Reign Season Finale Recap: Born To Die

Reign Season FinaleThe CW’s Reign concluded its freshman season Thursday with more twists than you’d find in one of Aylee’s braids. (Sorry, still too soon for an Aylee reference? Rest in peace, lady.)

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THE KING IS DEAD | Let’s be real for a second; considering last week’s episode ended with Henry declaring his intentions to kill Francis and wed Mary, we all knew something had to give in the finale. That “something” turned out to be Henry’s life, which he lost after an over-zealous jousting match (with Francis!) that he had no business entering in the first place. Considering how crazy Henry became during the second half of the season, his death was surprisingly painful to watch. At least we got a nice Bash/Francis hug out of the ordeal; their hugs can heal the world.

TRUTH HURTS | After going into labor, Lola sent word about her predicament to Mary, fearing she might not live long enough to care for her baby. What she probably didn’t expect, however, was for Mary to spill the beans about the baby’s paternity to Francis, and the dramatic confrontation that ensued. Needless to say, Francis was pretty pissed to discover Mary had been keeping that from him. Oh, and he’s probably going to catch the Black Death, so get pumped for Season 2.

Reign Season FinaleHELLO, DARKNESS, MY OLD FRIEND | Bash and Nostradamus spent the finale hot on the trail of the ever-elusive Darkness, not realizing their prey was back at French Court, attempting to kidnap Pascal and make a meal out of Kenna. The dynamic duo (#Nash?) returned in time to best the Darkness, who turned out to be super-ugly under his hood, and learned of his real plan: the pagans had been sacrificing children to save off the Plague, which he believes is now certain to return. (But hey, at least Bash and Kenna got to say “I love you” before everyone dies a miserable Plague-induced death.)

LOVE GAMES | Leith, now the owner of some sweet property, thought his future with Greer was set… until she explained that it’s still not enough to pay off her father’s debt and secure a future for her sisters. A near-death experience (not involving a “pet monkey,” despite Henry’s wild speculation) was almost enough to change Greer’s mind, but she was ultimately too afraid to break things off with her fiancé. Speaking of Greer’s betrothed, he also happens to the father of the girl Leith appears to be moving on with. Their next Christmas dinner is going to be so awkward.

Reign fans, what did you think of the season finale? Any hopes/fears for next season? Rate the episode below, then drop a comment with more of your thoughts.

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