Scandal Recap: Tick... Tick... Tick... Tick...

Scandal Recap MayaThis Thursday, in the penultimate episode of Scandal Season 3, Pope & Associates (begrudgingly) teamed with B613’s best to defuse Mama Pope’s big, bad bomb. Oh, and a perfectly good pair of fishnets got ruined.

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For a second consecutive week, Scandal was at Season 2 levels of intensity (peppered with, of course, some wackadoodle) for much of the hour, as the fallout of the B613 shutdown fed right into the larger bombing plot. For good measure, the matter of teen Jerry’s paternity got thrown into the mix, both as a piece of political maneuvering as well as domestic drama for Mellie.

The bomb plot, which at first blush risked coming off as a retread of Fitz’s shooting, instead veered into different territory, as it wasnt so much about “Will the president die?” as “What can this unexpected collaboration of OPA and B613 possibly do to stop it?” (#OPA613?)

One possible key to everything was Dominic Bell, a bomb maker who — wait for it — blew up Rowan’s life many years ago, by being the man Maya first, always and truly loved. Yet even when Papa Pope (Right, I  can call him that? No? Hmm. Anyway…) played Russian roulette with his ex’s great love, Maya would only bid Dom adieu.

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With that end turning up (very) dead, the attention turned to the location of the bomb. Harrison followed a money trail that led to (alas, old) plans to target Fitz at a high school in Defiance. But that in fact proved too simple, Adnan informed Harrison. And as Olivia discovered her father in the OPA office, bleeding to (possible/Joe Morton Booked a Pilot) death, David and Jake realized that Maya had orchestrated a senator’s “heart attack” so as to trigger a funeral for Fitz to attend.

Armed with this new intel — as well as the fact that Sally Langston was already en route to said funeral, where the bomb is counting down from 60 minutes — Cyrus… kept mum, somewhat joyously so, as he invited Fitz to go over his eulogy one more time, from top to bottom, before they head over to the church. That’s one way to narrow the Election Day field!

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On the more personal side of things:

* Jake attempted to convince Olivia that, agenda-driven or not, their recent coupling was full of real feelz. Liv, though, says that she loves Fitz, and while her and Jake’s hook-up meant enough to make her feel a sense of betrayal (failed ABC drama shout-out!), she was choosing POTUS. Goodbye!

* As alluded to above, Leo procured some of Jerry’s “stuff” from Michael J. Fox’s TV daughter, having heard that Mellie was checking into her teen son’s paternity. Liv confronted FLOTUS about this potential scandal leaking out, noting that her frenemy is neither an idiot nor reckless — and sure ’nuff, Mellie meant to be sloppy. “I want his head in a fire and I want to see him burn,” Mellie said of her husband. “It is my turn! He suffers, he hurts, he burns.” When Mels lets slip that it’s not Andrew but Big Jerry who could be Jerry’s father, Liv agrees to handle it, and does, fudging the DNA test run by Leo.

* After Huck said out loud that he wants her, he and Quinn had angry, licky sex against a car, ruining the aforementioned stockings and allowing Maya access to assault Rowan at OPA.

Notable quotables:

* “Could it be more awkward in here…? Guess so.”
* “The NAACP isn’t supporting Sally Langston… Have you met Sally?”
* “It’s nice to see that you make your own coffee now.”
* “If we’re going to die, can we do it now so I don’t have to listen to you two?”

What did you think of this week’s episode? Who if anyone major do you think will perish in next Thursday’s season finale?

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