NBC's Undateable: Will You Take It Out Again?

Undateable Series Premiere

NBC’s new comedy Undateable, which premiered Thursday, is a lot like the movie Hitch — if Will Smith’s character had been a leather-clad womanizer who unknowingly pimps out his sister.

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Allow me to explain: The Undateable pilot introduces serial dater Danny Burton (Whitney‘s Chris D’Elia), whose sister Leslie (Rules of Engagement‘s Bianca Kajlich) is worried that he’s “pushing 30” and has yet to settle down. But rather than take her concerns to heart — where’s the fun in that? — Danny chooses to impart his questionable wisdom on his clueless new roommate.

Enter Justin (comedian Brent Morin), a barkeep with the voice of an angel and the game of a mole person. The first student officially accepted into Danny Burton University — a total party school, or so I’ve heard — Justin puts his newly acquired knowledge to the test at one of Leslie’s wine-tasting events. Cut to the next day, when Danny learns that Justin’s hunt was successful… and that his prey was none other than his sister.

Leslie assures Danny that no sex was had — good ol’ Justin chickened out at the last minute — but Danny still becomes irrationally angry with his new roommate, a conflict that lasts far longer than it should before they patch things up and move on.

While a few of the jokes in the premiere might make you physically angry — like when Burski tells Brett, “You’re so lucky you’re gay. Whenever you want to hook up with a dude, you just go up and pull on his noodle like a doorbell chain” — there are definitely a few genuine laugh-out-loud moments in the mix, like when Brett acknowledges to being “dressed like a chubby Marty McFly.”

So here’s our question: Will you come back for Episode 2, or are you already out like a herd of turtles?

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