Post Mortem: Orphan Black's Michiel Huisman Talks Cal's Past, Meeting [Spoiler] & What's Next

Orphan Black Season 2 SpoilersIf you have yet to watch Saturday’s episode of Orphan Black, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, read on…

Orphan Black revealed the answer to a big mystery on Saturday’s episode when Sarah, Felix and Kira took refuge in the cabin of… Kira’s father!

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A former mark of Sarah’s, Cal was plenty shocked to find out the woman who stole from him also gave him a daughter. Now, the mystery man is neck-deep in Sarah’s mess as he tries to hold on to his newfound family. And good thing, too, because his background will prove quite handy in helping his ex, his portrayer Michiel Huisman tells TVLine.

Below, the actor also talks about landing the pivotal role, Cal’s bond with Kira and his future with Sarah.

TVLINE | Fans have been wondering who Kira’s father is. When you were cast, did you have a sense of what a big deal this role was?
I think so. That was also one of the reasons why I really wanted to do the role and be a part of it. I was a fan of the show and Tatiana [Maslany’s] work. I thought this role, and especially turning out to be Kira’s dad, would give me the opportunity to do a couple cool scenes with Sarah.

TVLINE | Cal and Kira share some qualities. They’re both very bright. Sarah even mentions that Kira must get her intuition from him. Is there something more to that?
It’s something that they share, and it’s one of the things that he also sees in her that affirms to him that she is his daughter. I wouldn’t go as far as calling it a sixth sense, but they share that intuition.

TVLINE | Some people have been speculating that there’s something special about Kira and the way she picks up on things. She immediately picks up on the fact that Cal is her father.
Yes. That’s a great example of that intuition. And it’s also kind of heartbreaking. To me, it also meant that was, apparently, still very much on this girl’s mind. I’m not sure – I have to think very hard if we’ve ever heard her talk about her dad before. So the fact that she sees me and says right away, boom, “Are you my dad?” That’s pretty strong intuition there.

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TVLINE | Cal’s being forced into fatherhood under crazy circumstances. How does he deal with it?
At first, especially in this episode, things move so fast that he can’t really wrap his head around it and doesn’t really know how he wants to deal with it. But what he does know is Sarah walked into his life and he really fell for her. Then, boom, she was gone. So when he finds her there, at first, he’s really upset. But he also thinks, “If she walks out of my place right now, I’m probably not going to see her for the next eight years.” His first reaction is, “Hold on. Wait a second. Just don’t run away right away. Stay here for a second.” The concept of fatherhood, I don’t think he can really even think about that yet. It’ll probably hit him later.

Orphan Black Season 2 SpoilersTVLINE | Sarah’s lied to him quite a bit, and even the circumstances under which they’re reunited are quite sketchy. But he still reaches out to her. Do you think he’s still in love with her?
Yeah, I think so. There’s something about her… He’s obviously attracted to her, but he also thinks there’s something cool about her, something rebellious. He is, too, in a way, but she enhances that even more in him. I think ever since they broke up, he’s had a couple of relationships, but never met a girl that was as exciting to be with as Sarah.

TVLINE | We get some details about when they first met. Was it just a case of she flirted her way into his life? Is that something that’s going to be explored more?
No, we never really find out more than what we find out in Episode 3. I always imagined it being LA. Like she picked me out because she heard that I was a very successful entrepreneur, and I turned out to be an easy target. In the end, I think her plan was to rob me of a lot more money. [Laughs] I think she felt bad. She ran away not just to steal $10,000, but probably also to protect herself from falling for me.

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TVLINE | You had this speech about how you developed this technology. Is that going to play more of a role in Cal’s storyline? That was a lot of interesting exposition to just be random…
That is going to play more of a role. As we can see at the end of this episode, a lot of crazy things happen. Before I know it, I’m part of Sarah’s problems. I just met this girl that’s supposedly my daughter, and I feel like I can’t give up on these people. So I’m forced to help here and there, and in helping, it turns out that my background as an entrepreneur and my contacts and knowledge of how tech companies and corporations work and how they’re set-up comes in handy.

TVLINE | Does that mean Sarah’s going to open up to Cal a little more about what’s going on?
Yeah. She’s refusing to do that in this episode, but I’m going to go after her until I get something. I hope. We’ll have to see.

TVLINE | At the end of Episode 3, Cal has Kira. Can you talk about their dynamic?
Cal is really impressed by this beautiful, little girl that’s so smart and proves to be so tough to be able to live this bizarre trip of a life. Cal’s been alone for quite a while… Having Kira around forces him to open up a little bit more and have a little fun. I think he’s kind of scared of all of a sudden taking care of a child, but he also enjoys it. I think he would find it very hard to let go of her again now that he got to know her.

TVLINE | I think we’re all in awe of Tatiana Maslany. What is it like working with her?
It’s so much fun. She’s such a sweetheart, first of all, and a great, great actress. Nothing is too much for her. She’s not like a choosing-the-easy-way-out kind of actor. She gives it everything, always, and she does that with all these different characters. It’s almost like impossible. It’s not just a two-month shoot for a movie. I think the whole shoot takes about six months, and she’s working every day. To do that and do that well is so remarkable. I’m really happy that I got the opportunity to work with her.