Pretty Little Liars Season Premiere Recap: Girlz N the Hood

Pretty Little Liars Season Premiere

Pretty Little Liars returned for its fifth season Tuesday, and while most of the girls managed to escape from New York unscAthed, one Rosewood resident will be heading home in a body bag.

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Good ol’ Shana — who apparently become a straight-up thug overnight — was revealed to be Ezra’s season-finale shooter, but it wasn’t long before she got a taste of her own medicine. After Shana pulled a gun on the girls and explained that all of her misdeeds were part of a screwed-up attempt to find “justice” for Jenna, Aria intervened and “accidentally” sent the nutcase tumbling to her death.

THE HUSH-TINGS | Meanwhile, back in Rosewood, the Hastings were up to their cardigans in family drama, as Melissa struggled to keep her own big secret. But what is that secret, you ask? As long as Papa McDrunks refuses to let his daughter say it out loud, we’ll never know, though it might have something to do with one of the following people…

MONA’S MINIONS | Even shadier than the Hastings — if that’s possible — was Mona, who seemed none too pleased to see Alison’s face plastered all over the news. Weirder still, it looks like she’s got herself a new team of anti-Alison flunkies, which includes Hermie Lucas and Melissa. She also tried to enlist Paige, but Emily’s ex-girlfriend refused to participate, so she left to go drown someone in a pool … or whatever it is she does when no one is looking.

Pretty Little Liars Season PremiereEZRIA 3.0? | Even though the timing couldn’t have been worse, this week’s premiere made sure to squeeze in a few choice Aria/Ezra moments. After learning that he only came to New York to win her back, Aria decided to stay by Ezra’s side until he emerged from the world’s sexiest coma. He managed to wake up just in time to warn her about Shana, and it’s probably a good thing she didn’t leave his side any sooner, or else she would have had to listen to Alison wax poetic about her own failed courtship with Mr. Fitz.

AU REVOIR, CECE | One last thing of note was the revelation that CeCe was, in fact, never actually Red Coat. It turns out she only came to Rosewood in the first place to collect information for Ezra, but she ended up getting in over her head and killing Detective Wilden. Fortunately, Alison had a plane ticket with CeCe’s — er, Vivian Darkbloom’s — name on it, so she jetted off to freedom. (For now.)

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