The View: 13 Nightmare Replacement Hosts

With Jenny McCarthy and Sherri Shepherd announcing their departures from The View last week, ABC’s daytime talker is left with a single panelist: Whoopi Goldberg.

But while subsequent internet chatter has quickly turned to who’d make the best replacements for the exiting hosts — might we cast one vote for Margaret Cho? — we’re coming at the topic a different way: Who’d make the worst new View hosts?

Check out our 13 selections — via the blue button underneath the photo montage above or by clicking HERE — then hit the comments with your thoughts.

Who should replace Jenny and Sherri? Who shouldn’t? And whose names should it be illegal to even whisper in regard to the job openings? Sound off below!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Babybop says:

    I could totally see them hiring someone from The Bachelor… Wouldn’t be shocked if they went after Leanne Rhimes. IMO, I feel like Lisa Rinna wouldn’t be a terrible choice. She’s got a good personality, and she’s kind of wacky but not in a way that makes me want to punch her.

  2. margie says:

    i will not watch if they choose ross or any kardashian or bachelor and especially not bristol! are they trying to make america even dumber? they should get a new fresh face to sit on the panel not another d-lister

    • M3rc Nate says:

      Do you watch to begin with? Talk about a show i cant stand, i mean at least The Talk has the fairly grounded opinions of Aisha Tyler and the funny opinions of Sharon Osbourne, and the “meh, okay” opinions of Julie Chen. Now the Black panelist is funny sometimes but usually its just a loud, “ghetto” response that always comes back to being black or something black, and the lesbian is of course super LA liberal.

      But still…i’ll take that any day over the horrible Jenny McCarthy, so much of this “anti-vaccines” stuff is her fault, how many babies have died? How about those out-breaks of measles and mumps and whooping cough, all gone cause of vaccines but now coming back with a vengeance cause of her completely baseless campaigning that they create autism? Sherri Shepherd was alright-ish but so un-educated and would say things that made you shocked she even graduated highschool…Hasslebeck was a hyper republican moron, the opposite of Hasslebeck was Joy who was hyper liberal/democrat and super NY stubborn liberal, Barbra Wawa was hyper old and useless, Whoopi is good and funny but not really in touch with a ton of “topics”….i mean what a horrible group to have discuss topics for America to try to watch and learn something from.

      Wheres the View/Talk type show with actual intelligent, kind, thoughtful, non-sheep type panelists? That hit good demos, some women, some men, a wide range of ages, and qualified to talk about things, and dont just yell over each other. The View is just a bunch of squawking hyper opinionated stubborn women talking over each other…its whats wrong with so many things in America…wheres the good example of a polite, intelligent, thoughtful debate/conversation by panelists at a table? I mean does anyone give a sh*t what these women think about guns? video games? clothing? music? Justin Bieber? Politics? i mean they are qualified to talk about NONE of that stuff.

      • Amber says:

        You scare me. I mean, you’re right, but you still scare me.

      • You have to get someone in there that has some intelligence or they will be right back to step one.

      • Alice Wang says:

        What qualifies you to talk about any of these subjects? Is this guy or gal kidding? I don’t remember any college courses in any of these things. This person should get a life!!!

      • ntamms says:

        I like Alice Wang…M3rc Nate sounds like he is the one who does not watch the show!! I like Jenny McCarthy…geez, there’s more topics in America than immunizations!! I like Whoopi! And The Talk is not all fact, not so much that in 2014!!

      • Tiddilywink says:

        The show has been on the decline for several years. There’s no formula to the hosts anymore. Whoopi has got to go! She is so out of touch and so crotchety. I think they should clean house and start fresh!

        • CathieL says:

          I think The View is waaay past it’s relevance. I never did watch a full episode – just bits and pieces because each panelist was so obnoxious in one way or the other I couldn’t stand watching for more than a few minutes. And I watched it recently for the first time again in years and couldn’t believe how boring and unintelligent each woman was. At least in the beginning I remember the hot topics being fairly interesting with fairly intelligent panelists. I say end it all now, it ‘jumped the shark’ at least 5 years ago!

