The Mentalist Finale Recap: The Plane Truth

The Mentalist Finale RecapThe Mentalist‘s Season 6 finale, star Robin Tunney had told TVLine, “is going to make a lot of people really happy, and I think it’s going to make some people angry…. I don’t think anyone will feel in the middle of the road about it.”

So now that you have laid witness to it, where do you fall?

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The hour opened with Jane very much in denial about Lisbon having filed her transfer papers to move to D.C., as reported by Cho. Still, Jane lost some spring in his step upon hearing that news — but not so much that he couldn’t quickly solve a case involving some kids and an ill-fated card sharp.

The episode then headed in a new direction when a random cold case churned up a fresh clue — a letter seemingly written by the killer, taunting the Feds. That sends Jane and Lisbon to Miami, where the latter eventually cracks a code at the bottom of the missive, pointing them to a cozy island lodge. Upon checking in, Lisbon finds waiting in her room dresses to wear, for which she promptly thanks Jane, who shrugs, “It’s our last case,” so it should be extra “nice.”

But then, en route to dinner (while looking quite dynamite), Lisbon discovers that Jane booked their rooms before the mysterious letter ever surfaced — meaning (as probably 85 percent of us had already decided/assumed), Jane wrote it, not the killer.

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After dousing Jane with a glass of water and a bit Blue Birdlater reading him the riot act, Lisbon makes tracks for the airport. Jane — after smoking out the cold case’s killer, and getting a nudge from a lovelorn “acted too late on his feelings” lawyer who had shown up to exact revenge on same — Jane gives chase, even clambering over a security fence to access the airport tarmac and board Lisbon’s jet. There, at Teresa’s side, he states his case:

“I trick people to avoid the truth…. Letting people get close to me is terrifying, for obvious reasons…. I can’t imagine waking up knowing that I won’t see you,” he begins. “The truth is that I love you. It scares me, but it is the truth.”

Lisbon, though affected by the declaration, claims his words have come “too late,” and Jane is hauled off the plane to be detained by the TSA.

But when morning comes, Jane gets a visit in the detention room — from Lisbon, who jokes about the latest “fine pickle” he has gotten himself into (complete with a sprained ankle). Getting down to business, she asks: “Did you mean what you said?”The Mentalist Jane Lisbon I Love You

“Yes, I did.”

“Good…. Because I feel the same way.”

“Well,” he smiles, “that’s lucky.”

Still, Teresa needs to hear those three words again, fresh, and not with TSA agents closing in. And Patrick responds by leaning across the table and delivering a kiss.

What will Kimball “I just don’t see it, they’re like brother and sister” Cho think about this twist?!

Again I ask: Which Mentalist reaction camp do you fall into?

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