Video: Veep's Selina Hangs With Joe Biden and FLOTUS, Taunts House of Cards' Kevin Spacey

TV nods were in great supply Saturday night at the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner, which led off with a pre-taped segment in which Veep‘s titular Selina Meyer (played by the HBO comedy’s star, Julia Louis-Dreyfus) got pulled into assorted D.C. shenanigans by peer (?) Vice President Joe Biden.

As seen in the video below, in addition to sneaking into the White House kitchen and gorging on ice cream — until First Lady Michelle Obama busts them — the veeps make some mayhem with mock-up Washington Post headlines. And at one point, Selina (or Julia?) talks to the camera a la House of Cards VP Frank Underwood, and teases Kevin Spacey some.

During the “entertainment” portion of the dinner, President Obama referenced another Netflix series, saying that with the way the GOP goes after well-tanned House Speaker John Boehner as hard as they do him, “Orange really is the new black.”

There were also jabs thrown at the assorted cable news channels — including MSNBC (said POTUS, “They’re overwhelmed. They’ve never seen an audience this big before”), Fox News (“[Once I’m gone] they’re going to have a hard time convincing people Hillary was born in Kenya”) and C-SPAN (as emcee Joel McHale closed his set, “Thank you, C-SPAN viewer”).

Did you watch the WHCD live? Whose spiel did you enjoy more, President Obama’s or McHale’s?

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