Columbus Short On Scandal Firing: 'They Did the Right Thing'

Columbus Short Leaving Scandal

Embattled Scandal co-star Columbus Short is speaking out for the first time about his exit from the ABC hit, suggesting that the network — and not series creator Shonda Rhimes — was behind his dismissal.

“They did not throw me to the curb like trash — that’s my family,” the actor told Access Hollywood. “They knew that I was going through a tough season and rallied around me and wrapped their arms around me, from Shonda to the craft service man. We’re a family.

“I think, at a certain point, when you’re [hearing] a barrage of stories after stories, ABC justifiably would want to distance themselves,” he added. “They did the right thing.”

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Short — whose Scandal character, Harrison Wright, ended the season staring down the barrel of a gun — was informed back in April that his Season 4 contract option was not being picked up. This news followed a difficult few weeks for Short, who was accused of threatening wife Tanee Short. And on Friday, he was arrested for public intoxication in Dallas, TX.

Asked if he had a drinking problem, Short told Access, “To be honest with you, I struggle with medicating with alcohol… and that’s a real truth. I think that deserves more looking in to.”

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  1. SUSO says:

    Yes they did make the right decision. Here’s hoping Short gets his life together and can come back to the acting world later, but for now he needs to concentrate on himself and getting himself better.

  2. I hope he gets the help that he needs.

  3. Rob says:

    Kinda puts the whole Papa Pope young and black speech from the finale into perspective. Methinks it was Shonda’s way of telling him how much he’s wasting his potential.

  4. David4 says:

    He at least realizes he’s a flawed human and will hopefully get help and come back into the buzz when he’s ready.

  5. Et. Al says:

    “I’ll miss the Harrison character” said no one ever.

    • Cas says:

      Untrue, I loved Harrison. I will miss him. Just like I missed Desmond, oh I mean Stephen when he left after season 1. :) I wouldn’t mind seeing him again, I always wanted to see Abby and him hook up.

      • ChrisGa says:

        Will definitely not miss Harrison. But I still miss Stephen; always thought he was the best of Olivia’s “gladiators”.

        • shanice says:

          without harrison i will not watch scandal !!!!!! no one can talk like harrison

          • Lisa says:

            Scandal will not be the same without Harrison (Columbus Short). He added the right chemistry to the gladiators.

          • Lisa says:

            I do understand… My feelings are leaning toward the same way. However, I decided to give it a try and see how things will go

          • Dr. Yancey says:

            Greetings, one of the biggest mistake was writing Harrison out of the Scandal script. All the issues of other actors in the industry. There are other support mechanisms as a means rallying around a troubled persons. He made the show. Olivia although very good was bland. Harrison added the flavor. Thumbs down Rhonda!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Nesha says:

        I miss Stephen. They should bring Stephen back with Olivia bailing and Harrison gone. I don’t think he’s dead. They put him in the hole. He will be B 613 oncehe gets his ppersonal life together.

      • Dr. Yancey says:

        I agree

    • lillyg says:

      Ah ah! So true. The character was useless. Particularly in the last season where he sat on his office chair constantly. Though I hope Short will seek the help he seems to need. At least he’s aware he needs it. It’s the first step.

    • Whatevah says:

      I’ll miss the Harrison character.

    • Annie says:

      Except me, and others. Personally I liked Harrison – he gave a nice edge to the ensemble. I hope Short gets help and gets his career back on track when he’s ready.

  6. Adam Lenhardt says:

    It’s nice to see someone take a little bit of responsibility for themselves instead of lashing out when they face consequences for their shortcomings.

    I guarantee you, Short’s public stance has made it a lot more likely for him to find work once he gets his act together personally. Unlike so many high profile departures, he’s not burning any bridges he doesn’t have to.

    • Delaina says:

      Hear Hear!!! So few celebrities take responsibilities for their actions. Just like you said – he’s not burning any bridges. Actually makes me want to root for him to be able to change his life for the better.