      • You need to see a doctor or go to Anger Management.

      • TroobeeSez says:

        Hold on. I have referred to Jenny M as “an adorable NutBar” in the past. I’ve since heard he say a few things that actually make sense, lots of it to do with how she raises her son. You can’t deny she’s very funny, (ever hear her describe how she went in for interview at Playboy photos. Look for it online, I think it was on Oprah. So funny. Not world-changing, they’re still starving in Somalia, but for that moment, I got to laugh and throw off some stress. Girl is FUNNY.)

        H.O.W.E.V.E.R! Jenny NEVER talked about her position on vaccines while on the view, and I’ve watched pretty much every day since she was on. She may have changed her position, might not have felt comfortable talking about something so personal for her (and dreading the haters coming out the woodwork), or she may have been FORBIDDEN to talk about it on the View because producers knew most viewers would reject the entire show if she did, or they feared liability if someone was harmed by “advice” taken from a talk show.

    • meeska says:

      My names Margie also, and I agree wholeheartedly..

    • Annette says:

      I do not like men on the view…Joy would be good to return and then another couple of new women.

  3. Rob says:

    Ali Wentworth
    Meghan McCain
    Ann Curry
    Raven Symone
    and Whoopi Goldberg


  4. GeoDiva says:

    That was funny… especially the Jessica Simpson one!

  5. Emma says:

    I will always love your snark Slezak. I could see them going after a Bachelor/Bachelorette contestant. I do think/hope that ABC learned their lesson with Kate Gosselin and Bristol Palin, but maybe Mommy’s #1 Fan Elisabeth can get Bristol a job on her show! I’m not touching the Kardashian/Bethanny guesses and I’d hope that Diane Sawyer has more self-respect than that!

  6. Jackie Olsen says:

    Ali Wentworth should replace Jenny-beyond that, Mario Lopez or another guy who’s been on before!

  7. Drew says:

    Whoopi would make an awful host.

    • Dot says:

      Guess you don’t watch the show because Whoopie has basically been not only a host but the moderator as well. She does have a hard time reigning in Sherry and Jenny though. She doesn’t have that “cold stare” like a Mom gives you like Barbara Walters had!!!

      • LA says:

        WHOPPI is the only reason MOST watch The View.

        Sometime read all of the comments on The View’s Facebook page. That is what Bill Getty and Barbara Walters should watch, read and study in picking the new hosts.

        They haven’t listened to those comments in the past and chosen unwisely…..and have paid the price for it in ratings.

    • ntamms says:

      Whoopi is the best and has been the host and is doing a fine job!!

    • TroobeeSez says:

      She already is, did I miss what you meant?

  8. Jason says:

    Wanda Sykes
    Kathy Griffin
    Maysoon Zayid

  9. Lysh says:

    Dang, TVLine, the claws are out!
    I reached Bristol Palin and shuddered. I feel like that’s not too unrealistic but just a bad idea. They need to go back to their roots with some smart, diverse women and not rely on a big name. (But keep Whoopi, of course.)

  10. Jodi says:

    Thank you. I thought I was the only one who doesn’t understand why Ross is still (or ever) famous.

    I agree with 99.9% of this list. I love Mario Cantone and would definitely welcome his commentaries, complete with eye roll.

  11. I’m not exactly a fan of Martha Stewart per se, but I think she could be fun. She once ate a Wendy’s burger with a 40 on Conan years ago. Swap her out with Paris Hilton.

  12. Tran says:

    Nothing I can’t think of. It’s time for The View to end.

    • frank says:

      Right on Tran. Its like watching a bunch of hens in a chicken pen. Yap, Yap, Yap and nothing is resolved.

      • maggie says:

        The point of The View is for women of different backgrounds and opinions to discuss their views on a variety of topics. They don’t need to come to a resolution on the issues.

    • Pam Smith says:

      You are always welcome to change the channel. However, some of us enjoy the show. It have been watching since season 2 and although the show goes through changes, I think each time, we all learn something and move on.

  13. LABete says:

    Thanks so much for this! Can you please forward this list to ABC? If any of these “candidates” are hired, I will never watch. Except for Diane, of course. The View needs to get back to intelligent, educated women who each represent a different generation.

