Reign's Toby Regbo Previews New Baby Drama, a 'Satisfying' Season Finale Reveal and More

Reign Season Finale SpoilersWill Francis figure out the truth about Lola’s baby? Will he and Mary ever conceive one of their own? And how will they deal with King Crazypants? Tonight’s Reign (The CW, 9/8c) finally addresses some of our biggest questions, though star Toby Regbo tells TVLine we’ll never guess how it all ends.

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Below, Regbo previews the final two episodes of Season 1, including Mary and Francis’ plan to overthrow King Henry once and for all.

(Disclaimer: When the following interview took place, Regbo was sitting in London, downing tea and scones under an overcast sky. Just thought you’d enjoy that visual.)

TVLINE | Francis returns from war this week. What will his reunion be like with Mary?
I think they’re probably going to do it, because they haven’t seen each other in ages and they love kissing each other. They’re always kissing each other all of the time. … He’s got some trepidation because he didn’t quite do what he said he was going to do; he didn’t help her mom. But I think she’s excited to see him back alive. You can have an argument with someone, but when things get really serious and someone could die, that really puts things into perspective. You go, “What were we arguing about? Come here, kiss me on the mouth!”

TVLINE | Along those lines, is having a baby still their No. 1 priority?
Definitely. For royalty, that’s pretty much the most important thing. You’ve got to keep the line going. Every time King Henry’s wife didn’t have a baby, he cut her head off. So she better have a baby quick, or else she’s out of here. [Laughs]

Reign Season Finale SpoilersTVLINE | And King Henry keeps getting nuttier. I understand Francis is about to become a target of his?
He’s about to say something really crazy about me in the next one. I’m trying to protect my dad. I’m optimistic that he’s going to recover, that maybe he’s being poisoned or that it’s just the pressure of being a leader. I’m on his side, though my mother and Mary don’t seem as hopeful.

TVLINE | Well, he’ll soon be teaming up with Mary against Henry, right?
What Francis hopes to do is to get him off the throne, somehow, and keep him locked up. Then Francis will have to become king. It’s slowly looming that, maybe, responsibility is coming into his hands.

TVLINE | Francis is getting pretty good at locking people up. First Mary, now Henry?
Yeah, he’s great at it. It’s one of his favorite things. He likes long walks on the beach, tennis and locking people in towers.

TVLINE | On a darker note, literally, I’m told the finale will explain what the “Darkness” is. What can you tell me?
You’ll definitely find out what that darkness is. I think it’s a sort of glove puppet.

TVLINE | Sounds about right. Without saying what it is, do you remember your reaction when you found out?
I went, “Ooooooh s–t!” It’s a lot of tying things together in a very neat fashion. It’ll be very satisfying television to watch when it all comes together.

Reign Season Finale SpoilersTVLINE | Lola is also about to give birth to Francis’ child. Will he ever figure out that it’s his?
I think, when the baby’s born, it’ll come out with my exact haircut.

TVLINE | Maybe your beard, too?
Well, actually, I draw that beard on every morning. It’s just painted. [Laughs] No, I’ve been growing it since birth. … Honestly, though, he probably will figure it out at some point. And I don’t even know what the political implications would be. He’d probably just be a bastard like Sebastian. He’d become a maverick, just like Bash.

TVLINE | Speaking of Francis, the relationship between the brothers has been improving lately. Will that continue?
Yeah, I think so. This whole Team Bash/Team Francis thing irks me a bit. I’ve basically been betrothed to this woman since I was six, and I’m deeply in love with her, and then my brother comes in and kisses her for no reason. Why are people on his side? He can’t do that. That’s rude. But no, our relationship is getting better. He saved me from underneath that ice, which we did in a tank. If I had actually fallen through that ice, Francis would have been dead — immediately dead. There’s no way I could have gotten out of that ice alive.

TVLINE | And that’s the only part we’re pretending is possible?
Oh, yeah. Everything else is completely logical and makes perfect sense.

Reign fans, how do you predict Season 1 will end for Francis and the rest of French Court? Drop a comment with your theories below.

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