The Killing on Netflix: Longer Episodes and F-Bombs Galore

The Killing is finally letting Holder speak his native tongue.

When the ex-AMC drama debuts its fourth and final season on anything-goes Netflix later this summer, Joel Kinnaman’s tortured, streetwise detective will no longer have to watch his language.

VIDEO The Killing Season 4 Trailer: Will [Spoiler] Be Able to Keep It Together? 

“We can curse now,” enthuses series creator Veena Sud of her newfound freedom on Netflix. “All of us were ecstatic because, in this world, someone like Holder would say the F-bomb quite a lot, which he does this season… Joel, especially, was very happy about that.”

Holder’s not the only one who developed a potty mouth over the hiatus. “Even Linden gets an F-Bomb,” Sud confirms of his buttoned-up partner. “It’s very nice to hear that word come from her lips. And this season, in particular, she deserves to drop that F-bomb.”

PHOTO The Killing Final Season Poster Dredges Up Dark Secret — Plus: Scoop on Linden and Holder’s (Romantic?) Endgame

The other “great joy of Netlix,” Sud shares, “is there are no commercials. In other words, the show’s relatively short six-episode season will actually have a running time closer to eight.

“We have, literally, over 15 [additional] minutes per episode,” she explains. “Each episode is jam-packed with story. It’s unrelenting. We go all the way up to the 55-59 mark in every episode.

“The DNA of the show is the same,” she adds, “but it’s gotten richer and deeper because of not having these restrictions.”

The Killing‘s profanity-laden farewell season drops Aug. 1 on Netflix.

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  1. Nate says:

    Bout damn time.

  2. JeffDJ says:

    Everyone with the show seems so enthusiastic about the newfound freedom on Netflix, yet we’re still just getting a mini season, albeit with longer, commercial-free episodes. In any event, I’m still really looking forward to this final season.

  3. Tricia says:

    I binged watched this show this week and finished it yesterday.

    I’m messed up now, you guys. Will I ever be able to enjoy a mediocre show again? Have my standards forever been changed?

    I need a support group or something.

    • Cassandra says:

      I also binged watched this show over the past few days. I stumbled across it on Netflix and thought I would give it a shot, as I didn’t have anything else to do. Now I find that a new season will begin Aug 1st…but it will be the final season….when you find an adequate support group, please let me know….

  4. dj says:

    Come on Netflix..This show is a WINNER. Pick it up for more seasons…6 episodes isn’t enough. We want MORE.

  5. Joey Padron says:

    Glad they’ll get to curse on final season and episodes will be longer.

  6. Kim R says:

    I have no idea what cursing has to do with good writing or great performances. I thought the show was fine the way it was. Odd article.

    • Katherine M says:

      I agree completely.

    • johnhelvete says:

      I agree as well. The longer running time per episode is much more significant than being able to curse. IMO that is one of the big advantages that Netflix, HBO, Showtime and even FX (who allow longer episodes) have over the major networks when it comes to the Emmys. Posters will talk about language, sex, nudity, violence, but the freedom to have a 50 minute plus episode if the story warrants it is huge when you compare a network show that has to be 42-43 minutes long.

    • Chad Edwards says:

      I agree completely!

  7. grschro says:

    Since they all use the F word in Hollywood they want their shows to sound the same. Never mind that most of America finds it offensive.

  8. Miranda says:

    Thank frakk!

    • Jean says:

      Can’t wait for the new season I am ‘re watching the last season right now. If this next season turns out to be the best ever will u make another one as u did with Orange is the New Black.

  9. Wiz says:

    I think only one extra season totally sucks. This is by far one of the best shows out there. And while I’m thankful Netflix picked up another season, it deserves so many more. The writing alone is brilliant. The acting even more so.

  10. Anna says:

    I’ve been waiting for The Killing to come back on and today I just found out that Netflix picked it up but this is the last season !!! Please !!!! Keep this show running!!!! It’s one of my favorites. The story lines just everything is excellent. There is no other show like it!!! I’m happy that there’s another season, but just so upset that its the last!!!

  11. Karen says:

    I really wish this wasn’t the last season. I love this show!