  14. M3rc Nate says:

    Lets get some actual smart, fun, in the current know, in touch panelists.

    Cara Santa Maria
    Danica McKellar
    Shira Lazar
    Kevin Pereira
    Carrie Keagan
    Anthony Bourdain

    Cant think of any more but there are a bunch. What else id be looking for is a bit more racial diversity, and political diversity ( i do like Meghan McCain ) , but NO ONE that is stubborn, and sticks to their “color aka side” (republican/democrat) like its a gang that you have to agree with everything they do/say. And when they talk about a important topic, they bring on a guest panelist who is highly respected and the topic is their area of expertise, so they can be the voice of facts.

    TV and America needs more of this…less of shows with hosts from the Bachelor/ette, Ann Curry, Jenny McCarthy, Nick Lachey, Mario Lopez, Giuliana Rancic, Maria Menounos, etc. We dont need “personalities”…we dont need mindless sheep yelling at each other each others stubborn opinions….we need more Ted Talk’s… less Jenny McCarthy talking loudly at Sherri Shephard. Come on America…lets go the intelligent route for once. Lets have a show that actually imparts knowledge, and is respectful and is classy.

  15. nonetoomany says:

    I agree with you on all your choices but I’d have to add Kathy Lee and Hoda. If those two aren’t THE most annoying ladies on TV, followed closely by Kelly Ripa. Seriously. Why are they STILL on the air. Oh and don’t forget. Jillian Boobieri.

    • Kim R says:

      Okay..this is my feeling about Kelly Ripa. I think pairing her with Michael Strahan has been a big mistake because he is not a naturally funny person. He “tries” to be funny which puts her in the position of responding and seeming equally lame. She is not lame. When she is opposite Anderson Cooper or Seth Myers or someone else who has a more natural wit, she is much more herself, funny and sharp. The host chat now seems like a skit from SNL. I wish they would move Michael to GMA and bring in Anderson as co-host. I would watch regularly again. :)

    • DZ Knight says:

      You are sooooooooooooo right.

  16. Mark Twain says:

    Brooke Burke needs a job and she’s pleasant to look at and has class.

  17. Jared says:

    Would love to see Lisa Ling back on The View now that her OWN show is over.

  18. Deena says:

    Mario Cantone can be restrained while still being opinionated during hot topics. And his off the wall humor to me is a joy. I could watch his movie reviews every day. Bringing any former hosts back like Rosie or Star Jones would be worse than anyone on your list. I actually love Whoopie and am very interested to see who they get to play ball with her.

  19. Tom Charles says:

    Here’s a crazy thought. Kill the show and put something else on.

  20. Hopeful says:

    I think it is time to put this show to rest. To much talk about nothing, this is the prime example of the dumming of America at best. Why not replace it with something interesting or than yak! yak! yak! from women who are not really in touch with the rest of the nation.

  21. Roz G. says:

    please, no kardashians,. maybe laila ali, margaret cho,rita moreno for the women. the men, on a rotating basis to see if a man would be acceptable.

    • ntamms says:

      I like the idea of Laila Ali but I do love Mama Kardashian, the matriarch(Kim’s mama)…I would not like Margaret Cho and Rita Moreno is too damn old. Heck, wouldn’t she be about as old as Barbara Walters??

  22. Amber says:

    Every time someone left early on they would bring on Rachel Campos to try out. She was a finalist when they ultimately chose Elisabeth. And have they ever had a Latino co host? Not if I remember.

  23. Annie says:

    I agree with you lists! I also don’t want to see Star Jones either. Wanda Sykes would be fun. I could handle Lisa Rinna.

  24. Drew says:

    I would like to add that your comment about college educations (Bristol Palin comment) was nothing short of stupid. Not only doany intelligent and successful people not have college educations, but the implication that one must have a college degree in order to have a valid viewpoint is silly.

    In fact, that comment was so stupid that if it was written by a college graduate, they just proved my point.

    If it was written by someone who didn’t go to college, they just have low self esteem. Which is sad.

