Once Upon a Time Stars, Creators Tease a Huge Decision, Big Reveals and... Dorothy's Intro?

REBECCA MADERABC’s Once Upon a Time very soon will shed some light on the casting of the curse that returned Regina, the Charmings et al to Storybrooke sans their memories of the past year, possibly noodle with a certain rugrat’s noggin and introduce as many as two more characters from the show’s riff on The Wizard of Oz.

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In previewing Episode 19 — which airs next week, on April 27 — Josh Dallas revealed to reporters at WonderCon, “We’re going to go back and find out who cast this curse, so that’s going to be great. You’re going to know who cast the curse, you’re going to know why we’re all back and why none of us remember that missing that year.”

Also in that episode, Dallas previewed, “There’s going to be a decision made back in Fairy Tale Land, between Regina, Snow and Charming, that’s going to affect everyone.”

Is anyone else thinking what I’m thinking? That Zelena is not the one who uncorked this curse, that maybe Regina did it, in the name of a greater good?

Or, speaking of good, Rebecca Mader spoke at WonderCon of how in Episode 20, “We get to go back to Oz,” where we’ll meet the show’s take on two more characters from that tale — a historically kinder witch included. “Any minute now, Glinda (played by Sunny Mabrey) and Dorothy are coming, so that was really fun,” the British beauty teased. “It felt like Once Upon a Time in Oz.” So, maybe Glinda is named as the curse-caster at the close of Episode 19, her agenda detailed the week after…?

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One of Season 3B’s other burning questions revolves around Henry’s muddled memories, which left him unaware of his Storybrooke life as he spent a year with birth mom Emma in New York City. Will he get back what he has lost, even though Emma believes the boy may be better off returning to his normal life in the Big Apple? “Henry’s memory issues will be decided before the end of the season,” series cocreator Adam Horowitz assured, “one way or another.” Another mystery to be solved is the Wicked Witch’s plan for Snow White’s baby. Mader was very mum on that topic, other than to warn of “some dark stuff coming.”

On the romantic (?) front, tonight’s episode, “Bleeding Through,” appears to feature a Storybrooke smooch between Rumple and his captor – as Mader shared, “When those pictures came out, everyone on Twitter was like, ‘No! What about Belle?’ And I’m like, ‘Oops!’ – as well as movement on the Regina/Robin Hood front, thanks to Snow White’s stalwart wingman efforts. “Snow may be responsible for taking away the love of Regina’s life,” series cocreator Eddy Kitsis noted, “but she’s responsible for pushing her toward a new one.”

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Surveying the season’s final five episodes as a whole, Kitsis said, “From here on out, it is pretty much going to be a nonstop freight train of answers.” Added Horowitz, The Wicked Witch has some pretty devious plans, and they’re going to unfurl.” (With reporting by Scott Huver)

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