Big Brother 16 Cast Includes Minister, YouTube Personality, Pedicab Driver

Big Brother's Christine, Donny and Paola

Did you hear the one about the police sergeant, minister and nurse who shacked up for the summer…?

The beginning of a questionable joke? Possibly, but it’s also the cast of Big Brother‘s 16th cycle, which CBS unveiled Thursday.

Among the 16 men and women competing on the Eyes summer staple: YouTube personality Frankie Grande, former pro baseball player-turned-motorcycle salesman Devin Shepherd, pedicab driver Hayden Voss and minister Jocasta Odom.

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Although the cast is predominately young — the youngest houseguests are just 21 years old — school groundskeeper Donny Thompson clocks in at 42. (Editor’s note: Recent nursing graduate Nicole Franzel(see photo, belowBig Brother) looks suspiciously like last season’s headline-making Aaryn. I know your game, CBS.)

Before the show’s 16th cycle debuts (Wednesday, June 25 at 8/7c), scan through the list below to see who’ll be moving in this summer:

* Amber Borzotra, 26 (N. Hollywood, Calif) — Esthetician

* Christine Brecht, 23 (Tucson, Ariz) — Barista (top photo, far left)

Cody Calafiore, 23 (Howell, N.J.) — Sales Account Executive

* Nicole Franzel, 21 (Ubly, Mich) — Recent Nursing Graduate

* Frankie Grande, 31 (New York, N.Y.) — YouTube Personality

Derrick Levasseur, 30 (Providence, R.I.) — Police Sergeant

* Brittany Martinez, 29 (Torrance, Calif) — Event Coordinator

* Jocasta Odom, 33 (Lovejoy, Ga) — Minister

Victoria Rafaeli, 22 (Weston, Fla) — Photographer

* Zach Rance, 23 (Palm Beach, Fla) — Recent College Graduate

* Caleb Reynolds, 26 (Hopkinsville, Ky) — Adventure Hunting Guide

* Paola Shea, 27 (Astoria, N.Y.) — DJ (top photo, far right)

* Devin Shepherd, 26 (San Antonio, Texas) — Former Professional Baseball Player / Motorcycle Sales Manager

* Donny Thompson, 42 (Albemarle, N.C.) — School Groundskeeper (top photo, center)

* Joey Van Pelt, 27 (Seattle, Wash) — Makeup Artist

* Hayden Voss, 21 (Long Beach, Calif) — Pedicab Driver

Will you be tuning in to Big Brother this summer? And which of the contestants above — based on nothing but their names, ages and occupations — stand out so far? Hit the comments with your thoughts.

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