  25. shutuprob says:

    Also, Bristol Palin shouldn’t be cast in anything, much less The View, until she gets her chin implant removed. Gah! It makes her look like the Midnighter from Stormwatch!

  26. Tom Charles says:

    GUYS! GUYS! GUYS! GOT I! CHELSEA HANDLER! Daytime viewers need to get over their delicate sensibilities anyway. There’s gotta be a way she can do it and her Netflix show.

    • cynthia reynolds says:

      If they ever choose Handler for anything on ABC, I will never watch the network again. I will record Castle, and that’s it. She is the worst biggot and unprintable I have ever seen on air,

  27. Joy Hearth says:

    Roosevelt said – We are born ignorant but one must work hard to remain stupid.

    Point being – hire someone who will cover up the ignorance that remain, put someone educated, that at least reads something other than Hollywood crap —People or Us. Make conversation about a broad spectrum of America, not just about some ditz in LA who neither reads or has had a life of experiences that the rest of America wants to hear about. Just because you over-talk someone does not make for an intelligent conversation. Barbara Walters was the key to success on this show but in her last years a group of illiterates tried to make their one sided liberal stupidity shouted from their chairs. Having an opinion can be done with intelligence and class. This show will NEVER BE THAT ====== UNLESS you hire people who can spell the word disenfranchised.
    America needs to get its mind out of the gutter of plastic made people who are talentless, ex. Kardash hos!!!!!!! Housewives franchise of illiterate women who married money. Our entire society is a mess and the TV shows have helped deplete the educated moral fiber of our country into a twit session of immorality. You went from A- listers to below D-listers and there goes the audience!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Start with a complete new slate – you need a strong, intelligent, fair minded leader like a Megan Kelly. Bring the ditzy guests in but do not put them on the panel. If they have their own agenda they will not be good on this show. Bring it back to what Barbara originally planned it to be. A group of women who can discuss their view, not yell at each other with some backstreet vulgar response.

    • flutiefan says:

      “in her last years a group of illiterates tried to make their one sided liberal stupidity shouted from their chairs”
      um, you realize that the people added “in her last years” were all hard-core conservatives right? after Hasselbeck it was Sheppard and then McCarthy. the major liberal voice (Joy) actually left the show.
      stop trying to make things fit YOUR agenda.

    • flutiefan says:

      but then reading your comment further, the fact that you said Megyn Kelly is smart and fair just proves you cannot think clearly.

    • Becky says:

      Megan Kelly – are you kidding? Your whole post becomes irrelevant when you point to her as being intelligent or fair-minded.

    • NANCY says:

      Absolutely agree… needs to have more intelligence like Barbara Walters presented earlier and I do like the balance and intelligence that Whoopie contributes with her great sense of humor and gestures.

  28. Tess says:

    I agree with most of those selections being nightmares (I happen to like both Mario and Ross and it would not surprise me if one of them were to wind up on the panel as a regular if they do decide to cast a man or two – but I don’t think both would be on together if that’s any consolation). They should probably avoid anyone who couldn’t make a talk show work as a solo host in the recent past (like Kris Jenner or Bethenny Frankel) merely because it is clear they don’t pull enough viewers and are too polarizing. I don’t mind the idea of a young conservative woman, but they need one who is intelligent like Meghan McCain (I wonder if there’s a way to get her out of that contract with Pivot, because she would be a good choice). I like some of the other suggestions here like Ali Wentworth and Lisa Rinna, but I also think they need to look to add someone younger to the panel and not just a bunch of middle-aged married women with kids (again Meghan McCain would help greatly toward that, but another younger person along with her would be good too… maybe take a flyer on someone unknown for that the way they did with Debbie Matenopoulos). I’m not opposed to bringing back old co-hosts either with the exception of Elisabeth who I was happy to see go elsewhere.

  29. HTGR says:

    Elisabeth Hasselbeck – soooo hot, so sadly wrong about 95% of things, oh well

    • kay says:

      Ist her view..can’t say it’s wrong

      • Your view can be that your blood cells produce lovesphere, a substance that, when released into the air, causes cancer, unless you drink 40 ounces of Dos Equis and smoke 5 ounces of crystal meth on a daily basis. Yes, your view can be wrong.

