Revenge Recap: Crossing the Mason-Vixen Line

Revenge Season 3 BloodNo matter how preposterously nonsensical unpredictable Revenge gets, we can always count on Mason Treadwell to show us a good time. And this week, though he notes that his “skin is sallow with [his] wit squandered” behind bars, he still manages to delight. (After all, it was always his sharp tongue, not his Noxzema-fresh complexion that we so adored about him.) Off a visit from Victoria, who’s peeved that Emily has been sniffing around her family’s dirty laundry, the author decides to force the erstwhile Amanda Clarke to reveal her master plan. (All these weeks after Daniel nearly killed her, it finally seems to have dawned on him that, if she dies trying to stick it to the Graysons, he’ll be stuck in the pokey for good!) Does his arm-twisting work? Read on, and I’ll tell you not only that but everything that happens in “Blood”…

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JET-SETTERS | Hoping to learn how his late father was tied to Pascal, Aiden takes off with Emily to visit his mother, who’s never moved in spite of the looky-loos that, all these years later, still make her reluctant to pull back the drapes. And, while she’s no help in the intel department, the fishing expedition isn’t a total waste: Aiden finds a clue carved on a table in his papa’s workshop – the name of a deceased reporter, Oscar Chapman. (More on him later.) Back in the Hamptons, Aiden thanks Emily for remaining by his side throughout the stressful reunion with his mum (who had no idea Colleen had been kidnapped, much less killed), and the exes make love as if they’d never flipped the on-again/off-again switch to off.

LES LIAISONS DANGEREUSES | Now that Pascal has Victoria back in his bed, he eagerly reneges on his deal with Conrad, who, in turn, declares war by gossiping about his rival’s intention to retire and turn his empire over to (unseen) son Gideon. (Next season’s Patrick?) Meanwhile, Daniel uses Margaux’s upset over her brother’s ascension to make it appear to Jack that there’s more than business going on between them. Which, we realize over and over during this episode, there probably should be. Firstly, Margaux is a no-show at Jack’s closing on the house in which they’ll be starting their life together. (Not cool.) And secondly, after Daniel convinces Pascal that he should be grooming his daughter to take the reins, not his son, Margaux expresses her gratitude with champagne and a side order of sexual tension.

JAILHOUSE ROCK | After Mason calls Emily while she’s in England, Jack sends Stevie to offer him a deal. His response: He’ll take his chances with Victoria. But soon after, some face cream is delivered to his cell, he applies it and – ack! – has some kind of allergic reaction and dies! Victoria uses the news as an excuse to shuttle a bottle of vodka over to Stevie, and the next thing we know, Jack’s mom drunk as a skunk, and he’s shipping her back to L.A. Thankfully, as the episode nears the end, Mason wakes up in a prison van. The writer’s “demise,” Nolan explains, was just Emily’s plot to break him out of jail and send him to the tropics. Oh, and since you still have a pulse, Nolan more or less says, do you know Oscar Chapman? Of course, Mason does – Oscar faked his own death! (Is it really that easy?) Now if only Emily and Aiden could find him…

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Are you glad Emily and Aiden are together again? Hit the comments!

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