Whoopi Goldberg Flips Out Over View Drama: 'We Are Grown-Ass Women!'

While you were busy raging over the Emmy snubs on Thursday morning, Whoopi Goldberg was focusing her anger on the current state of The View — more specifically, the rumors of behind-the-scenes cat-fighting, following Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy’s exits.

“There’s a lot of speculation about a lot of stuff going on here,” Goldberg began at the top of the hour. “Yes, I’m here, [but] we don’t know who’s coming in.” (This was before ABC officially announced that Rosie O’Donnell will be returning as a co-host in Season 18.)

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“I will do my best to respect the audience, to make sure that we bring you The View that Barbara Walters wanted you to have, which is women talking about issues,” Goldberg asserted. “We are not little kids. We are grown-ass women!”

Then things got weird.

“Quit trying to make me into something I’m not!” Goldberg shouted at… the audience? “I’m not a little girl with cat claws. I’m not a cat. I’m a human being. I’m a girl with a fist!”

whoopi-goldberg-cat(Incidentally, here’s a fun video of Whoopi Goldberg as a cat from 1999’s Alice in Wonderland. But I digress…)

One can’t help wonder: Is it just a coincidence that Goldberg’s rant comes one day after former co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck lashed out at O’Donnell on Fox & Friends? Or was she inspired to finally take a stand after Hasselbeck’s bitter sneak attack?

What do you think, View-ers? Drop a comment with your take on Goldberg’s outburst below.

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  1. Lisa says:

    I think her comment “Quit trying to make me into something I’m not!” was towards Eliz, since Eliz tried to pit Rosie and Whoopi against each other yesterday saying Rosie has less awards than Whoopi and that Rosie better not try and tell Whoopi what to do.

  2. ES says:

    Rosie & Whoopi were both comics and spoke before Whoopi took the job in the first place so I think they are ok with each other. Elizabeth is just trying to create drama. She should’ve just ignored it all unless Fox is encouraging her to do this because for some kind of ratings thing.

  3. Missy Kelly says:

    Jenny McCarthy was not a good fit to replace Joy Behar but Rita Rudner may be? Sherri Shepherd not a good fit to replace Starr Jones but Sunny Hostin may be. The show may work better when opposing points of view are discussed rather than argued. With Whoopi moderating and Rosie expressing herself moderately, to other voices may be heard

  4. SJ says:

    Seriously, with this show? Nobody cares! I’m sick of seeing 5-6 articles about this mess of a talk show every day. Know your audience, TVLine.

    • Andy Swift says:

      If you look at said articles, I think you’ll find a good chunk of our audience cares.

    • Nevets says:

      I’m very interested in The View, and have been a part of the TVLine audience since it was a countdown clock.

    • TV Gord says:

      I’m with Andy and Nevets! I’ve been with both TV Line and The View since day one, and I think they know their audience just fine. Every article on The View has been clickbait catnip for hundreds of people!

    • Gwen says:

      Listen, SJ, I don’t care about reality shows or “Reign” or a lot of other things about which TV Line writes, so I don’t read those articles. You might try doing the same. If you don’t care about “The View” then why are you commenting on it? There is plenty of variety on this site, so there must be things to suit even a curmudgeon like yourself.

  5. Dani says:

    Oh … seems like Whoopi finally woke up from a very long sleep. LOL
    I think her comment was directed at Elizabeth for trying to badmouth Rosie. Everyone knows that Whoopi and Rosie will go along just fine. And there really wasn’t any controversy over this except for Elizabeth’s remarks about Rosie’s return in the last 24h.

  6. meolson3 says:

    Oh, please… this is nothing but a ratings grab pure and simple. Second best ploy of the year, Brian Griffin being the best fan manipulation in the last 12 months… this group really thinks people are stupid \:(

  7. Jill says:


  8. Jill says:

    Whoopi and Rosie? Both control freaks. What could possibly go wrong?

  9. betsy says:

    attitude check!!!!!

  10. Michael says:

    The lash out by Whoopi seemed to be just more of the infighting that has resulted in the View becoming unwatchable.

  11. Sheletha Banks says:

    I’am just going to say that I don’t think rosie is a great fit. She the type of person that does good my her self. Please don’t even consider Megan McCain. Too much on Dailey basies

  12. Party stamps says:

    Whoopi is the best and she is definitely telling everyone (including Elisabeth). I love your AIW reference and ” I digress.” Thanks for the morning lol, Andy!

  13. Sara says:

    Who’s the 4th woman, the blue dress on the right?

  14. Mike says:

    Andy Swift wins the internet for the day with the “I’m not a cat”/here’s proof you are a cat juxtaposition.

  15. Trista says:

    I think Whoopi’s rant illustrates Elisabeth’s point.

  16. Iakovos says:

    THE VIEW is successful when they have women I want to spend time with. Pure and simple. with a mix of personalities, we have some discussion and argument. Fine. But I do not want to spend time with Rosie O’Donnell. She is combative and bullyish, and not generous (at least in appearance). And she is not a listener. Whoopi serves well as the moderator. Whoopi and Rosie is not a good match. And anyone else on the program is guaranteed short shrift. Never thought I would look to THE TALK but I am! And Fox is rolling out THE REAL this fall.

