The Voice Recap: Battlefield Berths [Updated]

The Voice - Season 6Carson Daly kicked off the final installment of The Voice‘s Season 6 Blind Auditions by weirdly attempting to whip up a bit of competition where none existed: “Our coaches are deadlocked, with 11 artists — leaving each of them with one open spot to complete their teams,” the host observed, his use of “deadlocked” implying there might be some kind of bragging rights for filling out one’s roster first — as opposed to filling it out best.

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Still, let’s not dog Mr. Daly too hard — especially when he knew the final quartet of chair-turners was a fairly lackluster group compared to Monday’s deep and exciting bench of talent.

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Personally, after nine hours of Blinds over the last three weeks, I’m ready for the Battles — and the contestant carnage that comes with it. Well, as long as our merry band of coaches don’t go eliminating the best and brightest in favor of questionable characters, that is.

With that in mind, I’m gonna get to work ranking tonight’s four Battle Rounds-bound contestants from least-to-most promising — along with giving performance reviews for each and every one of ’em — and then ask you to rank ’em, too.

4. Brittnee Camelle: “Skyscraper” (Team Usher) | I’ll overlook the fact that she dressed like a lost member of SWV (circa 1992) — which might be what had Shakira talking makeover — and instead just say that her lower register was thinner than a Pringles potato chip. Even her coach’s faint praise about “taking risks” with a problematic high note had the sound of cannon-fodder preparation, no?

3. Caleb Elder: “Groove Me” (Team Adam) | Croaky-voiced cutie certainly stood out thanks to his wacky dance moves and hiccuppy delivery, but his choice of the “Groove Me” was baffling considering the kid’s total dearth of funkiness. He’ll need to learn how to hone his artistry quickly to clear the hurdle of Adam viewing him simply as a source of free donuts.

2. Lindsay Bruce: “Even if It Breaks Your Heart” (Team Shakira) | Oh, NBC, I could’ve lived without multiple angles of the World Trade Center on 9/11 during Lindsay’s intro package. (Sorry to start off on a tangent, but it was a jarring move to use such loaded imagery as part of a reality TV competition backstory, no?) Back to Lindsay, though, while the chick certainly possesses a similar “quick vibrato” to Shakira, she never delivered a true breakout moment during the course of her performance. Shaki likes the word “dynamics” — and here’s hoping she uses it liberally when she mentors this country blonde.

1. Kaleigh Glanton: “Have You Ever Seen the Rain” (Team Blake) | Kaleigh’s background as a classical guitarist might give her an interesting bit of ammo if she makes it to the live shows, but even without her instrument in hand, her smoky falsetto and risky melodic choices nearly justified the four-chair turn she received. If anybody from this episode has a legit Top 10 chance, I’d bet good money it’s Kaleigh.

With that, let me turn things over to you.

What did you think of the final night of The Voice‘s Season 6 Blind Auditions? Who were your favorite wannabes? Did you disagree with any of the coaches’ or contestants’ decisions? Take our poll below, then expand on your thoughts in the comments! And for all my reality TV-related news, interviews and recaps, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV