Alison leave town for her own insecurities. And enough with the drinking.

    And Spencer is a hypocrite. After Toby drove you insane you forgave in 2 seconds later. Don’t judge Aria and Ezra.

    • Tamara says:

      Toby wasn’t a creepy 20 something guy sleeping with a high schooler, who was using the girls, and his relationship with Aria (initially) to uncover secrets for his book. Sooo yeah not really the same thing lol.

    • Dani says:

      Haha you can’t even start to compare Toby with that creep Ezra.

      • Kip Ladd says:

        Well… Let’s see. Toby faked his death and let Spencer think she found his dead body sending her into a mental breakdown AND into a mental institution. But that was just to protect her I forgot.
        Ezra faked to know who Aria is and Aria cried then got over it by having sex. Then Ezra took a bullet for her. I am not denying that Ezra is a creeper but Toby is worse.

  5. I’d like to fijnd out more? I’d like to find out more details.

  6. Liz says:

    I know I can’t be alone in wishing someone had actually killed Ali. Her character is just awful, selfish, manipulating. Paige was right, everything she said to Emily about Alison was right, and she still gave Emily names and has now made herself a target.

    And Emily can just run away with Alison for all I care, I mean what a terrible friend. How is she so blind to what Hanna is obviously going through, Spencer is tied up with her parents divorce and Aria has the Shana thing to occupy her, but Emily should at least be sympathetic to what Hanna is clearly struggling with. BUT no she makes Alison her priority, not the person who has stood by her the last 2 years. I thought it was very nice how they tied in that song about being a fool while Emily couldn’t sleep, because she is a fool for playing into Alison and ignoring her true friends. Emily needs to wake up and realize that Alison is still giving them nothing but lies.

    • Tamara says:

      Agreed, Emily is awful. Why she’s painted as this kind, sensitive friend I don’t really know- she’s pretty much only that way with Allison, which is so insulting considering how bad a friend Ali’s been to them all. Aria is equally annoying, the only liars I like are Spencer and Hanna lol.

      • Liz says:

        Glad I’m not the only one. And another Emily issue is just opening up to some random new person in town who just happens to show up right after the Shana thing.

    • Dani says:

      I agree. Emily is an awful friend and IMO she is the one who really has a problem, being obsessed with Alison.

    • Delena forever says:

      I hate Ali no offense but all the plots were just a gazillion times better when she was dead(side note: that does not mean I hate the new plots bcuz I really really like them)

      • lk says:

        I liked the dynamic of the girls better as well when Ali was dead, it feels like now that she’s back everything the four went through together when she was gone is forgotten.

  7. nate says:

    A is totally a woman right…that ending

  8. shona says:

    I think Alison has a twin….i dnt know feels strange ..forgettin counselor’s office of the school you studied in 16years..i remember everything about my school even after leaving my school ..its been 4 years..and then the girl with mona when hanna was changing her hair colour the one behind the curtains. She looked like Ali …and her roaming in the backyard alone…different clothes its also possible for Ali to have a double personality disorder….she’s one weird girl i cant stop doubting on her….i hate Ali..luv Hanna…poor girl is going through a emotional crisis…hope caleb helps her through this…i thing all the girls are being too hard on each other out of stress..i think Hanna and spencer’s stress and problems would bring then together…spencer had addiction problem she can help hanna and hanna can help her through the divorce …this show really creeps me out…so much stress..but cant stop watchin it