New Girl Recaplet: Up in Smoke

New Girl Nick Jess Break UpTuesday’s New Girl (Fox, 9/8c) began with a familiar scene: Nick and Jess participating in yet another rousing game of True American with their closest friends — and Coach. But this time around, there were no winners.

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As if the couple’s next-day hangovers weren’t bad enough, they were quickly compounded by the stress of Sadie’s son’s birthday party. Assembling a simple child’s toy suddenly felt like an insurmountable task for Nick, one that required the use of fire — which, of course, resulted in a trip to the fire house.

But Nick’s blanket wasn’t the only thing that went up in flames this week; his relationship with Jess also took a surprising hit, as she started to analyze pretty much everything she thought was going wrong between them. Why doesn’t Nick think about their future together? Why do they always fight so much? Honestly, it was pretty exhausting.

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Ultimately, Nick and Jess determined that while they do love each other, that’s pretty much all they have in common. It was a dismal realization, one that led to the couple deciding to call it quits — complete with an awkward salute/finger pistol combo.

This isn’t the first time New Girl‘s it couple has flirted with the idea of a split, but it’s never felt this final before. So here’s our two-part question for you: Do you think this is really the end of Nick and Jess? And if so, do you think they made the right decision? Cast your vote and drop a comment below.


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