Supernatural Finale Recap: The Dark Side

Supernatural Season 9 RecapDuring Tuesday’s season finale of The CW’s Supernatural, Dean wasn’t hungry enough to eat his cheeseburger, so you knew something was really wrong.

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And it only got worse when during a bloody confrontation with Metatron, the wannabe God killed Dean. But wait! It gets even worse: Dean came back to life as a demon!

But first, let’s rewind to the beginning of the episode, when Sam and Castiel lock up Dean while they figure out how to deal with his rage. Almost immediately, Dean starts coughing up blood. Crowley explains that the First Blade “high” and the need to kill come with consequences. “The more you kill, the better you feel,” he tells Dean. But if he doesn’t kill, he feels less better. As in dead.

Even though Dean is unpredictable, Gadreel convinces Sam and Cas that he’s their best chance of defeating Metatron, who’s harnessed the power of the angel tablet in his quest to be God. Now he’s gone down to Earth dressed as a pathetic human. After a kid films him healing a woman struck by a car, his miracle goes viral and soon the masses all know of “Marv” the messiah.

“I’m going to take my shot,” Dean vows to his brother. “For better or worse. No matter the consequences.”

“We’re going to do it together,” Sam adds – before Dean knocks him out. This is his fight.

Perhaps he should have accepted the backup, because things do not go according to plan with “Bernie Madoff with wings” (nickname courtesy of Dean Winchester). Metatron beats Dean to a bloody pulp and then stabs him in the chest! At this point, I shouldn’t be shocked since Sam or Dean dying in the finale is tradition, but whoa.

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“It’s better this way. The mark is making me into something I don’t want to be,” a barely conscious Dean tells his brother. Then he adds, “I’m proud of us.” Sniff.

As is “so expected” (Crowley’s words), Sam starts summoning the King of Hell so he can make a deal to bring back his brother. But Crowley is elsewhere, sitting beside Dean’s lifeless body, talking about how Cain also accepted death rather that become a killer — though rumor has it The Mark never quite let go. Now Crowley knows there’s a “new kind of life” flowing through Dean.

“See what I see, feel what I feel,” he urges him as Dean’s eyes fly open, completely black. (“Chilling” was definitely the right word, Misha Collins.)

Meanwhile, up in Heaven, Gadreel kills himself, allowing Castiel to escape Heaven’s jail and destroy the angel tablet. More importantly, Cas secretly broadcasts Metatron’s spiel to the entire angel flock, exposing the smug bastard.

Supernatural fans, what did you think of the cliffhanger? Are you excited to see Dean as a demon or are you hoping Sammy finds a way to save him ASAP? How did Sam and Dean’s millionth, tearful farewell rank? And how do you think Cas is going to get his angel juice back? Hit the comments with your thoughts and grade the episode below!

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