Supernatural Boss Talks Dean and Sam's 'Cold War,' Castiel's Angelic 'Burden' and More

Supernatural Season 9 SpoilersBrrr, is that a frost sweeping through Supernatural‘s Men of Letters bunker?

With Dean and Sam giving each other an epic cold shoulder lately, tensions are high between the Winchesters and neither is willing to budge, executive producer Jeremy Carver reveals below.

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But despite what seems like an irreparable rift, the EP has an optimistic outlook on the brothers’ bond, which is “even deeper than either of them would actually believe,” he says.

Carver also previews this Tuesday’s First Blade-centric episode (The CW, 9/8c), the upcoming trips into Men of Letters history and Castiel’s angelic conundrum.

TVLINE | The Men of Letters are very heavily involved in the next two episodes. What kind of role do they play?
What we love about the Men of Letters is the richness and the history. In [tonight’s episode], we’re going to dive into a whole side of it that has essentially been secret until now. We’re going to get a real, hard look at the different types of people who were in the Men of Letters. We’re going to meet a real interesting character. [In next Tuesday’s episode], we’re going to take a peek into the Men of Letters through the eyes of some folks we’ve already introduced, namely Henry Winchester and his colleague Josie. That’s going to be real interesting to see those two working together. So we’re seeing the Men of Letters through two vastly different perspectives, but both really rich and good.

TVLINE | Crowley is back this week, and he’s now addicted to human blood. Does that alter his relationship with Dean and Sam in any way?
Supernatural Season 9 SpoilersYou’ll see that it does. Ever since the end of last year when they started turning him human, we’ve seen different sides of Crowley. We’ve seen real unique interaction this year, particularly between Dean and Crowley, and largely as a result of Crowley’s blood addiction. We’re going to see even more shades of that coming up.

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TVLINE | What can you say about Dean and Sam’s mission with The First Blade?
We really don’t know what The First Blade is going to bring, right? What’s interesting about this episode is you’re going to see Dean come in contact with The First Blade for the first time. The story of the Mark of Cain and The First Blade will take off from there.

TVLINE | How does the Mark of Cain affect Dean? Is it an emotional and physical thing, or one or the other?
That’s all stuff we start exploring this week.

TVLINE | How would you classify Dean’s mindset going into this episode with this literal burden on his arm?
Dean, of course, has this mark, but there’s a more front-and-center [issue], which is that our boys are in a bit of a cold war here. They’re both smarting from some emotional attacks they’ve taken on each other. At the moment, neither is really willing to budge. They’re both trying to get the job done without letting their personal beef get in the way. But if anything is at the top of their minds, it would be that. That’s the elephant in the room.

Supernatural Season 9 SpoilersTVLINE | Dean and Sam have been spending a lot of time away from each other this season, going off on cases on their own. And even when they’re together, they’re separate in a way, because of that cold war. What kind of new aspects has that allowed you to explore with the characters?
The boys, for nine years, have been pretty much inseparable in that it’s always about each other. This year, we’ve started to explore – we’ve done it in the last couple years, I would say – this idea of Sam saying, “Dean, you’re afraid of being alone.” We’re really putting them in more instances of not just being alone, but with other people in their world.

You’ve seen Dean more with Crowley. You’ve seen Sam more with Castiel. They’re growing in a way that… finally they’re forced to go out on their own a little bit more, and they start to develop new friendships. They’re not in each other’s rice bowl, as it were, all the time. They’re starting to develop independent relationships. There’s a change going on. There’s a maturation. “Your friends don’t necessarily have to be my friends, etc.”

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TVLINE | Is there still hope for them to try to reach out to each other?
I don’t think there’s any question. These brothers can say things that cut very deep, but at the end of the day, you drill down far enough through the scar tissue, you’ve got two guys who do want to reach out to each other. We find ourselves in one of those situations of, who’s going to make the first move? Or what’s it going to take for that bridge to be crossed again? The bond of their relationship is even deeper than either of them would actually believe.

TVLINE | What is Castiel’s next step now that he has a following of sorts?
This goes back to that moment when Castiel decides to become an angel again. He’s jumping with both feet into the fire. What he wants most of all is to be a solider in this fight to take back Heaven. What a soldier means, he’s constantly re-examining that because he doesn’t want to fight the same way Bartholomew wanted to fight. He doesn’t want to kill angels in the way they’ve been killed. And he’s not certain he’s a leader, either. This is a guy who has done, arguably, more harm to angels than good and a guy who’s severely aware of his own limitations. This idea that angels might want to follow him, it’s a very, very heavy burden for him to grapple with. And we’ll see him continue to grapple with it.

TVLINE | Will the Dean-and-Sam mission and Cas’ storyline with the angel war start to intersect soon? Will they be brought back into each other’s realms?
We’ll see that, yes.