Veronica Mars Boss on Chinatown-esque Sequel -- Plus: Web Spin-Off Update!

Veronica Mars Movie SequelVeronica Marsnext trip to the cinema — if there is one — would find the titular P.I. immersed in a vastly different kind of adventure.

Although the Veronica Mars pic only just hit theaters, star Kristen Bell has already been talking about the mysterious box office number the movie needs to hit to trigger another film, and now we’ve got some scoop about what a possible sequel might look like.

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The current big screen continuation has a Godfather feel to it, with Miss. Mars being pulled back into her old life. But for the next chapter in the beloved character’s saga, “I would try to write Chinatown with Veronica Mars at the center of it,” creator Rob Thomas told TVLine at a PaleyFest event celebrating the series on Thursday.

“With the first movie, because it was crowd-funded, it was a love letter to the fans,” he explains. “I put every character they loved back into the movie. There are a lot of inside jokes. With a second movie, I would build it from the case out. In the first movie, I feel like I did just the opposite. I put all the dessert, all the frosting on there, and then put a detective case in the middle. On the next one, I would want the detective case to be the driving force of the movie.”

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Whether the project would incorporate any storylines from the upcoming novels, which pick up where the movie left off, is still up in the air. “I really liked the plots of these early books,” says Thomas. “And they could be good movies. But I want to see where we are a year from now, what the response to the books has been, what the delay would be between the first movie and the second movie, if we’re so lucky to have that happen.”

And it would, indeed, take some luck because a follow-up is “so not an automatic,” admits Thomas. The dollar figure that needs to be reached is “not the easiest goal in the world. But it’s a reachable goal.”

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In the meantime, Thomas will soon head to Vancouver to shoot his iZombie pilot for The CW. Then he’ll start production on the Veronica Mars web series for the network’s digital arm CW Seed. And good news: There will be some familiar Neptune faces accompanying star Ryan Hansen in the offshoot.

“It’s me, banking off the success of Veronica Mars, trying to get a Dick Casablancas spin-off and trying to get help from my cast members,” reveals Hansen.

So who might fans expect to see assisting the actor in his crazy endeavor? “If Ryan’s in it, I’m always in it,” says costar Jason Dohring.

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