Scoop on Arrow's Spilled Secrets: How Will Laurel React? Who Is Isabel? And What Is Thea's Deal?

Arrow Spoilers Laurel Knows SecretThe CW’s Arrow dropped not one, not two, but three bombshells as it entered its two-week micro-hiatus, raising big questions about the season’s final five episodes (kicking off this Wednesday at 8/7c).

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First and foremost: After (briefly) kidnapping Thea and before slinking back into the shadows of Starling City, Slade Wilson made a very special delivery to Laurel’s doorstep: the truth about her billionaire ex-beau’s alter ego, The Arrow.

What will Laurel do with this jaw-dropping intel? As executive producer Andrew Kreisberg previously teased for TVLine, viewers stand to be “very surprised” by the beleaguered ADA’s reaction. Now elaborating on that, he notes, “Laurel’s been through a lot of ups and downs, and a lot of what these last five episodes are about is her becoming a whole person by really healing from everything that happened not only in the past two seasons, but also in the backstory, before Oliver left.

“Fans of Laurel are going to be really excited by her trajectory in these last episodes,” Kreisberg promises.

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Prior to looping in Laurel on Oliver’s crimefighting mission, Slade also dropped some knowledge on the aforementioned Thea — that Malcolm Merlyn is her biological father. Once freed from the Aussie’s clutches, Thea promptly confronted her mother and brother about the well-kept paternity secret, yet directed most of her anger at Oliver. Why target him, if Moira’s the one who concealed the truth for so long?

“Thea expects Moira to be a liar at this point,” Kreisberg explains. “And she even said [to Oliver in Episode] 17, ‘You’re the one person who never lies to me, so for him to be keeping this secret hurt her more than anything else.

“Thea looked up to Oliver and felt like she could always count on him,” the EP continues, “so it’s kind of a sad thing because that’s how Oliver always felt about his mother — and then he discovered The Undertaking. Everyone is experiencing the same family dynamic that none of them can quite snap out of.”

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The third and final eye-opener that Arrow let loose with in the “Deathstroke” episode concerns Oliver’s business partner Isabel Rochev (played by Summer Glau), who as part of Slade’s grand plan orchestrated a takeover of Queen Consolidated, busted out some martial arts on Oliver and made a conspicuous reference to “the sins of the father.”

Is the TV show tapping into DC Comics lore by making Isabel an ex-mistress of sorts of Robert Queen’s? Or could she be Slade Wilson’s offspring, Rose Wilson? (Those who condone long-lens paparazzi photography may have spied a clue as to the direction Arrow is pointed; if you don’t, please allow yourself the surprise.) “There are always two ways to go,” Kreisberg hedges. “But you will get a lot more about her backstory and her motivations in the next episode.”

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