Big Bang Finale Recap: See You, [Spoiler]?

The Big Bang Theory Season 7 FinaleSheldon Cooper is leaving on a midnight train to… well, we’re not exactly sure.

The Big Bang Theory‘s Season 7 finale finds Jim Parsons’ character mulling a huge move after some big upsets in his carefully ordered world.

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But not everyone on the CBS comedy had bad luck this week — even if it may have seemed that way at first. Before we get your thoughts on the episode, a brief recap:

KISS & TELL | In case you forgot that Raj and Emily had sex for the first time at the end of last week’s episode, fear not. Mr. Koothrappali won’t let you forget it anytime soon. In fact, even when Leonard and Penny finally announce their engagement to the group, Raj doesn’t hesitate to steal his friends’ thunder. But can you blame him for celebrating? As Bernadette not-so-delicately puts it to Leonard and Penny, “You guys propose all the time. This never happens!” Cue the much-deserved group hug for Raj and his lady friend. Remember when the dude couldn’t talk to girls without the aid of alcohol? How far we’ve come!

NO EASY TASK | Howard and Bernadette are having serious trouble getting a caretaker for Howard’s mother that can last more than a day on the job. Even Penny, who takes the job when she realizes it pays well, can’t hack it. (Did it disturb anyone else that Penny needed to wear rubber gloves to take care of Mrs. Wolowitz? Yikes.) Fortunately for the couple, they find the perfect man for the job before the half-hour is up: comic book store owner Stuart, who is forced to look for new work after his store catches on fire. And as it turns out, Stuart not only loves the new gig, but he looks surprisingly well-suited to a pair of scrubs. Put this in the win column for Stuart! And Howard and Bernie, who finally get to spend their free time elsewhere.

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A CHANGE IS GONNA COME | Of course, the episode really belongs to Sheldon, who is having trouble coping with a number of new changes. First, the university forces him to stick with string theory, even though he now wants to pursue inflationary cosmology. Next, Leonard suggests that he and Penny might want to, y’know, live together now that they’re engaged, and Sheldon is having none of it. (Moving in with Amy is out of the question, too.) Sheldon’s only solution? Leaving town to clear his head for a while. Leonard and Penny track him down at the train station, where he’s all packed and not at all ready to budge on his decision to leave. “Leonard, I am overwhelmed,” he tells his roommate. “Everything is changing and it’s simply too much.” After briefly trying to convince Sheldon to stay, Leonard and Penny agree that letting him go might be the best thing for him. They say their goodbyes — and Sheldon doesn’t squirm when Penny kisses him on the cheek, which I consider a major milestone for the guy — and leave their friend at the train station. Later, a phone call from Sheldon indicates that he’s doing well… even though Amy is totally not on board with her boyfriend’s sudden departure.

What did you think of the Big Bang Theory finale? And where in the world do you think Sheldon’s gone? Grade the season ender via the poll below, then hit the comments to back up your choice!

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