Revolution Series Finale Recap: The Journey Is Over -- But Did You Find Enough Closure?

Revolution Series Finale RecapAs NBC’s Revolution wrapped up a two-year run on Wednesday night, it unfortunately was clear that the season ender wasn’t meant to function as a series finale.

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After Miles & Co. save the  townspeople from getting gassed by the Patriots, the President and right-hand man Ed initiate Plan B. Ed takes out his own people and shoots himself in the arm, as well as the President. They blame the attack and their own injuries on Miles, Monroe and their California collaborators, during war on the western commonwealth.

Neville wants to kill the President, but Miles & Co. beat him to the punch, kidnapping the leader in an effort to stop the war. Miles vows to get payback for Jason and all the other lost lives. “You know who makes speeches like that? People who are about to die,” Monroe points out. (Don’t fret, it’s a bit of foreshadowing that doesn’t come to fruition.)

Shortly after grabbing the President, they are ambushed by his soldiers. Miles tells Monroe to take their captive to the rendezvous point. “I’m trusting you,” he says. Rachel and Charlie are understandably dubious that the unpredictable Monroe will show up. “I’ve known him longer than anybody,” Miles replies. “I’m choosing to have faith in him right now.”

Meanwhile, Monroe is having his resolved tested by Connor. Killing the president would make it easier to get the republic back, Connor points out. Monroe agrees it’s a smart move, but he can’t go through with it “because Miles trusted me.” “Miles is not your blood,” argues Connor. “I am. I’m your son. You promised me a future.” Monroe promises to give him one, just not like this, but it’s too late.

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While Connor may have gotten his heart broken by his father, Monroe does come through for his “brother.” Showing up at the rendezvous with the president in tow earns him a “thanks” from Rachel, who has a connection with the leader: He’s her boss’ boss, and she wants to make him pay for everything she’s lost. With the help of Miles’ General buddy Frank, they’re able to lock up the President and break the Patriots’ treaty with Texas, which declares war on the dastardly U.S.

But there’s an even bigger threat out there: the nano. Priscilla finally wakes up and reveals that she saw what the tech is thinking and it’s full of millions of mindless people. If they don’t help it, it’ll just find someone else – and it does, appearing to the President, Ed and Neville (as dearly departed Jason). Their mission, should they choose to accept it, is to go to Bradbury, Idaho, where plenty of zombie-like people are already gathering in The Wasteland. As a season finale — which is what the hour was most likely written as, given how late the cancellation news came — it’s an interesting cliffhanger. But as a series finale, it doesn’t quite pack the needed punch or offer a sense of completion.

Sadly, we also don’t get much closure on the relationship front, aside from a touching heart-to-heart between Charlie and Miles. “I think you and my mom should give it a shot. A real one,” she tells him. “I wish things could have been different for me and Jason. Now we’ll never get a chance. … [You] deserve to run off and be happy together. I’m glad it’s you Miles. I want it to be you.”

Sweet, but do they actually run off together? We’ll never know. At least Miles and Monroe’s bromance remained intact, and nobody’s life was frustratingly hanging in the balance at the end.

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