Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Series Finale Recap: Did They All Live Happily Ever After?

Once Upon A Time In WonderlandThe stage was set for an all-out war in Thursday’s series finale of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, but even though good prevailed in the end (duh!), not everyone received the happy ending they’d hoped for.

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After some intense sword-to-sword combat with Jafar’s army of zombie soldiers, Alice tricked the evil sorcerer into stealing water from the Well of Wonders. As punishment, Nyx turned Jafar into a genie, cursing him to do the bidding of others for a change. But that final battle was merely part of the action-packed finale, which reunited lovers and forced others to say goodbye forever.

BODY COUNT | What would a finale be without a few major deaths? Jafar’s father was the first victim to hit the floor, as Jafar revealed that what he really wanted was for him to know what it feels like to be murdered by a loved one. (Mission accomplished, I guess.) His second victim was Amara, who essentially sacrificed herself to save Cyrus, his brothers and all of Wonderland. (Thanks for everything, Magic Mama.)

LOVE GAMES | Will was elated when Jafar revealed that he’d brought Anastasia back from the dead… until Jafar explained that she was now in love with him. (I almost puked watching them kiss. It was wrong on every level.) Fortunately, all it took was a lip lock of true love from Will to break Anastasia’s curse. When Jafar became a genie, Anastasia died again, but the well water was able to revive her because it wasn’t her time to move on, just the Red Queen’s. You’ve got to love those magic loopholes.

WEDDING BELLS | The episode ended with Alice and Cyrus leaving Wonderland, returning to her home in England and saying “I do” in a romantic ceremony, surrounded by family and friends from both words. The White Rabbit officiated the wedding and it was beautiful; even the Knave’s attempt at objecting to the marriage was pretty adorable. We were also treated to a look into Alice and Cyrus’ future, including the daughter who would eventually name her mother’s memoir, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

KNAVE’S NEXT MOVE | While Alice and Cyrus remained in England, Will and the rest of the Wonderland gang returned home. With Will slated to appear in Season 4 of Once Upon a Time, fans are now left wonder-ing what’s going to (re)unite him with the Storybrooke crew.

Were you satisfied by the Wonderland finale? Rate it below, then drop a comment with your thoughts on the series’ ending. And what do you think will bring Will to Once Upon a Time?

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