  12. Jolanta says:

    So it’s getting better and better, then WHY END IT!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Judy Kalt says:

    Can we get through this season and just see how it goes (which will be awesome) before we talk about this being the last season?? I wish AMC would have been smarter and picked up your show, only because I have AMC and not Netflex. My daughter has Netflex but so now I’ll have to drive over there and watch it, which is ok for any other show, but I like to turn it up so I can hear it (sometimes the actors don’t speak loud enough or the back ground noise is too loud) I just really get my head and heart into this show and it makes it hard to watch over there because she has four kids! Anyway I love your show and let’s not end it!!!

    • Emily says:

      Just get Netflix for a month it’s only $7.99. That way you can watch it at your house then get rid of Netflix. But you might like Netflix and will want to keep it. I love netgkux

  14. Natalie says:

    Thank you Netflix for recognizing that this show is worth another season and perhaps more …? Certainly you can not expect us to ever again settle for the mindless drivel of any one the CSI shows,now can you? The “robotic” acting and writer’s cliché dialogs make me roll my eyes and shake my head….
    But The Killing is brilliantly written, directed and acted! So much so that I believe these people actually exist.

  15. Debby Ledbetter says:

    I LOVE this show! I am SO bummed that this fourth season is the final season!! What a great show! Netflix DOES have some great original programming! I really wish you’d reconsider putting more or at least one more!! THANKS! for this great show!

  16. Cee says:

    Netflix, thank you for picking up my favorite show for another season. I can’t wait till August 1, I need my Linden and Holder fix! Please consider keeping The Killing on your line-up for several more seasons. It’s the best show around.

  17. Elaine Pelletier says:

    Immensely anxious for the program to begin. Looking forward to the longer shows and I don’t mind the F-Bomb; makes it more realistic. Tally-ho and away we go. Congratulations. I’m sure I won’t want this to end. Any chance you could make it longer!!!???

  18. Kitz says:

    I thought he would speak Swedish. Now I’m disappointed :D

  19. Nelson says:

    I think being able to drop the “f – bomb” is not a prerequisite to making a better show. As a matter of fact it’s a step back not forward. It demonstrates a lack of creativity. No we don’t expect our favorite crime detectives to spout Shakespeare, but being able to use the “f – bomb” for every part of speech doesn’t make the writing clever. It is lazy and banal. I was excited for another gripping season of “The Killing”, but now I’m more than likely going to skip it.

    • Ana says:

      All because of a few swear words? Lol. Thinking that actual detectives don’t swear is actually what I’d consider lazy and unrealistic. Swearing doesn’t say anything about anyone’s creativity or intelligence just in case you haven’t realized.

    • Some of Shakespeare’s language was considered very shocking for the time too, especially his used of sexual innuendo.

    • Kim R says:

      I have always thought this. Lazy writing if they need “filler”. It adds nothing to the story, it has no meaning to forward anything important. I have always found that those shows that can convey everything that is needed in a scene, sometimes without words at all, are the shows that are so well done. At the risk of sounding snooty, being able to “drop the f-bomb” is kind of teenaged boy-ish. What a strange claim to fame.

  20. Faye says:

    I’ve been binge watching this series the last week. Seasons 1 & 2 were so gripping that I couldn’t stop. The characters and subplots were so interesting and well developed.
    I am now half-way through Season 3. I’ve found it a little of a let down from the other two so far. But I love Holder and Linden together. They are at the top of the list of detective partners.

  21. sherry fisher says:

    Why does this have to be the final season? I would pay to watch this great series!

  22. jim merten says:

    OK you have a huge hit time and time again, so what to do ,stop making the killing. Are u nuts Netflix? The networks would kill to have this kind of following.

  23. Ruf says:

    This argument over language is really tired. Think about what The Sopranos and The Wire would have sounded and felt like on network t.v.. Remember that that lack of censorship is reflected in character and theme as well as dialogue. These have been essential to T.V.s new
    Golden Age.

  24. Emily says:

    It’s about time the show got longer episodes. And I hope it does really well on Netflix because I want it to come back. I realize it’s the final season but maybe Netflix will have it come back. I’ve watched every single episode since the first season fantastic story line a great ensemble cast what’s there not to love. Please please don’t let it be the final season. I cannot wait till August 1st. I wish it was on sooner!!!!!

