Chicago P.D. Finale Recap: The Killer Truth

Chicago PD Season 1 RecapOn Wednesday’s season finale of Chicago P.D., Lindsay’s past is revealed, one member of the forcedoesn’t make it out alive, and two others get real close.

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Let’s rewind to the beginning and the blackmail: Charlie wants his payday or he’ll spill the beans about what happened with Lindsay and Annie back in the day. It must be really bad, because Lindsay takes his list of demands and asks Jin for a favor, off the books: She needs the records for the City Planning and Zoning Commission.

When Adam and Jay come across Charlie in their investigation, his plan starts to become clear. He intends to use explosives to rob a jewelry mart. Lindsay asks Jay to stall, which leads him to wonder what this guy has on her.

“It’s bad,” is all she says.

“What’s Voight always say? Tell him the truth so he can lie for you,” Jay replies.

But that’s not an option this time. If the truth comes out, she’s done, explains Lindsay. But after they arrest him, Charlie offers up information about an old murder, including who killed the guy and who helped hide his body. So Lindsay finally opens up to Voight about her troubled past with the criminal. She was 16 and in love; he was 25. (Girl, you can do so much better!) He got her hooked on dope, but he also kept the heat working and put food on the table when her dad was locked up and her mom stopped coming home.

Her best friend Annie also was involved with Charlie — this just turned a little One Tree Hill, didn’t it? — and she got pulled into some stuff that was even worse. Hence, the dead guy, who it seems was abusive to Annie, causing her to snap.

Lindsay tells Charlie that if he comes clean about what happened, she’s going to take the blame for Annie so her friend and her son can stay together. She convinces him instead to make a deal, go to jail for a short period and clean up his act so he can be a real father.

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Elsewhere in the episode:

Chicago PD Season 1 Recap* After discovering that Jin is spying on him for Internal Affair, Voight confronts him. He’s just trying to protect his father, Jin pleads, but maybe he should have been looking out for himself. At the end of hour, after doing something on the computer – for IA? for Voight? –  and warning his dad to get out of Chicago, he winds up dead on the street with Stillwell and Voight looking over his body. So, which side do you think had Jin offed?

* Kim gets saddled with a partner who likes to nap on the job. Her evening goes much better than her day when Adam shows up at her place to apologize for her career setback. But that’s not the only reason he came by. “I like you,” he says. “I know you know that. And I miss you.” And with that, the two get hot and heavy.

* Antonio’s wife is not thrilled that he’s gone back to work, so much so that he returns home to an empty house and a letter. Looks like someone’s packed up and taken the kids elsewhere.

* Severide is nowhere to be found, and I have to admit, I think the episode could have used him, especially considering everything that was going on with Lindsay.

Chicago P.D. fans, what did you think of the season ender? Was Lindsay’s past as dark as you imagined? Are you going to miss Jin? And are you as into Kim and Adam as I am? Hit the comments with your thoughts and grade the episode below!

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