    • Nesha says:

      I totally agree with you. That’s rare now a days not only for celebs but for politicians and the average person also. No one takes responsibility for themselves anymore.

  7. herman1959 says:

    Some people have to hit bottom to acknowledge that help is needed; it sounds like that’s what’s happened. Good Luck.

  8. ? says:

    His character was the least developed on the show. I don’t think the writers ever really entirely figured out what to do with him anyway. Still, I’m sorry his life seems to be falling apart.

    • Dr. Yancey says:

      His life is not falling apart. He believes in God and is getting help from the ultimate helper. And yes he was at church after the reported domestic violence reported. He is really a good man

  9. Mike B says:

    medicating with alcohol? is that a thing?

  10. dude says:

    He’s handling a rough situation very maturely and with class. Good for him, I hope he recovers.

  11. Quiet Storm says:

    I can respect Columbus Short for owning up to his miss-steps. I pray that he gets his life together. I will miss his character role on Scandal. He was an asset to the series. I hope that once he does get his life back on track (perhaps) he will be able to return to the series. Best of luck, Columbus Short!

  12. jj says:

    Let’s pray for Mr Short. Obviously, he needs some constructive help with domestic problems, then we can respect his (great) talents on the tv. We all have issues, but let’s pray for him and his personal family and his Scandal family.

  13. Veronica says:

    I really like the character Harrison, and I admire the man Columbus. He is just a man, with real life problems. My hat is off to him for not allowing the negative news push him into hiding.
    I would love to see him return to Scandal!

  14. Valerie deshong says:

    We will miss you Columbus. Your character can’t be replaced

  15. VICTORIA says:


  16. Diane Robinson says:

    I hope he gets the help he needs because he is a great actor.

  17. Cassie NOrris says:

    It’s sad that you had to leave the series because that will leave a very big hole in the entire storyline. I will miss your character because you gave it a balance while all the other character were running amok. hope to see you back on TV real soon. GOOD LUCK!

  18. Cassie NOrris says:

    Shonda, if you are reading this I hope you can find a way, in that great TV brain, to bring Harrison back. You can do it ala DAllas! Think about it gurl!

  19. klara says:

    My thoughts concerning Short firing us puzzling. The scandal show has murder, gays, Oliver and president of USA in a relationship. President’s wife had an affair, and so much more, Short is fired but you showing the most degrading, hurtful, dishonest, things in life and fire him? Ummmm

  20. Carla says:

    We miss you hope you return soon after you have worked through some things with the help of God.

  21. Carla says:

    We are all flawed human beings is his defense. His life is just played out in the media and yours is not. Read your bible we all fall short of his glory. Judging him is a right only given to God. Hypocrites

  22. ramona young says:

    Please rewrite columbus short’s character back into scandal. it’s my favorite show of all time and i’m not easier impressed when it comes to tv. When he gets the help he needs for his issues just bring him back to life!

  23. Gloko says:

    It is unreasonable to cause a person to loose his/her lively hood because of personal problems if the person’s work is not affected. If his/her work is affected and the person agrees to get treatment, he should get a chance to respond positively to that treatment.. I miss Harrison already. I hope Short’s talent can be used in “How To Get Away With Murder.”

    • Dr. Yancey says:

      Wow good idea! No more scandal for my group of 20! Now we watch How to get away with murder! Its kinda cheesy

  24. Esme says:

    I really miss Harrisson. I hope he’s brought back cos he brought some excitement into OPA. He added a swag to the gladiators.m

  25. norma says:

    Other stars had drug problems and they still work on TV like Isaiah Washington Grey’s Anatomy he’s been in other pictures as stated on here so they need to bring Columbus Short back with him back into Scandal because most of us women love looking at him cuz it was like two blacks him and Kerry Washington how to get somebody on it there’s not even up to par is Columbus Short so you don’t need to put him back give him treatment put him back on there thank you