Friends With Better Lives: Are You Ready to Commit to CBS' New Sitcom?

Friends With Better LivesSix friends. Three relationships. One extremely awkward sexual encounter. Is CBS’ Friends With Better Lives, which premiered Monday at 9/8c, exactly what you need to fill that How I Met Your Mother-shaped hole in your heart?

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Let’s break FWBL down character-by-character, starting with Will (James Van Der Beek). The handsome doctor denied that his marriage was over until the end of the episode, when his soon-to-be ex-wife physically handed him the divorce papers. And we’ve got to ask: Is she crazy? We spent the entire half-hour scanning Will for even a single flaw and came up empty.

The new bachelor is now crashing with Bobby (Kevin Connolly) and Andi (Majandra Delfino), who fear their own marriage is stuck in a rut when they both forget their anniversary. And as they learned in the premiere, spontaneous oral sex is not a quick fix for wedded bliss, especially when you have an audience of… everyone you know.

Rounding out the show’s sextet is Jules (Brooklyn Decker), a gorgeous blonde who spontaneously gets engaged to her perfect-yet-eccentric new boyfriend Lowell (Rick Donald), and Kate (Zoe Lister-Jones), the grumpy cynic who will likely remain single until pigs fly over a frozen hell.

In my opinion, Kate is also the show’s weak link, as she’s essentially the human embodiment of a Cathy comic strip. Everything that came out of her mouth in the premiere was grumpy and negative, which didn’t gel with the show’s generally upbeat vibe. Frankly, I would have cut her out of my life a long time ago.

Despite its flaws, though, FWBL has all the makings of a successful CBS sitcom. And there’s no question why it premiered immediately following the How I Met Your Mother finale, though I have to wonder how many long-time HIMYM fans are too distraught to even consider adding a new romantic sitcom to their DVRs.

What’s your take on Friends With Better Lives? Cast your vote below, see pics from the premiere, then drop a comment with your review.


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