Reign's Adelaide Kane Teases Frary's New 'Marital Tension,' Bash's Second Chance and More

Reign Mary Francis SpoilersReign returns tonight (The CW, 9/8c) with the first of Season 1’s final six episodes, and even in the midst of so much chaos and uncertainty, star Adelaide Kane tells TVLine that one thing remains clear: “The universe really seems to be conspiring against Mary and Francis’ marriage.”

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As the finale draws near, Team Frary is under assault — both physically and relationally — from all sides. Below, Kane walks us through the drama of the coming weeks, including Henry’s plans for Mary, Bash’s second chance at happiness and a few messy family secrets about to come to light.

TVLINE | I can’t even tell you how happy I am that this mini hiatus is over. What can we expect from Thursday’s episode?
There’s a lot going on. Mary discovers a secret clause in her marriage contract that her mother conspired to create with Catherine, sort of for personal gain. Basically, the freedom of Scotland hinges on Mary producing an heir, which was a pretty big deal in those days. If you couldn’t produce an heir, you were essentially useless. So there’s continuing tension between Mary and her mother, even from a distance.

TVLINE | There’s also King Henry, who’s getting nuttier by the day. How will his madness affect Mary?
That is a very disturbing and dangerous turn he’s taking. And what’s really going on? Is he being poisoned? Is this an English plot? Is he sick? Has he gone mad with power? He’s incredibly dangerous, and no one can put the brakes on him because he’s the supreme power in France. And yes, Mary suffers the brunt of his psychosis. He starts getting headaches and hallucinating, and she becomes one of the many targets of his erratic behavior as the season goes on.

TVLINE | And let’s not forget “the Darkness.”
Oh, yes. The Darkness is still hanging around, chewin’ on people. It begins to encroach on the castle through various means and remains a prevalent focal point for Sebastian. There’s also the threat of civil war, not only in Scotland, but also in France. There’s danger on all sides.

Reign Mary Francis SpoilersTVLINE | Including danger to Mary and Francis’ marriage? Perhaps due to her relationship with Bash? 
The interaction between Bash and Mary does cause some marital tension for Francis and Mary, as well as for Kenna and Bash. Over the next couple of episodes, Kenna and Bash start to come to grips with the fact that they’re married, and perhaps they start to see each other in a new light. I think they do try to make it work. Mary and Francis’ focus, meanwhile, is on having a child and governing. And Bash isn’t the only bone of contention between them. Mary’s half-brother James arrives from Scotland, and he tries to convince Mary to return. Naturally, Francis is suspicious of James and wonders if he has ulterior motives in removing Mary from French Court. That causes even more tension between Mary and Francis.

TVLINE | Wow, those two really can’t catch a break! Any more relatives creeping out of the woodwork?
Yes, actually. There’s also Mary’s French uncle, who arrives with more word on the civil unrest, as well as some very upsetting news about Mary’s mother. So Mary and Francis will have to decide whether they can support each other as individuals or sell each other out for their countries. [Editor’s note: That’s never a good sign.]

Reign fans, are you pulling for a (historically inaccurate) happy ending for Mary and Francis, or are you just waiting for Bash to pounce? Drop a comment with your thoughts on the love triangle below.

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