    • Rosie is not necessarily a bully. She’s a strong independent woman, with strong thoughts, ideas and opinions. Some people see bullying, I see passion. If you believe in something, you stand for it, and that’s what she does.

      • Liz says:

        Agreed. And the only times you could even label her a “bully” was when she was being attacked for her very right to exist. The homophobic fighting between her and Elizabeth was Rosie standing her ground and fighting for her rights and those of millions of others. I applaud her for being so vicious and loud and strong.

        • TV Gord says:

          There was no homophobic fighting between Rosie and Elisabeth! Elisabeth may be on the right, but she supports same-sex marriage and they were friends with each other until Rosie’s last day on The View. Their children even played together!

  17. Drew says:

    Let’s get something very clear… These are not mature women, exchanging views in a civil manner. Whoopi can pretend all she wants, but when someone tries to express a different view, she tries to talk over them and shut it down just like everyone else. Elisabeth is being portrayed as this loudmouth for bashing Rosie, but Rosie has spent a fair amount of time badmouthing her over the last few years too. I think that Hasselbeck has a right to be pissed, because Rosie is a disrespectful psycho who burned that View bridge on her way out, and now ABC is grovelling to get her back because they want to make more tabloid headlines.
    Hate Hasselbeck all you want, I don’t really care either way. But let’s not pretend that she is somehow worse than any of the others. Barbara Walters included.

    • Ha! Obviously Rosie didn’t “burn” bridges – they asked her back. The only thing that got burned is Hasselbeck’s pride – clear as day by her comments after the announcement – cause, you know, jealousy makes you nasty.

      • Drew says:

        She’s invited back after everyone she worked with on the show is gone… Yeah, that’s love. Nothing that Hasselbeck has said is any less rational than anything that any of them have said. It’s not like Rosie hasn’t badmouthed Elisabeth. She’s the one who called Elisabeth a coward for not defending Rosie’s beliefs.
        It makes no sense for the show to bring Rosie back if they’re attempting to look like a legit and intelligent talk show. Bringing her back is only for trash TV, meant to get gossip rags (like TV Line is apparently becoming by posting every single interaction on this subject) to talk about the show. When something insane happens, it boggles the mind. I’m sure this decision boggles Elisabeth’s mind. There are so many better options that might add class to the show. Rosie is trash and spectacle. That’s it.
        I am not a big Hasselbeck fan. She can be annoying, just like any of the people who have ever been on that show. But when it comes to the decision to bring Rosie back, I do agree with her. As she said, she has provided her opinion on all of the recent View news stories (Walters’ retirement and the other cohosts leaving), but the media is running with this one and making it look like she is going on a random rant because it makes for good gossip. This is the spectacle that Rosie brings to The View. It has nothing to do with what Hasselbeck said, otherwise these stories would have been printed when she voiced all of her other opinions about all of the other View related stories.
        As far as this story is concerned, TV Line’s coverage has been trashy gossip BS, littered with their own lopsided opinions. What’s next? Reporting on every Kardashian scandal, because they’re technically TV related too?

    • Joyce says:

      obviously the view is in trouble or they would not resort to such cheap tricks as trying to get rosie back, i quit watching years ago when it was apparent they would only tolerate anyone if they agreed with them

      • They are still winning the time slot but with BW out that means changes need to happen to maintain the programs success. I would imagine ABC is thinking maybe two more years which would be 20 seasons. Not a bad number for a sleepy talk show that BW thought might last a year. If Rosie had not lifted rating and brought the conversations to a national level like she did during her brief tenure she would not be asked back. Rosie was all over cable news and made headlines on a daily basis back in 2006-07 all due to her exposure on “The View”. That made people who never watched the show tune in and I bet it will again at least for awhile. The new slimmed down, cam Rosie might not be as much fun to those looking for her to pick fights with different celebrities including her favorite Donald Trump. Her impression of him was classic. She mocked his famous hair piece, orange complexion and multiple bankruptcies. He did not like that one bit and said horrible things about er and still does. He’s an awful man! .

  18. Bill Bluford says:

    I do not understand why we get so excited when people rant. We see it every day. From kids having tantrums to watching “educated ” people screaming over each other. It is sad that we only listen to those who make the most “noise” and that’s what it usually is noise.

  19. Grey says:

    I think I’m so glad I don’t watch this show any more.

  20. Fairy says:

    I would like to see RuPaul in the panel. I really would. I think it would add a very interesting dynamic.

  21. Alex says:

    It’s hard to like a person who got 7 million to do a film called Theodore Rex, which was higher than she initially agreed upon. Don’t just cancel the show, cancel the ladies from every appearing on television ever again.

  22. Who is this Hasselbeck person again?

    What has she done of … merit?

    Oh, right. She married some jock. Wow … and if that being her sole claim to worthiness doesn’t set the feminist movement back a couple decades, she certainly accomplishes that when she opens her mouth.

    But seriously, let’s just keep asking … who is this Hasselbeck person again?