  25. Jan says:

    Too bad! Why do people think that cursing and the f-bomb make a show better. It was fantastic on its own. I enjoyed it without the profanity — l will watch, but not with the same enthusiasm. The series had a magic, it didn’t need profanity.

    • Miranda says:

      Please get a grip. ‘People’ don’t think ‘that cursing and the f-bomb make a show better’. It’s not appropriate for every show on TV – I know I’d hate it characters suddenly started using profanity on Greys Anatomy or Castle.
      But this is a hardcore crime drama on cable and it has two very broken characters at its center so profanity is really within the realm of what this show is about. I’ve always found it weird that Holder was not (allowed to) use the f-word because cursing would be a very Holder-like thing to do.
      Also: Why are people more upset that the Killing, only now in its 4th and final season, will be allowing curse words when all this time its been telling very sick and disturbing stories about child murder?

      • Sandicmxr says:

        Great comment and true. I don’t know why this article was written. There are so many other topics about this show that are more interesting.

  26. Sandicmxr says:

    I love the show. I only found it last week and Netflix hasn’t seen so much action on my acct in YEARS. Glad to have a show I don’t have to watch commercials during in order for the show to trend or to keep it on the air. I’m looking forward to Friday but meanwhile I’ve still got 11 more episodes in Season 3. I sure am glad I found this show.

  27. Anna says:

    Binged watch too and really loved the fact that there was no cursing. Made me watch all three seasons in about a week and a half and was just waiting for the the fourth only to be greeted by filthy language. I guess the writers lost their ability to write so they just killed in the gaps with some F bombs. Sad when creativity is replaced by profanity and writers think they are being ‘liberated’ to sound like vocabulary lacking cuss machines. If thats makes a series then pathetic does not begin to describe these writers. Guess I’ll never know how it ends…

  28. Mikeleen Driscoll says:

    I loved the show before they ever dropped f bombs in it. I don’t think cursing makes a show any more authentic. It’s really too bad that people have to talk that way it doesn’t add to the character. I loved Holder without it.

  29. Sarah says:

    Obviously, the fourth season was amazing. And I agree that in reality, someone like Holder would drop the f-bomb all the time, and very casually. However, fans have developed a sense of security in knowing exactly who each character is, and we build up who the character is from the previous episodes. Because Holder has never used the f-word in any of the other seasons, I was shocked and felt it was out of character. The writers should have kept it to a minimum because it changed him a little bit. Also, the whole scene with his sister was totally out of character, considering how hard he had to work for his sister to finally let him back into her life.
    A side from that the fourth and final season was AMAZING. The murder plot was absolutely genus, it made me literally cry. I have been waiting so long for this season and it was so, SO good. Thank you Netflix, for bringing it back for the fans, and for not ruining the theme!!

  30. Merle Taylor says:

    I’m so disappointed that the writers had to go “potty mouth” they proved thru 3 seasons it was not nessasary!!

  31. Stephanie Bralick says:

    I absolutely love this show . I love it for the story lines , characters , and actors . To add all the cursing does nothing for me, it seems like the writers are going over the top with the f bomb ….disappointing .

  32. Sharleen McTaggart says:

    I’m so sorry to hear that the F Bomb being added to this show is considered a good thing. We had watched with great interest for three seasons and now we have to turn it off – why? – because it’s offensive to me and my family. Foul language doesn’t make t.v. better – it just demonstrates how far our society has fallen. It actually demonstrates the lack of language skills. To think grown men and women have to use one word as a verb, noun, adjective and adverb – what happened to our grammar skills.

    • Miranda says:

      Foul language is offensive but otherwise it’s cool for you and your family to watch a show in which multitudes of young girls are sexually abused and then murdered? Or an entire family is killed in cold blood in their own home?
      I just cannot understand these hypocritical double standards.

  33. Stephanni says:

    I binge watched the show and loved it!! To bad it had to end (The Killing)

  34. Season 4 goes downhill fast. Seasons 1-3 were great, always kept me on the edge of my seat and waiting for the next show. Now, watching season 4 is such a let down. Way too much cursing… can’t even enjoy it anymore. You ruined it, Netflix.

  35. Chris Clark says:

    The writers are excited about swearing–wow, what are they 8-year-old boys?