American Idol Top 8 Results Recap: What Did You Think of Tonight's Outcome?

american-idol-top-8-results-recap-judges-save-sam-cj-malaya-dexterThe promise of the Judges’ Save hung heavy in the air tonight on American Idol‘s Top 8 results telecast — like the smell from an exhaust fan in the alley behind a fried-chicken restaurant or the lingering rot of Randy Jackson’s mentoring.

After all, Wednesday’s performance show marked a new peak for Season 13’s contestants. Risks were taken. Original tunes were performed. Backwards baseball caps were banished. (Or if they did rear their heinous heads, my brain CTRL+ALT+DEL’d them out of existence. Please let me know down in the comments.)

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In any event, with no one bellyflopping into the pool, the time seemed right for a Marky Mark-style round of “Good Vibrations,” a one-week reprieve from weeping relatives, maudlin exit packages and Jennifer Lopez pretending she’d voted to keep someone in the competiton while whispering “off with its head!” under her breath.

But just because The Save was anticipated doesn’t mean it actually happened. So let’s jump right to this week’s results.

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Sent to Safety (in No Particular Order)
Dexter Roberts
Jena Irene
Caleb Johnson
Jessica Meuse
Alex Preston

Bottom 3 Vote-Getters
C.J. Harris
Malaya Watson
Sam Woolf

Lowest Vote-Getter
Sam Woolf

“Save-Me Song”
Sam delivered a decent but by no means compelling or memorable rendition of David Gray’s “Babylon.” But when you’ve got a crowd of teenaged girls being poked by invisible cattle prods — and faced with a terrible fate for a doe-eyed, fresh-faced boy who probably smells of fresh-baked bread and big, unrequited dreams — what do you think the end result will be?

And thus, when Ryan asked for the judges’ decision, it was J.Lo who weighed in. This, clearly, could only mean one thing. “We are unanimous,” she grinned. “We’re gonna use The Save tonight.”

Cue copious amounts of confetti. (This was his now, after all.) Cue C.J. and other Idol finalists flinging Sam’s body about like a toddler’s first paper airplane. And cue next week’s Top 8…Part Deux!

I’m gonna let Twitter MVP Maureen Van Zandt grab the mic for a moment:

Mmmhmm. Damn, Daughtry’s rendition of “Waiting for Superman” was incredible, no?

Your turn.

What did you think of Season 13 Top 8 results night? Was the Save used prudently? Was the right contestant even the bottom vote-getter? And how did you feel about Daughtry’s performance? (It was fantastic, obvs, but I suppose you’re allowed to disagree.) Take our poll below, then sound off on all those questions and more in the comments!


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