  23. Bennet says:

    the question is dream cast–Whoppi, Rosie, Rosie Perez, Holly Robinson-Peele (the talk fired her too quick), and Cat Cora (Iron Chef.Tv Hostess–she can talk food with the best)..I wish Rachel Ray would quit her show and join the View…and Barbara Walters should visist once or twice a month, just to sit in

  24. McKay says:

    Whoopee should know an ass when she sees one… All she has to do is look in the mirror. Ugliest woman on V.

  25. I am stunned and delighted that my all time favorite funny lady is rejoining The View! Her brief tenure brought the sleepy talk show into a national debate and has spawned half a dozen clone like talk show including the God awful “The talk” on CBS as well as “The five” on the Fox cable news channel and the mean spirited “Wendy Williams show”. Wendy is a singular host but once a week has a panel of guest sit around a table and discuss HOT topics an idea stole from “The View”. Unlike “The View”, Wendy Williams and “The talk” hostesses do not discuss politics as strongly or as passionately as the women on “The View”.. That has been “The View’s” strength in ratings numbers . They have all the celebrity nonsense etc…. but it has some varied opinions which get loud at times. Time will tell what happen’s when Rosie is back. She was the shows moderator previously but Whoopi has that spot now. If the show does well and Rosie comes back she will more then likely take that position again as Whoopi has one more year left on her contract. She was not let go with Sheri, Jenny and yes Barbra Walter’s because her contract is iron clad. ABC wanted to get rid of Whoopi as well but she negotiated her contract 2 years ago and if she is le go they have to pay a her a fortune. ABC decided to keep her on board and bring Rosie back which has been in the works since last year when Joy and Elizabeth were fired. If the rating continue to slide” The View” will be canceled next May.

  26. billphx says:

    you know all we have now is a show with two fat gay’s who are not know what really goes on in the real world except what written on there cards anybody they get will be black because fat ass whoopie will try to run things she thinks she another ophra A B C is really in a programing slump and this not the way to do it.

  27. And this article immediately does what Whoopie is talking about by reducing her valid and well expressed point to “Whoopie flips out…”. She didn’t “flip out” in any way, shape or form.

  28. jrandl says:

    Do everybody a big favor and cancel it altogether, Its nothing but a nuisance any way, How about putting the Lone Ranger in its place ?

  29. Joan Bayer says:

    Whoopi is saying that now but I would love to hear what she has to say in a few months when her and Rosie get into it.

  30. eatme says:

    She got the “ass” part correct

  31. Tom S says:

    ‘The Spew’

  32. Jenny says:

    I don’t watch the view but I find all this drama kind of hilarious. Also this Elizabeth H. sounds like an awful awful person.

    • Worse then dreadful. Shameful & shameless. BW regrets hiring her I’m sure. She has no gratitude. She should have said she wishes everyone at Te View the best end of story. Instead she goes on a hate tirade. Low class bimbo!

  33. Carol says:

    Is this a media ploy to incite interest? Why are these ladies making comments about each other? Does EH think she has superior insight as to who makes a good host/cohost? It is the audience who drives the acceptability of a cohost.

  34. Karen Zupon says:

    Sorry to see Jenny and Sherry leave, I enjoyed watching them. Hope the show doesn’t turn into a screaming match like when Elizabeth was there, do know if I will be watching if it does. I was so happy when Elizabeth left. I did not like her at all.

  35. luca says:

    This show has no redeeming qualities. Rosie and Whoopie are vulgar women that used to be funny I guess. I find it hard to believe that people actually watch this program.

  36. Chris Shanhan says:

    What is the news here? Christian Hasselbach hates Lesbian Rosie? That is the modern American holier than thou conservative Christian.

  37. Marv says:

    I have NOT watched the View since the first time Rosie joined the show. I think Rosie is a totally one sided individual who respects no one.

  38. Jerry Carter says:

    Did she say Dumbass Woman with a string mop on her head? I agree.

  39. Joyce says:

    I think the View has finally bit themselves in the but for the last time, no one likes rosie, and we did like jenny, no she was not to replace joy but was an attempt to bring some balance to the left wing program

  40. no says:

    who cares what these freaks think

  41. I think that Whoopi is absolutely right! She seems to be the only co-host of “The View” that ever makes sense. Sherri and Jenny manage to talk about nothing but their children. It seems like every subject that comes up sends them on tangents about their son’s. Whoopi is honest and sincere and I trust her. I would watch “The View” if she were the ONLY host.

  42. WL says:

    People are being murdered in Gaza!! Who cares about a cat-fight??

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  44. kathy says:

    Elizabeth is BORING…Sheri fun BUT neither let anyone talk. They constantly talk over guests. They are of course more important. They had to go. Jenny ??????? less talent than Elizabeth. Gotta go. Rosie and Whoopi…..it will be interesting. Whoopi is a class act, she can shape her up tastefully. I hope they can keep this show interesting without fights. I actually like it.

  45. Whoopie FatAss says:

    VIDEO DOES NOT EXIST – any other link to fat@ss outburst?

  46. LaVerne Whitley says:

    Why does Rosie mention everyday, since on the view, that she’s a lesbian, it’s obvious and by now I’m sure the whole world knows it…umm! What’s up with that?