      • HTGR says:

        OK, for some stuff that may be true, but there is plenty that you can say is wrong. Not everything is relative or just a point of view thing. And anyway, even for the subjective, she’s like 95% wrong as I see it, so even on that alone I’ll have to say that I strongly disagree. But make no mistake you can also be simply objectively without a doubt wrong too.

  30. jr says:

    My suggestions for possiblle View hosts:
    Christiane Amanpour
    Wanda Sykes
    Judge Judith Sheindlin
    Phylicia Rashad
    Linda Moulton Howe

    • ntamms says:


    • TroobeeSez says:

      I jokingly started to suggest judge Judy, AS A JOKE!!! Although she’d have the legal corner covered. But we don’t need anyone who made their name and fortune SHOUTING PEOPLE DOWN.

      Wanda’s pretty funny, in small doses, too much of her grating voice would turn me off pretty fast, sorry to say.

      Christianne Amanpour is way too smart and accomplished to become another magpie sitting at the table introducing funny videos or chatting about last nights episode of Housewives. She’d lend an air of credulity to the show, but really, she has a very stimulating and satisfying carreer and I’d miss her news stories if she we’re to become domesticated(!).

  31. ben says:

    What about Jane Lynch as View host.

  32. Nick says:

    How the following three.

    Marie Shiver
    Reba M
    Unknown young lawyer( to add youth and intelligence)

    and us Katie C. as the new Barb just pop in a couple days a week.

  33. Jessica says:

    Lisa Ling and Meghan McCain

  34. sunniday49 says:

    I think Ali Wentworth would be good, along with Meghan McCain, Lisa Ling, Phylicia Rashad, and Megan Kelly. A group who could talk about the current issues knowledgeably and fairly.

  35. Kay says:

    Candice Cameron Bure
    Meghan McCain
    Wanda Sykes
    Phylicia Rashad
    Raven Symone
    Pretty even on both “sides” and all somewhat respectful (somewhat being the operative word, especially when it come to Wanda) but it’d be a really interesting group.

  36. Doug says:

    Stick a fork in this show. The Obama Drama is over.

    • Dot says:

      Huh??? This show has been on for what is it 17 years???? How is it “Obama Drama?”

      • Babs says:

        Oh come on Dot….seriously??? It IS a platform for liberals! Even Walters dissed Whoopi and the other idiot for walking out on their guest Bill O’Reilly. They are mainly a bunch of uber-liberal witches and always have been! Why in God’s name do you think they are having to clean house because the Hollywood mindset cannot seem to realize the real reason why their show is going down the tubes.

        • You nailed it! It is a big driving force of the liberal media. Much of it I used to agree with but in recent years it has leaned more & more to the left. I am getting sick of the bunch of them.

  37. Jason says:

    It would be a nightmare to have ultra liberals like Rachel Maddow and Rosie O’Donnell.

    • ntamms says:

      Rachel Maddow would be such a yawnfest! At least Rosie decopauges(or is crafty)!!

    • TroobeeSez says:

      Ohhhh…I hadn’t thought of Rachael Maddow. I only ever see her show on MSNBC(?) in the middle of the night so i miss it all the time. She is SO SMART and explains things so clearly. I would LOVE to see her at the table, but again she’s almost too cool for the room. I wonder if ABC would ever consider just axing the View (I enjoy the View A LOT) and replacing it with something intelligent like the Rachael Maddow Show. THANKS FOR THE GREAT IDEA!!! I wonder how hard it would be to get her from where she is now…

      Picture it: your AM choices at 10:00 would be Wendy Williams, dr Phil (well at least he’s not Maury), Price is Right, The Hoda-KathieLee Wine Hour, and Woot!? RACHAEL MADDOW!!!!! Omigosh we could actually LEARN SOMETHING. I sure hope the PTB are listening!!!

  38. Eric says:

    I think Bill Rancic would be an amazing addition. They are trying to reboot the show, clearly. So I think it would be cool to add a male in the mix. They’ve had him as a guest co-host a few times and he did awesome. The thing about it is, the people who could actually do an amazing job hosting The View or any other talk show, are the people that would never do it. Anderson Cooper did an awesome job with his show while it lasted and I think he would be a good idea to add him into a mix of people. His show didn’t work too well (for unknown reasons), but he is nonetheless a good host. Neil Patrick Harris is also a good suggestion. He co-hosted Regis & Kelly a few times and did amazing! But again, it’s always the people that would do awesome that either wouldn’t do it or they won’t even ask. Personally though, I think it would be a good idea to throw in a male. Switch it up a little and see how well it works.

    • kay says:

      Yes. Bill ..Anderson..Andy Cohen even
      Switch it up

    • TroobeeSez says:

      Andy Cohen… Doesn’t he still have his own show? Regardless, I like him and he’d fit in well (not to mention, has experience). Neil Patrick Harris is very funny when on with Kelly Ripa (they are personal friends in “real life”, but not sure he’d translate on the View. Still, I’d give him the chance.

      I just realized something… about some of my favorites:

      Margaret Cho
      Rosie O
      Andy Cohen
      Neil Patrick Harris
      Someone else mentioned Judy Gold (good call)

      There’s a common thread here….I LIKE FUNNY PEOPLE!!!!

  39. Dotte Wo says:

    If you choose Any of the 13 mentioned I suggest you cancel the show first. Each one would be a disaster

  40. marlene jenson says:

    They use to interrupt barbara all the time. McCarthy and shepherd share stupidity. Whoopi is so not funny and so not smart. The strong liberals went away with Rosie. It then except for barbara they just got dumb and boring. Ho-hum.

  41. Angela says:

    Yep, you pretty much nailed it with this list. I only watch “The View” if someone I like is a guest as it is, but man, if any of these people ever showed up on there (save for Sawyer and Ross Matthews-of everyone on that list, he’s one of the more tolerable to me), I don’t know if I could even go that far in watching anymore.
    (Hey, while we’re at it, can we turn this list into a list of people who should just not appear on anything TV-related ever again under any circumstances, period? ‘Cause I’d be cool with that.)

  42. Jeff says:

    Let’s establish that the advocate for not protecting children against dangerous diseases wasn’t exactly the best choice.

  43. Ashley Van Camp says:

    I could see them bringing in a millennial daughter of a famous person. Someone young & educated to bring in more from that generation.

    • TinLV says:

      How about Katherine Shwartzeneggar ? She’s bright and educated, has written two books, is attractive and personable. 24 yrs old, she could be the young view. Has family on both sides of the political spectrum.

  44. NO, NO, NO, and NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. kay says:

    I thought they would ask Bethenny. .that’s the perfect t platform for her..still won’t watch though with any of them

    • ntamms says:

      Can’t stand Bethenny Frankel. My happiest moment for t.v. cancellations for fall of 2014 is she will not be back! T.V.’s looking smarter already!!

  46. AnnieM says:

    When I was a kid, ABC would air a rerun block of Happy Days and Laverne & Shirley. I think it’s time to replace The View with that. :-D

  47. Yolanda says:

    Margaret Cho
    Elizabeth Berkley
    Pamela Anderson
    Kathy Griffin
    Robert Gant

  48. Kim R says:

    My favorite? “Stop trying to make Bethany happen.” So funny!
    As far as co-hosts go, I think they need a total revamp of the table, including Whoopi. Her pontificating makes me as crazy as some of the other ‘less than brilliant’ utterances that come from the table area. I am a sporadic viewer at best but every time I tune in, it is Whoopi that I mute or prompts me to turn the channel. Too much ‘yada yada yada’. :D

  49. Aaron says:

    You really are kind of a horrible, mean-spirited person, aren’t you Michael Slezak? Do you feel better about yourself after putting this list together? Spread your negativity somewhere else. TVLine? You can do better.

  50. Steve F. says:

    Thank goodness Perez Hilton wasn’t even mentioned…

    • Nick says:

      Please don’t even put that out in the universe. I shutter to think of him ever being able to be on tv :(:(